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  1. Get the average number of putts down to around 32.
  2. Absolutely because it is a controlled move. Also it feels like it's the right thing to do.
  3. I've been finding more distance with what I'll call a hip thrust or dramatic transfer of weight from the back hip to the front hip. Is this the same thing as the hip slide? I think this is what I used to do years ago but got away from it.
  4. This just might be the feeling I need to avoid opening the hips too soon, resulting in a heel shot.
  5. My SnT feel is initially just enough weight on the front leg to make it possible to tilt in order to remain stacked as I bring the hands in and the shoulder down.
  6. Removed 4- and 5-iron from bag and replaced with 4- and 5-hybrids and glad I did. Also have a 5- and 7-wood! 5-wood is the new 3-wood!
  7. Just had an inch taken off the driver, 4 wood, and 4 hybrid, after hitting balls choking down that much. Looking forward to a good week of practice and better results next time out.
  8. [quote name] the golfer already has this information. It's in the form of their ball flight. A golfer's ball flight tells them everything they need to know about their golf swing. Good, and/or bad. All the golfer needs to do, is to do some research, (homework) to understand different ball flights, and what might be the cause of a bad ball flight. [/quote] This is well said and it's true.
  9. I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost 1. Dustin Johnson -9 2. Rickie Fowler -8 3. Jason Day -7
  10. 56% on the front leg at setup seems like an attempt to limit the amount of backward weight transfer. I probably do the opposite. Even though I attempt to setup balanced, the right hand is below the left so I've got some backwards spine tilt and as a result more than 50% on the back leg.
  11. To me it looks like his head is favoring the front leg. I get the importance of the steady head but one can do that and still load weight to the back leg on the take away.
  12. Then I really wish Bennett and Plummer would publish their current understanding in a revised edition of the book. [quote name="ghalfaire" url="/t/30537/the-stack-and-tilt-golf-swing/1728#post_1182362"]I am not sure there is any such thing as a "conventional swing" and if you tried to describe one you would get a lot of conversation with golfers of differing opinions. As to loss of distance with S&T;, that has not been my personal experience. Maybe some at first but it would seem that any loss in club head speed has been more than made up for in efficiency of finding the sweet spot at cont
  13. Try it yourself and see if you drive the ball to low and lose distance.
  14. Because it's not a conventional swing. No more than 45% of your weight on your back leg at setup and less and less as you swing. Some think you lose power by under utilizing your back leg. It also doesn't translate to the driver when most of us are trying to hit up on the ball.
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