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  1. That may not apply to you, but I remembered I have been played with my Callaway X-14 for years. Then I decided that I need to do sth fancy so bought mizuno blades. Well,what happened really didn't make me happy - I lost about 15 Yards!
  2. One way of staying close to your swing during winter is to have one of your short clubs always handy in the leaving room . Try to swing it every night, slow or fast motion. Providing that there aren't any obticle. That keeps me going!
  3. I have been playing with the short putter and it feels that I have more control for some reason. It is hard on your back though!
  4. Well, I am ont suprised! There was time I played almost everyday and the score wasn't reflecting it . Somehow was getting worse and worse. I decided to take some time off, spending more time doing gardening and just take a breather for quite a while. There was a little tournament comming, I didn't want to play. I thought my swing is off, but then I forced my self and guess what, I had the best time ever and one of the best rounds!