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  1. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Oilfield chemical company in South Louisiana. Great website, Thanks
  2. Which Driver Should I Go With?

    I just bought a TM Superquad and haven't hit it yet. Prior to that I had the 425 which I didn't like. Prior to that..I had the original R7 Quad - regular flex shaft and loved it. It's what I've been hitting until this new club came in and in the event I don't like the Superquad, I'm going back to the old R7 and will get on with my life - haha. Good luck!
  3. BigDog - I see you have a Taylormade driver. I have the R7 standbag and I love it - check it out.
  4. R7 Superquad

    I appreciate the feedback, guys. I ordered one and am waiting for it now. I'm thinking about going right to a fitter regarding the shaft so there's never a question in my mind about whether the shaft is right or not. I read so many articles about the importance of the shaft - I've never hit anything but the stock shafts on clubs and it's been OK - but I'm going to eliminate all the possible shortcomings and see what happens. One other thing to both of you - is your R7SQ the regular or TP - I think the TP comes with the additional weights, right?
  5. Best of the New Drivers???

    My swing speed is anywhere from 95 to 105, my hdcp is 7 although depending ont he course, I can play to a 4 or a 15, you know - find it, lose it, find it again. I know my biggest hurdle is mental. However, being in play off the tee (with reasonable distance) seems to drive my scoring. I'm getting the Superquad - I'm just confused about shafts - you read articles all the way from grip and rip to swing only 80%. Too much info.