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  1. For only $50 could be something useful for golfers in the off season you know? http://aceofsaves.com/Ace_of_Golf.html
  2. For me it comes and goes, but as of right now I like being single. i can do my own thing and focus on what I want. I don't need to force or try anything, when it's time for me to find someone it will happen you know?
  3. Luckily for me slow play isn't the worst thing in the world especially if it's a nice day. Sometimes it's nice to take one's time. I do agree that it can def take you out of a groove when you are hitting well which is never fun.
  4. I found this funny and worth a share ...
  5. This is a fun game that I noticed goes on in other forums. The rules are simple, you post funny stuff and if you laugh at what someone else puts up you lose. I'll kick it off.
  6. Want to hit longer? Work on your body rotation. When you are able to torque up your body you get so much more power in your swing. I noticed that once I started taking martial arts, my body was getting much looser and I began to understand that power down not come from your arms, it comes from your body. The effect is amazing, I now hit two clubs longer than what I did before I did martial arts. Coincidence? Possibly, but I don't think so. If you find that you are swing uses a lot of your arms, do some drills to help your body get more of a twisting motion. There are countless amounts of drill
  7. Yea downhill puts are wicked tough, I hate them too. I just try to trickle it in like other have said on here. One big thing though is to trust your stroke and not hesitate because that would make a hard putt worse.
  8. The only problem is that a slice can be caused by any number of things. One recommendation that i do have though is to go back to the basics. Work to perfect your grip, stance, and posture first. That way if you are still slicing after that, we know it's a mechanical problem in your swing and not a fundamental problem in your set up.
  9. Oh I totally agree. This is more a rule of thumb.
  10. Here is a tip that I wanted to give you guys that has always helped my game. It has to do with going with smarter plays in order to build your confidence in the long run. For example, if you are teeing it up on hole #1, if it's under 400 yards, keep the driver in the bag. Go with a 3 wood or if you have really good distance a long iron. Reason being is because it's more important to hit the fairway then it is to get an extra 20 yards. Not only do you leave yourself an easier second shot, you feel good about your first shot, leading to a more confident round. And remember it's not just about
  11. I guess my question is do we mark best ball striker based on consistency? or capability?
  12. To me as long as the ball is clean and free of scuff marks, I will play with it. However I do prefer harder balls because I tend to need more distance and hard balls have better roll.
  13. The interesting thing about ball striking is that it can be something completely independent of game play. I think of myself as a good ball striker in the sense that i am able to consistently make great contact with the ball and not hit it fat/thin/etc... However good ball striking does not make good game play. As I will often miss greens but make almost every fairway. To me a great ball striker is one who has able to have consistent hits AND stellar game play.
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