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  1. Hi guys. I have played golf on and off for the last 13-14 years or so, probably averaging 3-4 rounds a year. I have taken more of an interest this year and have hit the driving range more frequently, and have played about 2-3 times a month. I'm slightly better than a double bogey golfer and have been trying to tinker with my swing and find what works for me this year. Best 9 hole round this year was 43, worst 63, with my most frequent 18 hole score being 104. I feel I play best when I hit a few balls on the range before playing, but unfortunately this does not usually happen and I usually ment
  2. My best was on a practice round, replaying a par three. I do not usually get on the green with my tee shot, so I hit an eight iron from 145 straight at the pin. It hits the pin takes a wicked bounce to the left. I get to the green and between the glare and autumn leaves I ended up losing the ball and dropped. So I ended up turning my best shot into my worst :(
  3. Eisenhower Park White Course: 58 front nine, 43 back nine
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