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  1. Participation is currently decreasing 2-4% per year. From 2016-2018, the closure rate is 150-200 courses per year. New course to closed ratio stands at 1:8. Adidas golf revenue fell 66% from 2016-2018. Adidas tried to sell some of their golf brands (Adams, Ashworth, ...) for 1.5 billion, which was considered a fire sale. They got $425 million. The world's largest golf retailer went bankrupt. Obesity is on the rise; video sports are taking over; golf is relatively more expensive. Real estate is more expensive. Consider the price per golfer per acre and compare that to other spo
  2. Given that I think golf as an outdoor sport will be non-existent in 30-40 years, I think smaller courses are temporarily inevitable. Not sure that means it is better.
  3. I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls - Louis Oosthuizen -12 - Victor Dubuisson -9 - Jordan Spieth -8
  4. What the media does or doesn't do is not the issue. You're suggesting that a captain has a significant role on the outcome. I disagree, especially when the score is 16.5 to 11.5. Europe had a slightly stronger team, but not a 5 point stronger team. Yes, something is wrong, but it is not the captain. Just look at the recent history. Watson should admit he failed; Mickelson should admit he and his team failed. That is how the recovery begins (as opposed to pointing fingers).
  5. Henrik Stenson -8 Victor Dubuisson -4 Martin Kaymer -5 And I want to win a Call. BB Driver.
  6. Two points I don't think have been mentioned yet: 1. Even though belly putters don't rank high in the PGA putting stats, I believe I read those players became significantly better putters after switching, and 2. I'm guessing the R&A; does not care, but I am sure the USGA is afraid the equipment manufacturers will sue them. It was entirely possible that Ping could have busted the USGA had their square groove case gone to court and won.
  7. I guess I have a different take on this. Some of it comes from a slight back pain I use to have (not from golf), and some of it comes from yoga. 1. Both anterior and posterior tilt are not good, assuming this goes against the natural curves of the spine. Trying to force an exaggeration of one position or the other causes stress. 2. Most of the pictures show set-up or top of the back swing. The key picture should be impact. This is the position where you apply the most force, and it is the position that applies the most stress on the spine. I think a good movie of the typical
  8. I agree, what's not to like? The comment from senorchipolte is correct: you fan open your hands going back. Hey, it's not modern, but Hogan did it. It can stop a hook, if that's a problem for you. You are really just missing details. For example, you swing back well, but you do not wind up. Figure out how to torque your torso (excuse the alliteration) like a rubber band. One reason is that you let your weight fall on the outside of the right foot (note that I did not say sway). Keep the weight on the inside of the right foot. On the downswing, you hit down well, but you do not drive
  9. Drills are hit or miss. Maybe the 15th one you try is the one for you. A new attitude may help. Consider this: hitting an (iron) shot on the low point of one's swing is a trick shot that requires much more timing and coordination. I'm convinced a tour pro would miss more often swinging that way than swinging with a descending blow. Taking proper divots requires overcoming the fear of hitting it fat. So step over from the dark side and start hitting with a descending blow and just endure all those fat shots that will eventually come. If you play or practice enough, the time will come wh
  10. Trying to hit the ball at the low point of one's (iron) swing is a trick shot that requires much more timing and coordination. I'm sure tour pros could not hit as many good shots swinging that way. And that is why so many people who do not take divots have problems. If you think about it, a descending blow is actually much easier - there are far more opportunities to hit the ball square as the club descends. A descending blow, however, requires a release of the hands after impact - unless you prefer to keep the club stuck in the ground. A release of the hands after impact requires a kind o
  11. Tom Lehman, right? (Except very little hip turn on your part.)
  12. A lot of talent in that swing. I totally, totally agree with cbrian. You swing with your hands, and you swing too horizontal. Think "one piece swing". I cannot tell, but is your left wrist cupped (or bowed) at the top? Keep it flat - if that causes a hook, then change your grip.
  13. I agree that wrist cupping is a major slice move. But most people cup, or cup even more, during the swing than they do at address. A flat wrist at address is a nice aid, but it is even better to be aware of what it feels like during the swing. To me, it does not feel like it does at address (because of gravity). One more thing, many pros/teachers, including Hogan, will tell you the wrist should bow forward at impact.
  14. I agree with all the prior posts, but I want to tackle this from a different angle. You have the old Japanese style swing. When Jumbo Ozaki was #1 in Japan, all the Japanese pros started copying him. He swung with his upper body, especially his pecs. And they were long. In fact, you almost look like you lift weights. Since you don't play every day like Jumbo did, you upper body probably does not rotate fast enough as much as it should, and I would guess you have a lot of pushed shots, especially with the longer clubs. The solution is not necessarily to rotate the upper body faster, unle
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