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  1. I can't watch that link for some reason, but if he spit on the green then yes he can join the other 2 "filthy animals"
  2. No excuses guys Tiger is a disgusting animal for spitting on the green, the only other golfer I have ever seen spit on a green(in the cup) is Garcia , another disgusting animal. All the years I've been watching golf , never ever ever did I see any other golfers spit on greens, both of these players have the same attitude, both are spoiled whiney disgusting dirty dirty animals. For christ sake it's golf the gentlemans game".
  3. Hi Robato, I have started using my version of the stack and tilt, my ball flight has always been low because I learned to play on links courses that are pretty windy, I have been playing a lot of parkland courses of late and find the SandT gives me a fantastic high trajectory, I to only use it from about 160 in ,find it great if you need to clear threes . I'm very happy playing with both swings.
  4. I seem to be dipping down on my down swing, has anybody got any tips or tricks to help me out?
  5. Your buddy is made of the good stuff.
  6. I recon the yanks will be lucky to get one, there is a stack of European golfers on a high at the moment, all hungry for Majors, not to mention all the other great golfers around the world.
  7. This is the easiest way to do it , it's exactly what I done when I was at this level. I was in and around 90 for nearly a year ,but the second time I tried this I broke 90 by four strokes(86). I was very rarely in the 90s after that. Now shooting in the 70s
  8. It's not over till it's over, just go out and do your best, never give up. Best of luck man, let us know how ya get on.
  9. Thanks dantherock, you have restored my faith in my fellow man, and I am once again happy.
  10. Man that's a very small minded view on things, you made me sad when I read your post.
  11. Ah ha ha your right they both look ridiculous , but I bet my balls they will give us some fireworks over the next few years.
  12. Rorys rookie year on the PGA was 2010, he had a win, and was generally more successful than the very talented fowler, I wonder how much the PGA decision was swayed by rory going back to play his golf on the European tour???????
  13. That was some fantastic stuff, tiger played so good over the first 3 days I really didn't see him loosing . Congratulations G Mac
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