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  1. I am taking 24 hours this semester and I work 40+ hours a week as a construction worker. I am worn slick and a walking zombie. I can forget about golf until May (Graduation!).
  2. Dadgum it! Nobody took the flame bait?! Where is everyone at? You guys are usually quick to jump the 300+ yard drivers-perfect wedge shot-1 putters! Man, the TC is my best friend and I was trying to get a rise out of somebody to show him that this isn't the place for bullsh!tters but you guys are too temperate and long-suffering for me. Jeez, Iacas didn't even show up!
  3. Well, you should let me take a look at your swing. I am as good a teacher as most pro's out there, in fact, I've had some of the best players in the state tell me so. The reason my HCP is so high, by the way, is because I spend so much time teaching that I can't work on my own game very much but I drive the ball over 300 yards every time and I can put it wherever I want. I never 3 putt and I rarely 2 putt. I can hit just about every shot there is and like I said, I am better than scratch, I just don't get to play much.
  4. I play barefoot any chance I get, if the course is in good enough shape to feel nice on my feet. It keeps me from trying to swing for the fences. Neat that someone else does too. Plus I can't find shoes that don't hurt my (flat) feet. I'm gonna try some powerbands when I save up some cash. Tennis shoes seem to be the only things that don't make my feet feel like they are tearing in half along the bottoms.
  5. Golfer: Scott Verplank (Huge OK State fan, here). Non-: Either Pavel Bure (favorite hockey player ever) or Shevchenko.
  6. finalrequiem


    Milan fan here (AC, of course, Inter doesn't deserve to be mentioned). Nothing was sweeter than laying the wood to man-U on the biggest stage in the world this year!
  7. TJK, that bug thing is tripping me out... I hit my screen like 5 times! Lol...
  8. I shot a 93... It is a pretty tough course. I was just happy I didn't lose more than one ball.
  9. I just played Jimmie Austin (OU) for the first time... What a great course! I had a blast and didn't even throw up looking at all that Zero-U stuff!
  10. I wear a black glove so the wear doesn't show so much. I also take it off after every shot... habit caused by the heat here in Oklahoma, I sweat too much. I noticed one other person mentioned doing that too. Neato.
  11. If you use GolfNow.com, you can get some pretty good deals at a few courses, if you don't mind driving north a little (fairfax, silverhorn, a couple of others). Us poor south OKC'ers\Moorons\normaners don't have nearly the course choices!
  12. Dang, all these Okies on here (all 4 of us that I know of)! Welcome to the board, it is getting more active every week, it seems.
  13. Anyone have O ROKR's? Any other bluetooth sunglasses anyone know of?
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