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  1. was really addicted to Suits on USA network over the summer.
  2. Whatever works the best when I'm playing on the field. Mostly my Cleveland CG 15 50 degree
  3. 08 TT Roadster + golf bag sits perfectly in the trunk.
  4. Anyone owns or tried the DART Putter? The alignment feels better than my current two ball. But takes time to get used to the new alignment method. Any comments?
  5. Welcome! I am a beginner too and I started in aug 2010, I practiced very often and recently broke 90. You should consider getting hybrid clubs as they are easier to hit than long irons. Good to know that you have good driving accuracy. Practice short games (e.g. chipping) will help you improve a lot Good luck! P.S. I am a big fan of Czech football player Tomas Rosicky!
  6. Couldn't agree more! It's more important than a perfect swing for me. A bad hole leads to another and so on. A good mentality is needed to conquer that. just my 2 cents.
  7. Please get a convertible. You will thank me when you drive around LA top down.
  8. Thanks dude. I am probably going to pay all at once instead of getting loans. I just graduated and have not found a job yet (I am now a freelancer). And my brother just applied to the college I went to in LA but not sure if he will get in. So I think I will get an answer on the exact location in about 3 months. I would love to move out of downtown LA because I've been living there for roughly 3 years. West LA would probably great.
  9. Since I will be spending a few more years in LA plus my brother is moving over for school, my parents are considering getting a cheap condo and I will just pay them rent. Good news for me because rent has been hefty for me and it makes more sense to buy one for the long run. I rather spend money on green fees. However, I know NOTHING about buying properties, please forgive me. I am looking at a small studio apartment in Downtown LA which costs about $130k. Nothing luxury or fancy. Besides that $130k, what other tax & expenses do I need to spend? What's the esti
  10. Doesnt bother me at all. I use my driver sometimes to make uphill long putts. Looks stupid but works.
  11. 9 years! I am wondering if I can ever pay off my USC tuition... haha
  12. I am the opposite I walk around in my golf shoes sometimes outside the golf course. Because I bought this pair of "non-golf-shoes-looking" golf shoes by Nike Sometimes I just wear it around, hang out, shopping... just in case when I want to go to the range anytime of the day
  13. It's the problem of the iPad's Safari. Although everything is functional, it's quite hard to navigate and sometimes frustrating to start or reply to a post on iPad.
  14. FML After starting this thread,the next day I lost my Taylormade xft wedge 56 at the range........... I am heart broken I phoned lost and found but no luck.....
  15. Just graduated in Dec and received an email from school notifying me that my diploma is in the mail. Not particularly excited for it because it's just a piece of paper, but it's something I worked hard for over the past four years so I've been wondering what to do with it besides using its copy to apply for jobs or grad school. What did you guys do with your diplomas? Framed it? Stored in a vault? Scanned it? Threw it away? Also, is it required to bring the original copy to job interviews? Thanks!
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