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  1. THank you Stretch ^^. Do you think i should take Chrome, Nickel or Oil for what i want to do with it?
  2. As you should have understook I'm looking for a good SandWedge and i can't make up my mind. I'm an Hp29 and i'm tired of using my Mizuno (MX-100 perimethral) which is huge and can't get trough the ball so well. I would like to buy a good sand that would allow me to make good Pitching Shots to make the ball fly high and make it roll very few (the less the better)at the impact with the ground. My Golf Course ground is a mixture of softness and hardness. The ground is very soft because it's often rainy but bunkers are as hard as stones. I thought about a middle Bounce, maybe 8. I woulde have l
  3. Hello everyone I'm an Hp 29 and i've just bought a new set of irons (Mizuno MX-100 To Burner XD) and now i found myself without a sandwedge. I've thinking about buying a new sandwedge for a long time and now i've got the reason xD. My last sand was a Mizuno MX-100 perimethral. I was looking for something "thin" to across better behind the ball. Something smoother than my Mizuno MX-100. My teacher said my last sandwedge was ok but when we played together i didn't want to use mine but used a blade Titleist from a friend of mine saying mine sucks xD. Anyway i was thinking about Titleist Vok
  4. I've been playing golf for 7-8 months and i use a set of Mizuno MX-100 irons (regular steel). No reason to complain. Excellent irons, forgiving as hell with a large face. Very easy to use for novice people like me with a goof impact feeling. I do about 220 yards with a Fairway N.3 and about 180yard with an Iron N.6. I've just bought my first driver (Burner Superfast) and i'm waiting for it to be dispatched. Anyway my actual problem is that i really desire to change my irons xD. Mizuno MX-100 are perfect, yes, but i think that everyone will remember about our first days as golf players! We
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Andrea and i've been playing golf for about 7-8 months. I was lloking for a goof golf forum and i found this. I study biomedical engineering and i am an Apple maniac :3. See ya around!
  6. I am 19 years old. I study biomedical Engineering in Naples
  7. I and a friend of mine played a home-made hole. We started from the back of the green of the hole N.1 aiming for the green of the hole N.2. The result was a Par 3 with a green surrounded by 3 bunkers and next to some lateral water about 200y far. I took my Mizuno MX-100 Iron 4 and shot for the green. I couldn't see where the ball stopped. When we arrived on the green i couldn't find my ball and...guess what? The ball was in the hole! Nice hole in one for me :D
  8. He may be a moron but he's kinda a god ._. And i am not talking just about golf, he makes , or used to make, every competion so exciting...
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