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  1. I use them when I store my clubs and they stay on when I throw them in the car/truck. when I get to the course they come off except the SW one. I keep that on there because I've grabbed my 60° when I really wanted my 54°, now with the cover on I don't make the mistake.
  2. congrats!! I, too have been looking for another car. we looked at the Jetta Sportwagen, GTI 4 door, Subaru WRX, Prius... my neighbor just bought a Forrester and they love it. not much snow here, but it's a nice car. We've had bad experiences with VW, but they redesigned them so we thought we'd take a look. nice cars, but reliability was an issue. the WRX, is a beast but it doesn't fit 2 golf bags, and either does the GTI....so we got a Prius. good luck with the new car!
  3. and...if she is a 10, you're 22, you'll find more 10's and you'll prolly post some of them on the internet in questionable compromised poses...jus sayin'
  4. my complete honest opinion.... if I knew what I know now, then, I would have banged every girl in sight that I could. life's too short and realistically, statistically, you're not going to marry her. if you do, print this page out to call me out on it later, I will give you $1000 as a wedding gift, and I'll need to be invited to the wedding. good luck brutha, and wrap the monkey...
  5. I buy whatever is cheap or free. I usally get Pro V1s free, but they are all logo'ed. If I run out I look for closeout pricing on balls....Nike Black $24, TP Black $27.50, etc. I agree with buutuh above, I steer clear of refinished balls, especially at that price point
  6. I take it away low and slow and really concentrate on the back of the ball. I don't look up until the club hits the ball. I try to take a nice smooth swing. If you hit the center of the clubface the ball will go forever. I tee it just at the instep of my left foot.
  7. ....best of luck to their family. thoughts and prayers for all those dealing with breast cancer. wow...
  8. been gaming a 5900 for a little while now. 8.5° with V2 stock Stiff. about the same distance as any other driver I've had. been using it because I thought it was THE straightest driver out there....uhhh, not true. like another poster said, you can still slice the sh!t out of it. it's been working lately but nothing is forgiving for a bad swing. if you do go with it, go 1° less than you usually do. it launches high. good luck!
  9. go to your local golf shop and see if they have a comparable PW in their used single irons. I was in the same boat for awhile and could never get my gap wedge to stretch that far and the 3/4 9i shot didn' thave the same effect as a full PW shot, soooo, I bought a 46deg CG14. works great.
  10. i've done the Bridgestone challenge a couple of times and each time the Pro V1x comes out on top. the tour b330 was about the same but the v1x gave me a little more distance. the others spun a little too much for me.
  11. between the 2 I go with the Nike Blacks, for me. Definitely have had more luck with them than the TP Black.
  12. never???? huh? I had to go back a couple pages to find out where I made that comment. they are pretty darn good wedges, and the best for me. glad your wedge game is good enough you don't need to look elsewhere. imo, you are doing yourself a disservice by not trying them. my .02, take with a grain of salt, {{insert other cliches here}}
  13. thanks! not many people really catch on to that. the grind of Scratch wedges are unlike any I've seen in retail. the sole, heel & toe relief, make these wedges second to none. trying not to sound like an advertisement, but yeah, the time they take to "fit" you into a proper grind for your swing and wedge game is nice. I was really skeptical at first (even asked about money back guarantee), but after playing with them I am very happy I made this choice. I always struggled with high, medium, and low bounce choices in wedges. the high ones would always bounce off the fairways and the r
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