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  1. I know in Montana, the homeowner is liable. But when I played in Nevada, every course had signs stating that "you are responsilbe for your golf ball, and any damage it causes." I'd be interested to know what the real laws are on this.
  2. I drove the ball 20 yards right of the 310 yard par 4 ninth green at my local course. But the ball rolled under a tree. I had to flip my wedge upside down and hit it lefty (I'm a righty). I was just hoping to bump it on to the green. It landed 6-8 ft short of the hole checked up a bit and rolled in for an eagle 2! Best/luckiest shot of my life!!
  3. I actually bought a P3Proswing simulator this winter. It's been the only thing keeping me from going insane! We've had so much snow that I haven't played on the course in 4 months. The simulator is fairly accurate but the putting is close to impossible. Also, I haven't figured out how to judge how much the rough will change the distance. But overall I'd say it was a great investment.
  4. That's always a good feeling this time of year! I'm in Montana and they're predicting a high of 50 and sunshine tomorrow. I'm planning on going out and playing around the snow drifts on the course!
  5. Good point. I usually try to hit my chips and puts straight. Everything else is a slight draw. I find that when I try to hit full shots straight, then I have two way miss. When I play a draw my miss is always straight, so at least it's somewhat predictable. I do wish I could hit it dead straight though!
  6. I know being in shape helps my game. I gained 40 lbs from the time I graduated college until 2 summers ago. I noticed a definite loss of distance. I was 20 yards shorter with driver and at least a full club shorter with my irons. Last year, I did Nutrisystem and bought a bowflex. I dropped 30 lbs and gained my distance back. I think it actually has less to do with the trim midsection, and more to do with the strength and flexibilty. Look at John Daly. Very overwheight but still extremely limber. My problem was that I wasn't still limber with the extra weight. One of the guys in my l
  7. 140 mph? That's 10 miles per hour faster than Tiger's swing speed. That's one impressive swing!
  8. Favorites which are now off air = MASH and Home Improvement Favorite new shows = Rules of Engagement and Two and a Half Men.
  9. My favorite to watch Fred Couples. But it's hard to not pick Tiger as best. You can't argue with results. I know he's not on tour but if you throw in pro-ams, Charles Barkley takes the cake for worst swing.
  10. I have the same problem. I play in a windy area and generally hit the ball high. My Taylromade RAC LT (low trajectory) irons have helped a lot. I'm not sure they still make them. But I picked mine up cheap on ebay and they really brought my ball flight down.
  11. I wish my home course were like that. It's a 9 hole with 2 par 5s, 3 par 3s, and 4 par 4s. All the holes are easy except the par 3s. I've had a lot of rounds where I shot under par on all but the par 3s and still shot 3-4 over for 9!
  12. I'm 210 out on a par 5, in the rough. (our rough is "wild land" not much grass with lots of rocks). My ball is sitting behind a rock and I should have laid up with a wedge to get over the rock but I was 2 down with 2 to play in our league. I pulled a 4 iron and absolutely PURED it. The problem is it didn't clear the rock. It bounced back at me and drilled me right in the crotch. It was within 2 inches of making my voice much higher. I had a bruise the size of a softball for about 3 weeks afterward. And I went on to bogey the hole and lose the match. Not life threating but I saw my c
  13. Before my bachelor party, 3 of my college buddies and I went to play 18 at a nice private course (One of my clients at the time got us on). One of my "less mature" friends decided to try drinking a beer a hole for 18. The first 9 went well but then it went down hill. Let's just say by the time we got done he had fallen in a pond and puked in the parking lot. We were asked not to come back, and I lost an insurance client! Luckily it was my last week at that job and then I moved out of town!
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