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  1. I would check out Legend Trail. Don't know the details re: your requirements but looks like a great neighborhood and a very playable, challenging course. I'm not sure they allow private carts, thought. Just don't know. Also DC Ranch. I'd also look in Fountain Hills. SunRidge Canyon, Eagle Mountain.
  2. I think the Garmin watches work great for gps rangefinders. However, don't waste your time tracking stats like the distances by club, etc. The web/mobile app is terrible.
  3. No. And, it didn't drop all of the way into the bag. Made it as far as the grip.
  4. My one in a million was when I was too serious about golf, in 2011, playing at Paa-ko-ridge out side of Albuquerque. It was in March, pretty cold outside. Chunked a wedge and left it short of the green. Tossed my club back towards, the cart, did 3 end over end bounces, and landed in my bag.
  5. I found a direct replacement and have removed the old one. I'll give it a try - nothing to lose. Replacement battery was $5. New unit is $75.
  6. I've been using GameGolf Live for 4 years and really enjoy the information I get from it. My battery will no longer hold a charge. I am concerned the company is going under. They don't respond to messages, many of the pages of their website show error 404 and, when you go to purchase a unit, it takes you to Amazon. Does anyone have any insights into what is going on?
  7. Has anyone used the PGA Tour Superstore for a putter fitting?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I've downloaded 18Birdies and am going to give that a try today.
  9. Yeah, I just use the card, too. Was just looking for a phone app. Thanks
  10. I am just looking for a good app to input scorecard data like score, # putts on a preloaded course scorecard. I don't need the GPS function. I use a GameGolf live and sometimes don't always tag my club or get the correct number of putts. I can usually remember the round but would like some easy app to input the data.
  11. I've been using this method when I don't have access to a Windows computer but I think it is lame that it won't work with the new Mac OSX.
  12. That would be great. Now, how do I delete cached maps off of the phone?
  13. I'm going to give up on GameGolf after using it for 4 seasons. 1) It does not work with Mac Mojave. 2) I cannot get the software to load on my Windows machine 3) I cannot delete a round from my phone without it deleting the round from my account. The rounds are currently occupying 6.5 gb worth of data and I don't need historical rounds on my phone. 4) their customer support sucks. There is now real support mechanism beside using Facebook Messenger to contact them other than email (this is their version of chat). 5) there is no phone number for customer support So, my question, what are the alternatives? I hate to lose the 150 rounds of data I have but it is no longer functional for me.
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