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  1. jmanbooyaa

    My Fitting Experience

    @jas80s I bought a new driver a month or so ago 2017 m1. While the fitter is correct about correcting your swing i feel a new driver of the current tech would be instantly beneficial with distance and foregiveness. For instance my old driver was a Callway x hot. Not exactly ancient but the distance gains and accuracy improved dramatically with the m1. I have a very over the top swing that produced a fade and tiptoed on a slice on any given swing. The new driver and weights helped with this. Did not correct but helped.
  2. jmanbooyaa

    Beginner Golfer from NY

    Bethpage is a pain the ass. Can’t speak about Black but the other 4 pack out in the thick of the season. Fyi Pennisula is only a 9 hole course. Great place to work on things and not feel rushed or out of place.
  3. jmanbooyaa

    Beginner Golfer from NY

    @Thumper696 you have a great course right by you to get better familiar with your game. Have you played Pennisula yet? Wide open course and a lot of fun.
  4. jmanbooyaa

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    I did not count streaming in my assessment. It appears tv is cutting out the morning
  5. jmanbooyaa

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Is it just me or is the television coverage a bit lacking for this major? Mainly Thursday and Friday.
  6. jmanbooyaa

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    Free drop when i play with strangers or friends. But it must be agreed upon by all and someone has to have seen another group lurking where the ball landed.
  7. jmanbooyaa

    Lexi Thompson Steps Away from the Game to Recharge

    @iacas why are so adament about her what she said? I read her Instagram message. I get she most likely needs a break but there could be more. You have to admit it sounds odd to drop out of major when they carry such weight towards a career.
  8. I can’t speak for clubs but golf balls definitely. $9.99 15 pack of Ultras out played the bridegstones and Titleists i have played.
  9. jmanbooyaa

    Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    I have been trending in the mid 90’s for some time. I finally had. Break through last Sunday and shot an 84. Great feeling but until I play again and shoot sub 90 it may be just an outlier. I started using a 7 iron off the green to chip and it has made putts that much closer than when I would use a pw. Dialed in my driver also to make a more desired flight and distance. I have also adopted a steady back swing and follow through. Time will tell.
  10. I agree the swing is the overall issue but I still maintain a new driver with all new tech can help. I know personally hitting an older driver without the current foregiveness of the TM m1 i just got would be an issue for me. My swing has flaws but by tweaking my current driver i have gained distance and more accuracy. It has made golf more enjoyable for me.
  11. jmanbooyaa

    2018 Women's Scottish Open

    Next week is the lpga open correct? Hopefully more name recognition in that one. And hopefully some familiar names atop the leader board.
  12. jmanbooyaa

    Lexi Thompson Steps Away from the Game to Recharge

    I will check it out. Thanks.
  13. jmanbooyaa

    2018 Women's Scottish Open

    I would’ve liked to catch a few holes of coverage. Maybe later tonight on replay.
  14. jmanbooyaa

    Lexi Thompson Steps Away from the Game to Recharge

    I am not sure she actually said anything. I was just curious if there was some underlying issue. I was just curious since she is a world wide star and really the face of American woman’s golf. Just seems odd to me.
  15. jmanbooyaa

    Lexi Thompson Steps Away from the Game to Recharge

    Do you think it will ever come to light the reason she decided to take a month hiatus?

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