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  1. Okay , i have a question , i have the TM 2.0 Burners 4-gap , i also have a 60 CG15 , I was wandering do i need to invest in a 58,54 and replace my Gap and PW in my burner set ? I like the Gap and PW and i know how far i can hit them , Gap 100yrds and in PW 135-140 yrds in So do i need to get a 58,54 and split my set up ?
  2. I live in Piqua, Hit me up when ever . We play from March until the snow comes , we are going to Saint Pete next month . Also you should go to the EXPO the weekend of the 28th in CBUS .
  3. We are going in Feb to Saint Pete area and we are playing the following , Mangrove Bay Cove Cay golf and Seminol Lake Bardmoore Golf Bayou Golf were we are staying has a par three attached to it so we will hit that up for a few rounds as well. Have fun...
  4. I had the R9 Supertri , i really liked it . I just traded it in for the R11 and gained about 5-10 yrds , i picked the R11 up for $221.00 from Dicks with trad in. My swing speed is around 105-109 with the R11 , The only thing i seen from the R9 to the R11 is i can now hit a nice draw. with the way i have it set up .
  5. Myself and three buddies are going to FLA St Pete area , and we are playing the following course , can anyone give me some feed back on these ? Feb 15th Mangrove Bay , Feb 16th Cove cay golf then Seminol lake Feb 17th Bardmoore Feb 18th Bayou Golf Club
  6. Bridgestone the new slandered for excellence , Just win Baby RIP AL
  7. I have been working with a new grip on my driver to get a draw. Should I use the same grip w with my irons
  8. Well my Santa (aka myself ) got me the new R11 driver. Thanks Santa ......
  9. I was thinking the other day how cool this would be , to play 3 rounds in one day . But here is the catch . Play your first round on the East coast , second in the Central and then the final round on the West Coast , Now i know this is crazy but if you had the time and the money how fun would that be to do , ???????????????
  10. I just picked my set up Monday the 27th from Dicks and they are Black , if you did not get yours from a Auth reseller you may have gotten knock offs ., But these thing are LOOONNNNGGGG I am hitting the 9 iron 175 and i hit a 5 iron into the wing 225. Love them
  11. when i went to FLA a month ago mine lbs out at 39.00 4-gap wedge 60% driver R9 R9 3WOOD HYBRED SHOES AND BALLS.
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