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  1. I have a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2. 32 inches 6 degrees of loft 2 degrees flat. Love it, have nothing bad to say about it. I have had it since the first week it came out.
  2. I have the same problem, I got a vr pro driver used and it did not come with the settings chart. So i just tinkered with it until I got it where I want it. Also I am left handed, so if "R" is 2 open for a right handed driver, is it still two open for a left handed one? Or is it 2 closed?
  3. If over 99% of tour players wear shoes with spikes why question if you should wear them?
  4. Carry distances in yards are: Driver- 285 3 wood- 260 3 hybrid- 245 3 iron- 215 5 iron- 193 6 iron- 180 7 iron- 170 8 iron- 158 9 iron- 148 P wedge- 130 52- 118 56- 103 60- 85
  5. Yeah, I know the rule, but they didn't agree with me on where it last crossed.
  6. I have not ever found a hybrid that I like. I hit everyone of them too high, no matter what shaft is in it. I am a natural drawer of the ball, and I think that all hybrids are hook weighted. I can't control it with wind, and in Texas there is always wind. I have a g10 2iron on order, can't wait for it to come in. So I am with you on this, if you like the two iron, keep it.
  7. I was playing in a tournament this past weekend. We get to the fourth hole, a par three with a hazard that starts 30 short of the green then raps around to the right of it, right off the edge of the green. And I start my ball at the left of the green and rope hook it into the hazard on the right (I am left handed), the ball clearly crossed the hazard line short of the green and then the wind took it and it hooked and went in the hazard pin high right of the green. But my playing partners were getting it handed to them by me, so they said that it didn't cross the line in front of the green, so I had to drop back 100 yards from where I should have gotten too. I was just wondering if this has happened to you guys.
  8. It does not take as much time to put them on, because the grip doesn't have to be put on perfectly.
  9. That is awesome! I bet he is hooked now, if he was not before. My little brother made one when he was 11, and then another one at 12 and I never heard the end of it until I caught up with him. So I bet you have it coming.
  10. I was playing in a TJGT tournament last weekend, and I had a couple of college coaches watching me. I was two under with one hole left, and the last hole is a long par 4 with a huge dogleg left. And I am left handed and can't hit a fade, and I ended up blasting it into the trees right. Now I have 207 yards to the pin with water right of the green and a cliff left of it. I took 6 iron out and hit a 40 yard hook around some trees and over another, and hit it to five feet. Then made the putt.
  11. I have a 14.5 degree that I hit 265. I love it and I have "issues" with my driver. I would say that I hit it 75% of the time off of the tee.
  12. I have shot my lowest tournament scores in very windy conditions. I live in Central Texas, so it is always windy. I think that it is more fun to play in the wind, because I like to play different shots. I love it when I have a cross wind and I can work my draw into it and make it go straight. And when I have a draw wind I love to throw a 30 yard draw in there.
  13. I think that it is a mental and a confidence issue with the club(s) that you are not hitting well. What I mean by mental is that when you hit a good drive you get to your second shot and you're thinking "well I am not going to hit a good iron shot, because I hit a good drive." And that translates into not being confident with your irons in this scenario. It also works the other way around. I went through a phase sort of like this, and I found out that the way you think plays a huge roll in how you play.
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