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  1. I couldn't care less about the person behind me as long as I'm keeping up with the person in front of me. If I can tell that they're striking the ball really well, I will let them play through, or if the group in front is struggling, I'll ask to play through. I can play 18 by myself in about two hours, so if I'm on that pace, I don't rush.
  2. While having a pretty bad round one day, I sat in the cart, closed my eyes, and laid my head back. When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw....
  3. I lost about 6000 points or so. I guess I'm not too concerned about it. I am worried that they somehow feel that the $10 off Hot Deals coupon that they e-mailed me equals the 2-4 free rounds that I would've had under the old points system.
  4. "The most important shot in golf is the next shot" The one rule I play by the most is knowing my limitations. I don't drive the ball 300 yds. So I drive the ball, 8-9 to the the front. Pitch or chip onto the green, and putt for par or bogey. If I bogey every hole, I'm under 100.
  5. Dropped 10 stokes from the back to the front once I realized I wasn't getting a full turn on my backswing. Still shot a 109, though. Still played 18 in 2 hours, though.
  6. The Crab ShaCk just outside Tybee Island. Best seafood in Georgia. Period.
  7. Padraig Harrington & (F) Sara "No H" Brown/ (M) Tiger Woods. She's got a great swing and is on her way up. He's nasty good.
  8. I also steer clear of my driver when my slice returns to me like the Prodigal Son! I am the proud owner of an old set of Hogan woods that contains, among others, a 1 wood, a 2 1/2 wood, and 7 & 8 woods. I carry the 3 wood and 5 wood in my bag and use them regularly. i-guy, I would be happy to send you one of my 2 woods, if you want, if you want to cover the shipping cost. LMK!
  9. 1) Find the takeaway that will get my swing on the proper swing plane. 2) Hit off of a firm front leg more consistantly. 3) Stop straightening my right wrist in an attempt to lift the ball and allow my club to do it. 4) Back to Back par. 5) Post a score of birdie on one hole. 6) Play bogie golf and post a score of 90.
  10. I don't have a home course, but my favorite course is The Southlands Golf & Country Club. It's not the "prettiest" course, or the most difficult in my area, but I enjoy the "links style", the teaching pro is super nice, and it's a fair price. This is a view of the par 3 17th, with Stone Mountain in the background. This is the 250 yard marker on the par 5 18th. Just seemed funny to me.
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