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  1. Being in Canada - I gotta say Stanley Thompson....he made so many great courses in the early 1900's - For instance St. George's G&CC; which will host the Canadian Open again next year (Number 27 on top 100 courses outside the US) In the same breath I would include Donald Ross....for the same reasons as Thompson....deceivingly difficult and a joy to play.
  2. putterboy


    35 playing for about 15 years
  3. Grand National - Would play Links then Lakes in that order Capitol Hill - The Judge (play it twice and its a shot makers course and beautiful) then its a toss up between legislator and senator (links style fan then choose senator) I love Ross Bridge too but I find it a bit more of a resort course - not worth the extra cash imho. I would pick the RTJ Oxmoor Valley - Ridge course down the road for a fraction of the price. The only RTJ course that I found just 'ok' was silver lakes. We are going for a third year in a row in early May and finally I will complete the tour with the two course
  4. yes him too :) .....I was only referring to this weekend since she just did it. cheers
  5. lol you think he is Michelle Wie? Congrats to the Irishman!
  6. Honestly...very few films I have seen have even remotely lived up to the hype. This movie does it. Heth does an amazing job as the joker...fantastic performance before he left this world....no wonder this role haunted him Here is a classic line from the movie where the joker performs a magic trick with the underworld gangs http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...deoID=38748158
  7. I hear Rocco is quite chatty which may be a bit annoying for tiger...not sure if it is enuff to pull off a win. I still say Tiger...and its great this will be in prime time!
  8. Dude you did well. Unfortunately you picked standford :(
  9. Landing in Atlanta and we are renting a car to head to the Robert Trent Jones Trail http://www.rtjgolf.com Day 1 - We will play in Georgia at The Frog - http://www.golfthefrog.com Then as follows on the RTJ Trail: Day 2 - Capitol Hill - http://www.rtjgolf.com/courses/capitol_hill/ morning: The Judge afternoon: The Senator Day 3 - Oxmoor Valley - http://www.rtjgolf.com/courses/oxmoor_valley/ The Ridge Day 4 - Cambrian Ridge - http://www.rtjgolf.com/courses/cambrian_ridge/ Day 5 - Grand National - http://www.rtjgolf.com/courses/grand_national/ Morning: Grand N
  10. Really it happens in sports....they are top athletes. Yes Bubba should have left it for the next tee box and been a shade politer about it all, but they are competing at the highest stage. Not making excuses for it, but can certainly see how it could happen. Bubba apologized and I think that was very big of him admitting fault. He still has my respect.
  11. putterboy


    http://www.pgatour.com/players/02/45...dia-guide.html I think 59 can be beaten, just not sure if it would be 54....more like 57. 54 just seems so unreachable with the courses and technology out there
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  13. hands down Hogan....read his book and it makes sense too :D
  14. and remember he had a shot later where the 4 iron would have come in handy
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