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  1. You really have to question the PGA Tour when they give a 3 month ban to someone for a minor case that was dropped about him and some friends being in possession of weed yet the numerous cases of DUIs (which really endanger other lives and give out an even worse name for the Tour) have no bans associated with them (that I'm aware of).
  2. From the Golf Channel: “I don’t do drugs. It was a crappy deal, man,” Every said. “Wrong place, wrong time, perfect storm. And you know, I got three months out of it. It’s over with. I’m not mad at the tour. They did what they had to do. I totally understand it. But it’s over with.” Every said he is not a “party animal.” “I still hang out with the same people,” he said. “I have great friends, man. If one of my friends likes to smoke marijuana every now and then, I’m not going to say, `Well, you can’t be my friend anymore.’ Honestly, man, I know more people who smoke marijuana than who don’t smoke marijuana. I know that’s probably not the politically correct thing to say, but it’s the truth.”
  3. And this isn't even the case. He and 2 other friends got arrested for possession and all the charges were later dropped. He has always denied that he was personally in possession of the drug. And I agree with you, cigarettes and alcohol are worse for your health and others around you then what some weed will ever be, yet they will always be considered acceptable in society for some reason. It was such a complete non-story, yet Tilghman decided to bring up 'controversy'.
  4. Matt Every has gained a fan in me and I have lost any of the remaining respect I had for Kelly Tilghman. I wonder the next time Tiger is leading will she bring up Thanksgiving 2009? Or if Vijay is leading will she bring up the cheating stories from the Asian Tour in the 80s? Dustin Johnson's DUI? Phil Mickelson rumours of his illegitimate child in Ohio? The list goes on.
  5. All I asked was how much practise did you do today and what are you currently working on? I'd enjoy reading updates on how you are attempting to reach your goal of playing on tour. Edit: Didn't see your first reply. Apologies. Snow on the ground doesn't stop Steve Stricker
  6. So, how many hours were you practising today? And what were you working on?
  7. Awkward interview with Matt Every there.....
  8. He then bogeys the next 2 holes
  9. Sub 60 watch: Toshinori Muto is 7 under through 9 after a 28 on the front side. Needs 4 birdies in his last 9 holes.
  10. 13 point lead through 5 rounds of the season
  11. I'm mostly interested in seeing how Seung-yul Noh and Sang-Moon Bae do this week. The Rookie of the Year will come from 1 of those 2 imo. Bud Cauley putting a great round together so far!
  12. One of my favourite golfers. Pity his sense of humour sometimes gets lost in translation when written on paper. One of the few golfers out there that can actually make me laugh. He doesn't take himself too seriously either which is a good thing. Everyone needs to be able to take the piss out of themselves. Hopefully he keeps coming out with more crazy shoe colours this year and contends at a major or 2.
  13. Yup. There was 41 drives over 400 yards at the Hyundai, it's a normal occurence there. Gary Woodland had the longest at 450 yards.
  14. McDowell was around 36th in the world when he won the US Open. Geoff Ogilvy was even better (can't find the actual ranking but it would have been top 30ish anyway). I definitely wouldn't lump these players in with the rest in that particular post.
  15. Who was the bright spark that picked 4 players that weren't playing?
  16. I got slagged on another website earlier today for defending her about this. There was comments calling her anything from an "ungrateful cow" to a "selfish idiot" and that "if she had self respect she would never have accepted Tiger's money". Also calls for her to give it to charity The next time someone that lives near me decides to build an extension or something to their house I'm going to go protest outside and accuse them of being 'selfish and ungrateful' and to give all their money to me
  17. Donald, Scott, Schwartzel, Mickelson, Johnson, McIlroy, Clarke, Kaymer and Rose all not playing the first event. Makes the choice of picks a bit scarce. Edit: 11 eligible players not playing. I have 9 above but I'm not sure who the other 2 are. Field of 28 from a possible 39. Slow death of the winners only season opener?
  18. Why would people mention Tiger in a discussion about Jack Nicklaus?
  19. I've seen this thread before
  20. Not only that, but the 1 player in that top 4 that is eligible isn't even playing. The most popular A list player, Luke Donald, isn't playing either
  21. Fair enough, I only assumed from reading that he had won 27 events between the ages of 10-17 and was a plus 3 handicap at 13 that he surely would have been missing school. I never read his autobiography though whereas other people here have, so I'm open to correction.
  22. From wikipeadia (I know): Quote: Nicklaus won the first of five straight Ohio State Junior titles at the age of 12. At 13, he broke 70 at Scioto Country Club for the first time, and became that year's youngest qualifier into the US Junior Amateur, where he survived three match-play rounds. He had earned a handicap of +3 at age 13, the lowest in the Columbus area. Nicklaus won the Tri-State High School Championship (Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana) at the age of 14 with a round of 68, and also recorded his first hole-in-one in tournament play the same year. At 15, Nicklaus shot a 66 at Scioto Country Club, which was the amateur course record, and qualified for his first US Amateur. He won the Ohio Open in 1956 at age 16, highlighted by a phenomenal third round of 64, competing against professionals. In all, Nicklaus won 27 events in the Ohio area from age 10 to age 17. He definitely wasn't in school too often with that playing schedule. Quote: Originally Posted by Domenic quite true. he had to miss some huge chunk of time and tournaments for OSU whilst playing in the Walker Cup. His first official win was the Trans Missisippi Open I believe, I think he was a freshman at that point I don't know, its been a while since I've read his auto
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