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  1. I think that would be fun to watch. It's kind of like making the nascar guys race on 2 road courses every year. Old gear tournaments with top tour pro's ... I'd drive to see that.
  2. Last week Gary Player came out for dialing back the ball. So that makes Lee, Jack and now Gary. I'd be inclined to believe these guys know something about it. BUT they're old now, and might just not like the young guys today with modern equipment hitting it past what they could do in their prime ... who knows.
  3. Hi From Northern NJ

    welcome neighbor ! You'll find golf is alot, meaning A WHOLE LOT cheaper in the pocono's. It's worth the hour drive on weekends. As you're learning the game, may I suggest trying the 9 hole course at Lake Lackawanna in Stanhope, NJ. It costs $16 to walk - it's a great course to learn on - it's empty this time of year too. If you're familiar with golfnow.com - you can get some deals on tee times. Minebrook and Apple Mountain are the most affordable in the NNJ area - I always play my best golf at Apple Mtn (it's not an easy course, but it just suits my eye). THere's a 9 hole course called Fairway Valley near Apple Mtn that is another nice course to learn on. Straight is the name of the game in golf - distance will come.
  4. Best Shot of the Week

    Farmstead - played the Valley course - 2nd hole is a super tight tree lined par 3 (165 yds), with a narrow green. Can't miss left due to big hill which drops off at the fringe, and right is tree city. It's almost like trying to play an island green, but you have to hit it straight with no fade or draw, it's so tight. Probably the first time I've par'd it in years - nothing epic, but requires a solid tee shot.
  5. Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    always turn found clubs in to the pro shop. The Golden Rule applies here ... I left a Bushnell lazer in the cart once, and when I called someone turned it in. If someone turns in a $400 rangefinder, seems least I can do is turn in a $150 wedge when I find them... kharma
  6. I feel like you're trying to trap me ... I'm certainly not as knowledgeable on this subject as many here, it's basically just an opinion. Seems we often hear about having to reconfigure courses by moving the pro tee's back - it's the equipment and the ball that is necessitating this & it's easier to change the ball than the equipment --- IF --- the governing body wants to put a stop to this trend. Plus I like Jack Nicklaus, and I respect his opinion on this subject.
  7. ask Jack, he knows a bit more about the subject than I do. Personally, I just don't like the idea of having to lengthen courses to hold PGA events.
  8. OK, I get that ... but ... does golf HAVE to be a sport where (professional) players get to chose their own ball ? Taking the grumbling from the players, the money surely lost by the ball manufacturers out of the equation ... the PGA needs to be more like NASCAR - it's their sandbox and if you want to play in it, you do what you're told (if it's their belief it's in the best interest of the sport).
  9. The technology exists to make a tour quality limited flight ball. Thats the whole premise of "dialing it back" that seems to be a hot topic of discussion lately. Most importantly, the pro's don't have to like it. If the PGA mandates it, they'll like it plenty if they pocket $1M on a sunday...
  10. As I've said before, every golfer should be issued 2 sleeves of "tour quality" balls every day at every event. Same as tennis. Same as hockey. Same as pool/billiards. Golf is the only sport I can think of off the top of my head where the contestants get to choose their own ball.. Professional players should be able to adapt to whatever tour quality ball they are supplied with. Then the distances could be better managed/controlled. No matter what ball they're supplied with, Dustin is going to hit it farther than Zack - so the field will continue to separate by distance as it always has. PS - if Jack and Lee say the modern ball goes too far, it goes too far.
  11. 5 Hybrid

    I too replaced my 5i with a 5h this year ... main reason is playing out of the deep rough for missed fairway approach shots - absolutely fed up with trying to chop long itons out of the rough - it was jacking up my elbow to the point where I had to start wearing a compression sleeve. The 5h is SO much better out of the rough. I'm learning, I like it better of the fairway (more consistent), and even prefer it off the tee now.
  12. Replace mid irons with Hybrids

    I've got 15°, 21° & 25° hybrids in my bag ... just not sure why the OP would want a hybrid for the 6 & 7 irons ... I won't question it as there's always reasons for people to justify using what they use. I like the "puppet show" headcovers visual reference though . Although some would likewise question my 15° hybrid (Adams Super S with the oversize head) vs. a 3 wood (I love the 3 wood, but it becomes a liability more than an asset as I only hit if off the deck once or twice a round - never hit it enough to get really good with it ... the shorter shaft of the 15° hybrid is so much more consistent for me off the deck than a 3 wood)
  13. Help Needed… Should I Quit Golf?

    Not all of us are going to be scratch golfers, but we still enjoy the game. I say take a break from it ... when you get older, you still have the knowledge and will be able to play for your enjoyment, not necessarily the competitive aspect.
  14. Longer, it`s better, but not at all cost

    I play with a few younger guys that have great swings and put the time into lessons from pro's who teach them to swing like pro's ... swings look great, but problem is they swing out of their shoes and cant control it & maybe one out of five times can keep it on the fairway at close to 300 yds. They spend so much time scrambling and I just plod along with my 240-250 yd controlled drive and beat them. At the elite level, distance is obviously key, but unless they have an astoundingly good recovery game, they're gonna get beat. I'm not a believer in distance is everything unless you're going to put a crazy amount of time in trying to learn to control it swinging that hard...