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  1. I'm in my mid-50's & ham and egg it out there 230ish ON AVERAGE. I know my game and my limitations. I play with a bunch of younger guys in my office. I love beating the cocky young guns that hit it 30 - 40 yds past me off the tee (one guy in particular does hit it a legit 280 yds avg, but can't control it). It seems to be an ego thing - everybody in that age group wants to hit it long ... but I do get a twisted sense of accomplishment cutting them off at the knees when I put my 6 or 7 iron on (or at least close to) the green, while they're in the bunker or deep rough coming in with their 9 iron's ....
  2. inthehole

    Ol Grandpa Sadlowski punks people at the range

    Jamie nails the Jackass Bad Grandpa movie voice perfect after fatting the pitch shot - "good one grampa ... just shutuppppp Danny" - LOL LOL
  3. inthehole

    Ol Grandpa Sadlowski punks people at the range

    So funny ! I literally LOL'd at the end when he crushes one & leans back "it takes a while to land" - LOLOLOLOL !! He took the golf punked thing to a new level. I found another one - here's a lady long drive champ punking a bunch of kids (gotta say its demoralizing, but very cool seeing a woman hitting it over 300 yards) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlkP7Oyh68Y
  4. inthehole

    Faldo's Masters commentary is awful (as usual)

    I like faldo - only thing I struggle with is his British accent seems a bit exaggerated - I have to really concentrate to understand him sometimes.
  5. Romo is +0.3, so as long as an amateur is “better than scratch”, they can compete via an exemption. So far he’s even after 5 holes. Better than alot of Tour pros so far, but time will tell if he can maintain that under intense pressure. If I were him, my goal would not be to make the cut, it would be to not be dead last ... thoughts ?
  6. inthehole

    2018 Waste(d) Management Tournament

    Anybody heard why Tiger didn’t enter ? Seems like it’s such a fun tournament for the players & he just needs seat time to prepare for the Masters ??
  7. inthehole

    Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    I loved the sound of an old circa 2009 Nike Dymo ... it wasn't as ridiculous sounding as the older Nike Sasquatch's ... but it just had that "smash a baseball bat into the side of a metal garbage can" hollow sound that I loved. I may get a used one to putz around with for old times sake ...
  8. inthehole

    What ball, and why

    The ball makes little difference to me. I use any ball in the $15-25 per dozen price range. I have no preference whatsoever. My 2 sub 80 rounds were shot with a nuclear orange WIlson Smartcore - I liked that ball alot ... wish they never discontinued it. My opinion won't get anybody a nickel cup of coffee ... but I feel the ball matters very little for a mid to high handicap (presuming you stay away from the bargain basement rock balls like Nitro, etc)..
  9. inthehole

    Why do you want a "Gimme"?

    I play with a buddy that's all about the gimme's ... he considers it a gentlemens courtesy. I don't accept it unless the put is the length of a grip or less (maybe 9 inches) - I think out of 100 of them, I would make 100 of them even at my hcp, so I'm ok with it.
  10. OK, I just want to understand ... lets say you're on the first cut, maybe 15-30 ft from the green ... I just use an 8 or 9 iron basically as a chipper and run it low up on the green (this is a very old school approach, used more by the euro pro's than American pro's). It doesn't even require a perfect strike - even a slightly fat 8i will be within 10 ft of where you want it, same certainly can't be said for a slightly fat sand or lob wedge for the same chip shot. It takes so much less skill than trying to hit it harder/higher and rely on spin, especially with fast greens. For this scenario, wouldn't my technique have a higher potential for success for a mid hcp player than catching that chip dead nuts perfect & relying on technique/spin to stop it like the pro's do ?
  11. I'm reasonably consistent through my bag (exception is the putter), and developing a spin game with the wedges is the farthest concern from my mind (I prefer to play low running chip and pitch shots using 8 or 9 irons whenever possible - that is the single most discernible factor for lowering my scores last 2 seasons and getting up and down more often). I've tried most everything out there & as long as I play a low-mid price (Maxfli, Srixon Soft Feel, Wilson Smartcore, etc) or mid priced (Srixon Q Star, Wilson Staff DUO, etc) ball that sounds and feels good off the driver, I'm happy. I've shot some of my historically lowest scores with a nuclear orange Wilson smart core (love that ball ... discontinued, but I have almost 2 cases of them left). Listen, I know golfers are tinkerers by nature and I get that, but I just think mid to high hcp'rs put WAY too much emphasis on ball technology per the incessant golf ball marketing in the mags and on TV. We all know the bargain basement rock balls are to be avoided, but a $15-20 / dozen ball should be ok for the vast majority of us IMHO. I've used plenty of premium balls and I've yet to see any benefit on the scorecard. The one subconscious advantage to playing a $4 ball is that you try harder NOT TO LOSE IT, which is a good thing ! I'm hoping by posting this I won't be tar and feathered by the masses, but I'm curious if anybody else feels the same way (or not) ?
  12. I've been a club ho ever since I started playing (just finished my 6th season). I've bought & sold so many golf clubs, I think I personally keep eBay profitable (I'm expecting a Christmas card from them). I find it odd that for the first time, I'm content and completely satisfied with my bag. There is nothing that I'm even thinking about changing - my bag is dialed in. I don't even pay attention to the ads in Golf Magazine for new gear and often change the channel during tournaments when gear ads come on. Just curious if this is normal or something I should be concerned about and seek professional help with. If you're in the same boat, lets have your setup ... mine is: - Callaway 815 Big Bertha driver & 3 wood. - Nike Vr-S hybrids (5h, 3h & 2h) - Mizuno JPX-825 irons (6-GW) -Cleveland CB wedges (54, 58) - Ping Cadence counterbalanced putter (cut to 36.5") .
  13. inthehole

    Adam Scott Returning to the Long Putter

    doesn't matter - the rules officials never call anyone out for anchoring anyways. From the start I've always thought they got it wrong - should have just banned the equipment not the technique for the professional ranks, then you wouldn't have the whole Langer situation. Let the amateurs use broomsticks, pro's should be held to a higher level. Iacas ... you said "have at it" ... thats always been my opinion.
  14. inthehole

    Grades for Tiger's Performance (Hero 2017)

    I give him an A - far exceeded my expectations. I just wish he'd quit trying to out drive the field and try to develop an 85% swing that would be easier on his back and longevity. I'd love to see him really develop his game into a sharpshooter with the wedges and get that short game back where it used to be. He doesn't HAVE TO BE the longest in the field anymore. I like the analogy of great fast baller baseball pitchers - most of them give up the heat when they get older and develop into effective offspeed pitchers - there comes a point where they know their limits and adjust. Apparently Tiger thinks he can still swing as hard as he did when he was 25 after 3 (or is it 4) back surgeries. I just think his whole mindset (unwillingness to change/modify his game to conserve his back) is a setup for failure...

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