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  1. par my home course (71) get back to the 4-5 HC range work on putting more. I got better this year but need to go one more step and make more per round, thats the main problem holding me back at this time realistically
  2. pretty much the same here. spoke to a buddy of mine last year (hes a doctor) and asked what he could prescribe for me to help focus on the course. told him my front nine is always better than the back.... he shakes his head cause he knows me well, says think about what you do in the morning before golf and what changes. for me its coffee. the caffeine helps me stay more focused. he tells me to buy a 5hr energy drink and try it. its absolutely helped my game. i drink my normal amount of coffee before, slam a bottle at the 6th hole and again on the 13/14th hole and its helped me out.
  3. watched it but its not a great tournament
  4. For me, i tend to make a lot of pars lately, very few birdies which is fine as long as i keep my bogies in check. Less stress in my swing lately and trying really hard to NOT 3 putt. all of my second putts are kick in length
  5. of the two i prefer ryder cup but dont really care about golf as a team sport
  6. full 9 iron unless wind then my 8
  7. looks like my kinda place. Ill definitely give it a try next time im down there
  8. no fence, theres a good chance im playing it where it lies. if there is a fence im gonna get the ball retriever and snatch it up, drop and play it.
  9. been playing very good this year (for me) typically in the mid 70's no matter where im playing basically. today shot 82 and struggled to get it there. crazy for me to think it was a bad scoring wise at that. last year id have been happy with that. its a crazy game
  10. typically the back nine but not today.
  11. SW: 95 GW: 120 PW: 135 9i: 150 8i: 160 7i: 175 6i: 190 5i: 200 4i: 210 3i: 220
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