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  1. I have to get a new bag as well. I was leaning towards Ogio as they have a bag that's like 3.6lbs-but the colors kill me. I would prefer a straight up black bag w/minimal extra colors. Does Ping have extra light bags? I have not seen any in my local golf shops.
  2. Yeah, not so much the case... I live in an urban city, I am around and am friends with all sorts of folks, black, brown, yellow, white (and we shouldn't forget that I am car stealing spic ). Heck Yale is in my city, and you can only imagine the diverse group of people that go there, and are part of the community. For the record, I really didn't take it personally, (I didn't lose sleep over it) I just don't think it's necessary to the thread of any story. I t would be like me saying that I was at the course with 3 white guys and the other white guys and girls-yada,yada,yada. You encounter that rude crap (the yelling and stuff) anywhere. CT is one of the wealthiest states in the US, so I can tell you that there are some fairly shooshy courses to play and I have played at 2 that I can think of that were in very well to do areas and on the holes near the streets had white kids laying on their horns and yelling while our group was putting or hitting. That's no different right? You would agree that that's rude no matter what color those kids where..
  3. Couldn't be truer..I started my league last night but first had lunch with some friends which included 2 glasses of wine. I certainly wasn't drunk, but I felt it on the first tee when I knocked down my tee shot-etc,etc. I don't usually ever drink when I'm playing and most certainly would never do it again. As for weed, I can't say that I've ever encountered that.
  4. just got the x-20's, steel shaft about a week ago. they are like butter. Played today in driving rain... up the the 4I, they're unbelievable.....straight and true
  5. Welcome Big Dog, I use Callaway HX Hot, great for distance and I like their feel around the greens.
  6. LOL! And I'm sensitive? You're a classy guy, I'm surprised they have golf courses in the Trailer Park side of town. Best wishes...
  7. Safe, are you kidding?? Couldn't be better Got my canoe, and I'm using my sticks as oars..ha, ha
  8. Yes to both. You know you're addicted when you play and it's freezing , and the weather change..well let's just say that I stomp my feet pretty much all winter (although oddly enough I do ski), and make sure I go somewhere warm at least twice during the winter months.
  9. Ok, I know that I'm not a "sensitive" chick (trust me, I've spent the vast majority of my adult life working outside with men), but...do you refer to everyone by their color, their financial status or that they are "itches"???? (yeah, I know you-mispelled)
  10. just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for your tips. I did 2 things yesterday, first I replaced my Odyssey putter with the Ping G5 Craz-e, which at 33" is 2" shorter than my old putter. Then I went to the practice green and PRACTICED for what seemed like an eternity . I used the tips that made sense to me and that I thought I could actually do like the circle drill and GC I put the ball in the middle of my stance, used the tee and pacing off drill as well as used my right foot for reference. The good news? I played 18 today (my orginal intention was to play 9, so I walked 18-what was I thinking? that bag gets heavy after a while !) Anyway, shot an 86 with 7-1 putts, 7-2putts and only 4-3 putts! Now that is exciting!!! Thanks agin all..
  11. Puerto Rico originally, but I l live in CT now. Welcome to the forum and the game or addiction, which ever you prefer
  12. [QUOTE=GoFlyers;45762]If you are getting/taking advice from fellow golfers and still shooting in the low 90's... now that is impressive! No, you're right. What I meant was if my swing is to quick or if I'm swaying..things that I can fix. You're right, to much advice out there and the waters really get mucked up. I'll try the putting games..anything to try to improve the mess I call putting.