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  1. Well, it's been ages since I posted here, former writer at TST. I spent the Tuesday practice round and Thursday at Chambers Bay. It is expansive. Beautiful views of the sound and a golf course that looks very beautiful to me. I was born just a few miles from the course so I'm very pleased to have a U.S. Open close. Tuesday impressions ... The atmosphere was very laid back. I got a feel for where everything was. Spent some time on the 6th fairway and watched Butch walk by with Fowler, Snedeker, and Mickelson (all students). Gulbis was with that group and walked right by. She wasn't
  2. I discovered this thread via Erik's weblog. Regarding the first question... Am I a Christian? If by Christian you mean a good practitioner of a religion called Christianity, then definitely not. I think that began falling apart a few years ago. I do want to humbly live out teachings of Jesus. I hope to be kind, generous, and unselfish. And I think those things are cultivated and encouraged by my faith. And yes, there are plenty of kind, generous, and unselfish agnostics and atheists. I don't believe science and faith are incompatible. I don't agree with the common evangelical Christian not
  3. Adams A3's are a fantastic--if a little busy looking--set of irons. Since I've been in graduate school I don't have any time for practice and these are forgiving enough without looking bulky at address. Great set of clubs with minimal offset. Search for my review on the Sand Trap site. Peace.
  4. Yeah, modern drivers don't have a great sound, though I don't mind my 905R I've got in the bag. Incidentally, I was watching footage of Nicklaus' 1986 Masters win and loved the sound he was getting off driver and irons. He sure hit the ball solid that day. And a few other days too.
  5. In response to the original post: Realize what TV will always be: a money maker. You're always going to see sports try to capitalize on rivalries even though there might not be much of one. Networks would love it if there was a Nicklaus/Palmer type rivalry these days (which really wasn't a rivalry for long). Its just TV. An informed viewer and golf fan knows that Phil hasn't been able to touch Tiger's success. Incidentally, I think it is at least notable that Phil has two and Tiger has four Masters.
  6. While I love the look of a blade I putt significantly better with a mallet. I keep coming back to the Yes! Olivia.
  7. Golf .com published a Dottie Pepper article recently ( Ochoa vs. Sorenstam is the real rivalry in golf ) that I don't buy. I don't think that Sorenstam, with one win this season, has created a true rivalry. I am a Sorenstam fan but she's been out of the regular winning routine for so long now that I don't think one win with no head-to-head battles with Ochoa constitutes a rivalry. Ochoa has been the central winning figure on the LPGA for about one year and Sorenstam has been non-existent. Rivalry? Not! What say you?
  8. LOL! I was thinking December 22, 2012 at 2:23 p.m. PST.
  9. There are a ton of great mallets out there. It really depends on your taste. Scotty's X-series are beautiful. I've got my eye on the X5. I play a Yes! mallet. It's automatic even though it sounds odd. I've essentially gotten over it since I putt way better with that crazy thing. TaylorMade, Titleist, Odyssey, SeeMore... there are a bunch out there. Plus there's a handful of boutique putter-makers (Slighter comes to mind) that create interesting designs.
  10. If I were in your position I'd try to match whatever was in my bag first. I love Vokey wedges. I may be adding a 50-degree gap soon as I've got a 45- and 54-degree gap to fill. Damn modern PW lofts!
  11. Wow. Never count him out. Never. What is striking was the lack of young talent chasing him. Tiger has separated himself from the field but such a wide margin its laughable.
  12. I use a coin I picked up in Mexico. It's huge. As for marking my ball I put a dot above the logo. That's it.
  13. I think he could have a tough time with this one. But if he wins please take pictures of your Titleist dinner.
  14. Hybrids generally inspire more confidence, hit the ball higher, and are easier to hit. You can swing easier with a hybrid and it gets up in the air easier. Rough is generally not as much of a problem with hybrids too. As a general rule.
  15. I feel that if all I'm doing is controlling my anger I'm sunk. The best thing to do is not allow obstacles get in the way of performing your next shot in a peaceful frame of mind. As a recovering hot-head I try to separate myself from the frequent bad shots. They're in the past... nothing I can do about the past. What I can do is enjoy the round and the fact that I get to swing the club in the best possible way next time. Scores don't reflect character.
  16. I'm going to guess that you're swing speed will increase to the point where a stiff shaft will be necessary. I got totally outfitted with regular shafts (by what I feel was an incompetent clubfitter) and didn't have the kind of accuracy I began to have with stiffer shafts. Focus on improving your swing mechanics and swing well within yourself. When you ease up a bit your swing speed will increase. Obviously, I've got no idea what your swing potential is but since you have just begun I'm sure you'll see increased swing speed. Plus, you're young.
  17. Staffer Erik B. wrote about this very thing: What's Your Handicap?
  18. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Warning: it is a kooky bunch. Hey... look at that. Post #1,000 (pats self on back).
  19. This doesn't have anything to do with performance but I think Callaway finally got a nice look on their woods and hybrids with the FT line. Good to hear you like how they play.
  20. It could be nice, or it might be wet. The PNW rule is that if you can't see the mountain its raining, if you can its gonna rain! Like Alaska (I lived in the rain capitol of the universe - Ketchikan) the PNW can be pretty wet at times. It'll depend on the week. Things gotta lighten up soon though.
  21. I'll comment for the fun of it but please take this with the appropriate amount of salt. Your left foot is coming way off the ground in the back swing and you're losing your base. I'd strive for a quieter lower body which will probably shorten up your swing. I'm sure you won't lose distance because of it. A good base will add quiet power to your swing. And add some zen by trying not to swing so hard.
  22. The loss was priceless as was the Giants beautiful defensive performance. I'll remember spygate and the loss. It was a fun game to watch.
  23. No, not the best ever. That doesn't take a think away from the quality of this game. I enjoyed it and given the fact that I was rooting against the Pats it turned out great as far as I'm concerned. The Giants handed the Patriots a defensive stunner. The Patriots were tired, the Giants pestered Brady constantly. Eli did a great job getting his team down the field and they won. It was a truly great game. Not the greatest drive though.
  24. Gold Mountain (Bremerton, WA) Shuksan (Bellingham, WA) - Lots of interest, beautiful setting, elevation changes. Kayak Point (Stanwood, WA) - Beautiful setting. Links and the Woodlands at Hawks Prairie (Lacey, WA) Avalon Golf (Burlington, WA) - just don't play it in the winter because rain turns it to soup.
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