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  1. No-one's in Tiger's league. The birth of his daughter has just made him much stronger, he will win much more next year too.
  2. Congratulations! Not maybe people get an albratross.
  3. Am I the only person who thinks that looks ugly? Sorry but it just doesn't look too good to me. Guess I'd have to try it out to see if it works though.
  4. As you can probably tell, I love Cobra. It's got great distance whilst having great control, and you can use their equipment whatever the handicap. Obviously that's just my opinion because their stuff works best for me, but it's your choice, go out and try their stuff, along with others, and see what you find best, that's how I chose.
  5. Definately cavity backs for me thanks. 25 handicap not too likely to be able to hit blades well.
  6. I think it's more of how you hit the ball with each and you should possibly get fitted for them so you can get the best out of them. Anyway, answering the question. To be honest, I've never tried the Nike Slingshots, due to they don't seem too appealing to me and I find them quite ugly. My friend has the Callaway's, and I love them. They look beautiful, and they are extremely forgiving whilst also giving you a lot of distance, which is what everyone wants. Hope you find the best irons for you!
  7. Definately soon. I just can't hit the 3 iron normally so I might as well replace it with something easier. Will provide me more options off the tee too.
  8. Most I've ever played is 36 holes, but I've been at the club long enough on those days to play many more, but I usually go on the range inbetween to work on what I was doing wrong first 18.
  9. Never tried it, guess I should. It sounds like a partly good idea, but no way would I do it on the course, too much at risk.
  10. I sort of disagree with that, Ian Poulter is one of the most loudly dressed guys on tour, and he doesn't get one of the biggest followings. They do get noticed more but not always followed. I still think loud clothing is good for golf though.
  11. I was thinking, do you still have your irons from when you were around that handicap? Because if they helped you get down to 11, maybe you could give them to him and then the money could be spent on lessons? If not large cavity backed are the best option.
  12. I place the ball more forward on woods, but then irons just left of the middle.
  13. I have got Cobra's (check my signature) and when I first got them I was a 30 handicap, in half a year I've gone down 5 shots and I'm still improving, the irons have been a main part of my game so maybe you can consider them? Some of the Adams irons are definately a great thing for game improvement too.
  14. Any course next to the sea, I love. The scenary you get is fantastic, it may cost a bit, but it's definately worth it.
  15. Shot an 84 on a par 72. It was a time where everything just goes right. I know I can play that well, just consistency.
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