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  1. Update: After months of work, I am FINALLY playing better. Swing speed is around 110 MPH with driver, carrying 270-ish. My misses tend to be slight pushes. Would love any additional feedback on further improving my swing...
  2. Hi All! I have a problem of my hands being WAY ahead of the ball at impact. So far in fact that I essentially have to wait after swinging so that the clubhead has to catch up. It is hard to explain so here is my latest swing vid: I have tried almost everything I can think of. My best guess is that I am over-actively turning my shoulders? You can see my left shoulder is very fast on the onset. I have even tried not turning my shoulders at all consciously (by feel anyways, which I know is deceptive). I need to get this fixed as it is costing me power (o
  3. UPDATE: So I changed 3 things and it has cleared up my over the top move and also helped my left hand to roll over more naturally (still a little left to be desired though). 1) I tucked my right elbow and ensure it points to my right hip. Nothing forced, just an easy move to keep me on plane. 2) Drop my arms at the top to get them into the slot. This was HARD for me because I have always been a "puller" with my left arm. 3) I was trying to control the wrist angle with my left wrist. No wonder it couldn't roll over. I allow my right wrist to maintain the lag and now the left wri
  4. Hi domc36, I am by no means a pro, but from what I can tell you do come over the top. I recently fixed my over the top swing by keeping my right elbow "tucked" close to my body. Not a forced thing, just keep it close and have your elbow pointing at your right hip. Once there, you can drop your arms to start the downswing and get the lower body involved. It also doesn't appear that you move your hips laterally at all in the downswing. I am not sure if this is gospel or not, but I was always told to move your hips forward as you swing down.
  5. Hi Klutten3, I am no pro, so take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like you have a fairly armsy swing. You look tense at address and it appears you take the club back very tense as well. Your downswing seems forced. Maybe try relaxing/dropping your arms at the top and only swinging with your lower body.
  6. Hi All, I would like to thank those who read my previous post. I appreciate your time. I now have a new question. I also recorded my actual swing (without looking at the club). What i noticed today shocked me... It appears I stop rotating my hips and shoulder just before impact all the way until the club face is as high as my head. This is my interpretation of it anyways. Can you see below and suggest some pointers? I think it would help my game significantly.
  7. Hi DanStock, I am not a pro by any means, but I think you could really help your slices by turning your shoulders and not your arms on the back swing. What I mean is actively turn your shoulders to the top and make your arms passive. I think it can help with any plane issues you may face. Just my 2 cents. :)
  8. Hi Sai-Jin, I recently struggled with lag about 6 months ago and had the issue of flipping/casting for a LONG time before this. The thing that helped me was 2 fold (just my 2 cents anyways): 1) Turn with your shoulders and not your arms (I mean no turn in your swing from your arms at all.) I had to eliminate my arms' dominance from my swing. 2) Relax your forearms and wrists. I know this seems counter intuitive, but relaxing your arms and wrists is key to keeping lag. You can maintain it consciously with the shorter clubs due to lower intertia on the downswing, but the longer cl
  9. Hello Helpful Golfers! I have been plagued with slices and pushes as of late and I figured out that I am an early extender. I have mostly resolved this (work in progress) and my pushes have mainly disappeared. The "only" issue that I can see if that my hands do not fully "roll over" until well after the club head is past my foot. I do not make any conscious effort to move or manipulate my hands or lag or anything of the sort. This is where they just naturally roll over. I think this is a large part of my slice problem as I do not think my swing plane is all that bad. I have poste
  10. I recently won my struggle with lag. I fixed the following 3 things:keeping my back elbow tucked to my body during the downswing: only swinging with my hips and lower body and allowing the upper body to just follow (do NOT turn with your shoulders to shart the downswing): thirdly, I took all of the tnesion out of my hands and arms. I dont even try to swing with my arms. Hope this helps
  11. Thanks for all of your prompt attention and replies! So, I added what I think is "lag" (my hands are in front of the ball at impact and I hold my wrist hinge longer), and I no longer hit behind the ball. I have added a video of my new swing. Any pointers or helpful tips would be great. Will be going to the range soon to try them out.
  12. Hi All, I have, somehow, picked up a habit over the last 3 weeks of hitting the ground before the ball. I have tried the following to try and fix this, but none has worked: Shift weight sooner/later Less/more knee bend Keeping head back Weight further back on feet/further front on feet I have a charity event coming up and would really like to clear this up before then. Anything you may have would be helpful. I am mostly happy with my swing, if I could just hit the ball flush. Here is the video:
  13. While I am unsure if this is a tip or not, I have always had great success with my 3 and 7 woods of the deck. That being said, I have always struggled to hit down on the ball, so sweeping the ball is how my swing works. I rarely, if ever, leave a divot, so it just comes easy for me to sweep the ball up with my 3-wood.
  14. Thanks Walk18. I now hit my long irons and longer clubs fairly straight. Problem is...now I cannot hit my short irons...Any ideas?
  15. I have reworked my swing from my original post. I would like to thank all of you who took the time to post on my previous video. I have added more body and less arms in my swing. I have also added more of a delayed wrist unhinging. The video is in slow mo and the quality is so-so, but I think it should be sufficient. Thanks in advance to all who give any comments or concerns.
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