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  1. I have been playing a year so my first round was not to long ago. I shot like a 127 I think. I held on to my cards and compared them for the first few months I played. I am shooting in the mid 90's now; however, I remember staying just over 100 for the Longest time. 103 to 106. I am glad those days are over. I hope to stay below 90 this year. I am a real addict. I know I hit over 1000 balls today while at work. I am a paramedic and moved out to the north end of the county when I started playing golf because it is Much slower with fewer calls. I hit balls for 5 straight hours today. I would not quit until I hit every ball at least within ten yard of where I was aiming. I really cant see how anyone can break 100 their first time out. Playing by the rules.
  2. Most Powerful Swings on Tour?

    I would say Bubba Watson has the most powerful swing and he is able to shape his shots with it. I played baseball with him in little leage and he was killing a baseball like he can a golf ball. He guess he chose the right sport. I wish I would have picked up golf as a kid.
  3. Longer The Club, The Worse It Gets

    I am also new to golf and have found that I have more difficuly working the ball with a longer club. If I dont think of it as a longer club and not swing as hard I make better contact;however, I have a more left to right ball flight which I dont want. I know through getting lessions that I have to remember that the longer the club the earlier I have to start squaring the club. I also tend to hit my longer irons more thin.
  4. Hitting vs. Swinging in Golf (TGM)

    I try to be a swinger;however, the closer to ball contact I get I start to hit. My practice swing is a swing. My real swing is a hit. I am very much ball reactive. I want to be more of a swinger I feel I have more abiltiy to work the ball with a swing.
  5. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I have not been watching golf for very long, but some of the stuff Tiger does is unbelievable. I would like to see how Jack would play with the new technology of ball and clubs.
  6. Official Big Break Dominican Republic thread

    I wonder if a lot of brian's cocky attitude is played up to make him hated. People love watching stuff like that. Its good for ratings.
  7. I alway were black shoes and black low sock. I am very much into the look and always look better than the friends I play with and they give me a hard time about it. I actually tone it down a little because my handicap to to high to were the stuff I want to. I don't want to draw to much attention to myself and look like a poser. Its ok though I have only been playing a year and can hang with my friends that have been playing for years. If I ever could hit the 30 to 60 yard pitch shot I could be betting them. I hate that shot.
  8. Frequency of Lessons

    I have been playing golf for about a year and have taken 17 lessions. I get a lession a week. He gives me something to work on and I work on it until the next lession. It has been a building process. I have found that at time you have to get worse before you get better. For example, I got to where I could hit the ball some what straight without hitting a fat shot. I did this by always hitting a thin shot. This keep me from hitting behind the ball and it at least made it to were I could go out an play with friends without having to hit 2 or three shots to their one. I developed bad habits by doing this. I had to start to learn to hit down on the ball without helping the ball out. This took a lot of getting used to. For me one lession a week unless I found I did not have enough time during the week to practice the skill I learned I would then make my lessions every two weeks.
  9. VR full cavity vs. G10 irons?

    I am also a high handicapper I just purchased the Nike VR clubs and am going back to my old clubs which are wilson Ci7. I like the look of the nikes;however, they just don't play as well to me. I have more control with my Wilsons. If you still want the Nikes I can hook you up. Mine are 2 months old and I have the receipt. They are regular flex.
  10. I just recently bought new irons. I bought the nike VR cavity. I have been playing golf for about 14 months and I am an addict. The first set of iron's I got was the Ci7's stiff flex. I have been playing with the Nike's for about two months and I feel like the Ci7's were better clubs for me. I am going to go back to my old clubs. I wish I would have never bought the nike's. My golf game started to get better, which made me want to play more and get more serious about it so I went out and bought new clubs. I guess I should not have tried to fix what was not broken.