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  1. And the freaking mailman shot a lower score than me today.
  2. Received my copy today and I am very interested in beginning to read it. Interestingly, the packaging envelope arrived open and the book appeared to have fallen out and been returned to the inside because while not damaged in any way, it was dusty. I hope the USPS employees enjoyed it and that their handicaps will drop as a result.
  3. Stop Aiming at the Flag!!!

    Ok so yesterday I am finally able top get out on the course. You'd have thought that my little corner of NC was actually in Eire or something. Anyway, fro giggles an grins, I decided to put the theory to a very informal test. I made bogey or an even bigger mess of the holes where I "purposefully" tried to hit it at the flag and was one under on the ones where I purposefully hit to the center of the green.
  4. Golf Course prank, what would happen here?

    The Mike Curtis "incident"
  5. Unfortunately for Wie, anyone who can hold a putter in her hands is most likely a better putter that she is.
  6. I do want to add that the only reason I want the ball to fly "reasonably" straight is because that is my stock shot. I have never drawn or faded the ball all that much. It flies relatively straight when I put a good swing on it. When I am not playing well, my bad miss is a nasty "quail hook" where the ball only gets about 20 feet off the ground and then scampers off into the left woods.
  7. I want my ball to fly relatively straight and that is what is does when I am playing well. Don't care if it leaks a little either way. I can hit the big hook or the big slice but only want to do it if something is my way.
  8. Your Workout Today

    Wife and I started a new round of P90X today. Did "Chest and Back" and "Ab Ripper".
  9. rules on marking

    Don't worry Dave. Ask him who owed the old guy money after the first time we played golf together.
  10. rules on marking

    You mean you've actually read it? WTF are we supposed to do about that?
  11. I have some really good ones that Mike could show. My swing has gone from looking like someone killing a snake with a hoe to something more along the lines of a golfer.
  12. The Sand Trap Custom Imperial Hats

    Had talked to Mike previously about one of the first runs on the visors and it came today. Looks great and is well made. Looking forward to the hat.