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  1. Not sure if this would be better posted in the off topic forum but I'll just post it here for now. I'm currently an engineering (mechanical) student and will graduate within the next couple years so I'm starting think about what I might want to get into and looking at various options. Since I love golf I've been looking into opportunities in the golf industry in research and development of equipment. Just thought I would post here to see if anyone has any experience or knowledge in the area or can point me to any resources.
  2. 72 holes, from dawn till dusk. Walked and carried all 4 rounds. Would do again, but probably not carrying my clubs. A push cart would be better. I'd love to have a course to myself one time with a cart and try some kind of marathon, play like 15 rounds.
  3. I have played a few times with just 5 clubs. Putter, 52 deg, 7 iron, 4 iron, and 3 wood. With careful planning I can shoot pretty well, my best being 77. I normally play 13 clubs so 10 would be no problem. I'd get rid of 3i, LW, and another iron it doesn't matter, say 9i. Just have to set up the shots. In the long run though, I think it would cost me. Par 3s with set distances, and having a poor set up shot could cost a couple strokes.
  4. I have plenty of callouses but have never found them to be annoying. Wouldn't ever think to file them off...
  5. On backed up par-3s sometimes the only way to remain sane is to hit various chipshots into the divot repair bucket. As long as it's not a tournament who cares? The guy who told you to stop had probably encountered some idiots tearing up the turf or hitting people.
  6. My first time every shooting under par, I was 15 and playing with a friend who quit after the front 9. I shot par and I wanted to keep going so I headed out on the back alone. The 12th hole I caught up to an older man who was also playing solo and he asked if I just wanted to join him and I did. We're playing, and at about the same time I realize I have a legit chance to shoot in the 60s, he tells me he is on course to shoot his age (72) for the first time. We both bogied the last hole, me for a 68 and him for a 72. Very impressive and really cool to share a milestone like that with someone.
  7. Have been hit multiple times. Twice in the face requiring stitches, but those were freak accidents. Usually when I'm playing it doesn't bother me too much if a ball lands near me unless it is obvious they are really dumb or hitting into me on purpose. I've been on par 5 greens before and had balls roll up next to me. Usually I'll mark it if it's in the way then when he comes up say "hey nice shot buddy" no need for hostility. Within reason I think it can be excused.
  8. Only use cart on cart only courses or when I'm playing with my grandfather. For me walking is a part of golfing.
  9. 67 (-4), easy course (69.1/116). Great ballstricking round, putter not so hot. Tied my GIR record with 17.
  10. Love to play skins and would do it every time if I had willing partners. Usually not, so maybe once every couple of weeks I can get a small stakes game together. Used to play pretty serious games before I moved that could really thicken or thin out the wallet.
  11. Sometimes depends on the shot if I'm hitting it low or high or whatever I am trying. In general I don't tee wedges or 9-iron. More comfortable I guess.
  12. Maybe he doesn't feel senior enough to deserve the US Senior Open Champion title.
  13. Play ProV1(x) mostly. I try to buy them in bulk either logos or used batches. I'm not one to buy a brand new box. Have tried the Penta and wil probably use that more once everyone else starts hitting them into the lake.
  14. I go out on the weekends a lot as a single and thus am paired up with high cappers all the time. I have no problem playing with them. I've had great fun and met many cool people that are great to play with. The only exception is lack of knowledge of etiquette and slow play, which tends to accompany them. I don't care how many shots you take, just be ready to hit before it is your turn. I've played with 30+ hcp guys who did a great job of this but have played with ~15 hcp guys who are terrible at it. Some people hit their shot then just zone out until it is their turn again. But as a general ru
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