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  1. Thanks everyone for the insight. I knew I would get solid information. Moparman426 what are UGI clubs? I'm not familiar with that term.
  2. Hello to All, Does anyone think this lie angle is to upright? Its upright 2 degrees. Its clearing pointing to the left... Thanks for the input.. J Gray
  3. Hello to All, I would like some insight on how to hit my iron shots higher. I have heard conflicting information such as place the back and/or forward in your stance. Could someone please give some solid info on this issue. Thanks, J Gray
  4. Hello to All, I'm hoping that some more experienced members can answer this question. Does adding counterweight to the butt of your Irons help increase lag?? Thanks for the help. J Gray
  5. The current length of the 4 hybrid is 39 1/2 and the 5 hybrid is 39. They are both Cobra Baffler DWS. Thanks
  6. Hello to All, My 4I is 371/2 5I is 37. Should I have my 4-5 Hybrids cut to the same length as my 4 and 5 Irons??? Thanks in advance for the insight and input. J Gray
  7. Hey All, I recent had my Diablo Edge Irons cut 1 inch from factory specs. My question is. Does this make the current lie angle which was factory spec flatter. I read somewhere that the formula is every 1/2 inch = 3/4 degree cut or lengthened. Could someone give me some insight on this. Spec can be found on Callaway .com I have Steele shafts. Thanks, J Gray
  8. Hello to All, I'm in the market for a Driver with a lot of forgiveness. I've read and heard so many good things about the FT IQ. Is this driver passed it's time or still a good buy? Let me know. Thanks
  9. Thank You Everyone for the informative responses.
  10. Hello to All, I just purchased and was fit for a new set of Diablo Edge Irons. I got everything done I needed to in reference to the fitting process. I was never fit with my MacTec's so this was a great experience for me. I found out that my correct lie was 2 degrees upright. My question is this. I have Cobra Baffler Hyrids 3/20, 4/23, 5/26, Callaway Diablo Edge 3-wood/5-wood, Cleveland Wedges 56 and 60 and Last but not lest Nike Str8 Dymo2 Driver. Should I have the Lie angle adjusted on these clubs as well?? I now know how important it is. Thank You in Advance, J Gray
  11. +1 For the Bushnell Tour v2 I own one and it is great. Just my .02 Thanks.
  12. You can try Golfsmith.com or Golfballs.com. I've used these stores they might have what you are looking for. http://www.golfsmith.com/ps/browse/team-golf-bags
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