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  1. i had to laugh at this it me all over the girlfriend goes mad
  2. welcome to the fourm wish that weather was here it -10 here
  3. welcome to the fourm and good luck with every thing
  4. ah miss my audi a4 tdi the most my second car ah she hum dinger!!!!!!!!! on back road off ireland
  5. Hi am looking drills to do for a person to do that has only started to play golf i find that the drills in mags and videos i watch are for people who have being playing for a while just to practise at the course or at home thanks
  6. yeah i think he did well to get to 1 all his hard work has payed off
  7. welcome gary well done on breaking 100
  8. when i can keep the ball on the fairway then i will buy pro v1 no point now when i am hiting it all over the places
  9. a whole golf set just starts set to get me up a running
  10. i am working on swing try to be able to hit the ball straight
  11. Hi i am having trouble with my swing with my driver and woods i am sliceing the ball way right i have aim way left to get too stay straight and it very frustrating playing on the course maybe one out 100 ball goes straight i just want to get this fixed i can hit my resuce club dead straight sorry dont have video dont no how up load
  12. bertrans


    21 only started playing golf 3 months ago
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