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  1. I don't play or buy the titelist balls because their marketing doesn't appeal to me and I don't believe their hype.
  2. To answer the question of why ? Because golf is easily the most copy cat industry on the planet. Somebody had success with it ( pronely ping ). And everybody else copied it.
  3. Camo

    FAKE R11

    It was defInetly reaffirmation why they lost me as a regular customer a long time ago. I went there only because my shop was out of the shaft I wanted and I have a tee time today that I wanted to game it...... Instant gratification is such a bitch. I will admit, I felt kinda dirty ... Lmao. Oh well, with 3 avid golfers in the family I give my shop plenty of biz.
  4. Camo

    FAKE R11

    I was in golf galaxy Today buying my new super fast 2.0 rescue and they said to make 100% certain I wanted it because they were not doing returns even if it was still brand new never hit. I asked why and they said they have had problems with returns being fakes being exchanged for the real deal. The fake one they showed me, the guy said, oh I grabbed the wrong loft, had a reciept from a real one he had actually purchased but traded in a fake one. Anyhow, they looked identical, you couldn't tell by casually looking at it. What tipped them off was the sound it made hitting it. Upon close ex
  5. Even seen bubba Watson ? He is kind of a scrawny little guy....lol. It ain't about being buff Tigers recent mucle man routine hasn't done much for him, John daly is a tub o lard. Phil is pudgy marshmello man My point, being fit is obviously a great advantage in life but in golf, it is all in the swing technique. My typicall driver swing is best described as "stuck" and i only hit my driver about 220 When I can manage a free flowing and smooth swing I drill it 250+ I know what I am after, just have not been able to consistently produce it. Focus on your swing technique.
  6. I went in with every intent to buy one but ended up liking the super fast 2.0 better. ( fairway not driver ) ( For now my ghosted r9 still gets the job done nicely.) Lighter head on the super fast and on the r11 all my settings were neutral anyhow so the adjustments were a moot point. I didn't gain any yardage just cool factor :laughing:
  7. So I just an instant message from one of my managers, Dennis,, you watching the PGA ? Me,,,, yes Dennis,,,, did you see my house on that last hole ? Me,,,,, WTF ? When did you move to doral ? Dennis,,,,, awhile ago.... When are you coming to FL ? Let's play Me,,,,, on my way..... Lmao
  8. I miss the clickedy click sound of metal spikes walking across the parking lot towards the club house. When I was just a kid playing with my dad I used to love that sound. When I got my first pair as a teen it always reminded me of those days. anyhow, I can't imigiane playing without a good pair of golf shoes, aside form the traction spikes offer when walking and during your swing, , most nowadays are also water proof, built with a firm and solid footbed designed to give you the proper platform for your stance.
  9. If you loose a lot of balls then buying expensive ones doesn't make much sense, try some of the less expensive ones and see if there is one you end up liking more then the others for whatever reason. I have found the lady precepts to work well for me. During your adventures looking for your wayward balls keep a sharp eye out for lost balls and you are bound to find a slew of expensive balls to add to your inventory. Playing those will give you some free experience playing a premium ball. I just played 3 rounds at a posh resort course last week and found 27 pro v1. Hahaha ya gotta love rich
  10. Camo

    FAKE R11

    You can not buy a real Cameron or R11 in china at any price.... Even the so call "authorized " stores sell fakes because the margins are huge.
  11. Seems prettY simple to me, the people paying the bills invited him. Weather they thought it was going to be the best return on their investment or simply a favor is a moot point. It is thier money and they get to invite whom ever they want. If I was forking out millions to host a tourney I would invite a few porn stars, lmao
  12. Camo

    Pipe Dream Show

    Lol, he is not even a good golf bum. After college I was a ski bum in vail Colorado and at least I skiied every day, and in the summer I was a golf bum.....guess what. I golfed every day. All he does is ride his bike around....lol I think he is just a bum. Lmao
  13. Cantankerous guy brings the funnay ....and the truth....LMAO
  14. Apologies to the op for hijacking your thread but 1 more question. I do not currently keep track of my GIR but if I start should I keep separate stats for GIR with driver vrs irons ? I know for me my iron GIR would be considerably higher.
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