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  1. I have the superfast 2.0 in a 4W and could not be happier. I can take it 240 off the tee consistently. Last round I got on in 2 on a 465 par 5 off a short drive that I hit left off the fairway and only went about 220. I was able to hit a draw to get around some trees and got 240 down hill to the green. It actually rolled across into the fringe, I chipped on and sank the putt for birdie. I would give it a try or maybe the TP model, I love that club.
  2. Why on earth would you want to carry your bag? I jsut don't get it. My clicgear does the grunt work and I jsut enjoy the course.
  3. I'm about a 20 or so and play Mizuno Mp-33. I started with Burner Plus irons. The blades immediately felt great and after a round or two I was hitting down on the ball and just loving that pure shot feeling. I even love the long irons. My putting is a work in progress and the biggest hinderance to my HC, my driving can be a little erratic day over day as well. Worry about which clubs you can hit and stop telling other what they should be playing.
  4. Suge206


    I worry that they shock will ruin an automatic movement so i dont wear my regular watches but may get a Garmin S1
  5. light rain and a umbrella w/ click gear and its game on
  6. Same thing happened to me. I was playing a reg flex Diablo and it jsut got all whippy on me over time/as my swing got faster and iI started slicing like a boomerang. I got fitted for a stiff SF 2.0 and probably have sliced maybe 3 times in 10 rounds..maybe. My uneducated guess it depends on more than just swingspeed and more about when you turn and how quickly you can apply power.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Izzo-Big-Daddy-Insta-Net-7-Feet/dp/B001P80Z06/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid;=1288975111&sr;=1-17 I have this. Its wedged into my garage and it works great. Not sure how it would work free standing but the price is right.
  8. I play with Winn Midsize grips. I had the oversize on an older set and it was fine, I have big hands XL glove. I like the midsize grips a lot.
  9. I carry a 3H TM Rescue and 4W Superfast 2.0.
  10. I can’t really fathom playing with all the same equipment for a number of years. Getting new stuff is at least half the fun of golf. To each their own but I need to fiddle around. Just make sure you get good prices and then if you need to sell you’ll get the majority of your money back and you can roll it into the next toy.
  11. Hit them. Doesn't matter what anybody thinks other than you. I knew immediatley that the 2.0 was the one and the R11 was not for me. You may be the opposite.
  12. I just bought some mp-33 irons off of craigslist for 170 USD and could not be happier. The AP2's feel awful imo. Blades are not hard to hit at all, at least for me. And in taller grass they are far easier to get at the ball then some chunky clown club. My handicap is no where near yours.
  13. I had one and it was a good experieince and it was free pending a purchase of equipment from them, I also got a good price.
  14. I would get the Wilson Staff Di9 irons. I've seen them for as low as $199 on sale and they are nice and you have to trust that they are made to the same standards as the other guys. I'm often tempted to grab a set.
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