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  1. ...man...I wish I could see the posted video. I'll have to check my home computer tonight. thanks for posting.
  2. My original post said "minimal" wrist hinge, not "no" hinge. Not to start a debate about exactly how much hinge Stricker has, but he is no Bubba Watson. uttexas, I assume you posted a picture, sorry I can not see it and it may clearly illustrate either point. I agree Stricker hits the ball a long way, I just can't see amateurs getting acceptable distance results by changing their own swing.
  3. Johnny Miller made a big deal about the simplicity of Steve Stricker's swing...all true. What I can't figure out is how he hits the ball "tour distance" with minimal use of his wrists. So he has a quick, strong body turn and doesn't need wrist hinge...great...I just can't see amateurs without those physical gifts adopting his swing as Miller prognosticates will happen in the future. What does everyone else think?
  4. I click on the Multi-Quote button and nothing happens, maybe it's my browser. If golf does not need to be "fixed", why change the equipment rules? If bomb and gouge is bad and that is what is successful on tour, isn't that broken? I thought that's what the USGA is trying to fix. Again, I think it's a matter of opinion, personally I'd rather watch a Pro wedge it onto the green from the rough, than watch him pitch it to the middle of the fairway and bump-and-run it onto the green. I guess the subtle sophistication is lost on me, how is one golf and the other not. Yes there are multiple t
  5. You will only be able to buy remaining stock after 1/1/2010.
  6. Erik, My account does not allow multi-quote, so I can not rebut your reply item by item. You seem to have categorically missed my entire point. I suggest having the Pros use a lower performance ball, everyone else can still use the latest technology. Generally, if you agree with the USGA actions, then you will disagree with everything I said. If you like playing golf simply because it is hard and making it harder will make it more fun, then I am not sure you are in the majority. These USGA action are not making the game easier. Amateurs can not generate the spin pros can and now they wil
  7. First it was the new groove rule, now it is high-lofted wedges (no 60+), what's next, 460cc drivers, graphite shafts, ball dimples... Why make these rules apply to everyone? I know you can use your u-grooves until 2024, but just try to buy a new club in 2011. Manufacturers are not allowed to make them after 1/1/2010. If the USGA does not like seeing Tour players drive the ball 300 yards and hit spectacular iron shots to tight pins then why don't they change their ball. Every other sport has equipment specific to the pro game that amatuers don't use and often can not even buy. When was
  8. I understand the Pros don't fight a slice, but what is the advantage to having an open face?
  9. Driving is my biggest problem. It's hard to score well when you put yourself in a difficult situation every hole. I've found if I have a good (not necessarily great) tee shot, it sets up for at least a bogey. If I hit it into the desert (I live in AZ) or OB, I'm not going to save par. Second is short game. I found a trick that seems to be working. Buy more range balls than you want to hit. You will go through your normal practice time and have a bunch of balls left over. I pull out my wedges and hit partial swing shots to different spots on the range, some 50 yards, some 20 feet, just
  10. Lessons. I suggest signing up for group lessons or a couple private with the Pro at the range. They will get your grip and stance started off correctly so you don't start learning bad habits and spend the rest of your life getting rid of them. I don't know about the net thing. My problem is if you can't see the ball fly, how do you know you hit it correctly and if you're not hitting it right, you will in-grain a bad swing. You will perfect a terrible golf swing.
  11. It is awesome! I have the Draw version because I tend to hit a fade and the gold shaft because my swing speed is 90-95. It hits the ball high, far and straight! Unbelieveable performance. I drove one onto the green on a short 278-yard Par-4 yesterday, not bad for someone who used to hit drives 230 with a TaylorMade R5. I can't say enough good things about this club.
  12. Thanks for the replies..glad to hear the car manufacturers make them large enough to fit golf clubs. My primary limitations are MPG (must be 25mpg, no Corvette) and cost, I'm looking at used (no BMW 1-series) to keep the price down (no Boxster). Thanks again.
  13. I'm looking for a small, fuel efficient car with some panache, and two-seat roadsters fit the bill, e.g., BMW Z3 Z4, Mazda Miata, Honda S2000, Mini Cooper, Nissan 350Z, etc... Please reply if you own one or know someone who owns one and whether their golf clubs fit in the trunk (mandatory requirement) Thanks.
  14. Great explanation, thanks. 8 under is one heck of a day but OK, it happens. "friend", nope, just some guy I got paired with that got into my pocket.
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