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  1. TGW used to sell Caddytek push carts, their carts look identical. If it is anything like their clothing brand it will be well made and comparable to big brands.
  2. That would be a great final pair tomorrow. We shall see if Woodland can hold on or if Koepka can slide into the 2 slot by the end of today.
  3. Those will be a pass for me. They just don’t suit my eye so to speak. The Major will be the next shoe after the Original. I like the concept just not the look.
  4. Interesting leader board. Will check it out today.
  5. @Sandy Divot I had a similar question. I was wearing a 10.5 in Foot Joy. I went with an 11.5 in the Originals. They fit perfect. The first time you put them on you may feel they are too big due to the toe box. They aren’t your foot isn’t used to them.
  6. Tomorrow will be my 4th round in the Originals. I have essentially worn these shoes every day I am not in a suit. They have molded to my feet. Such and incredibly comfortable shoe. Besides the initial reaction of the size the only slight issue was the wear after the 1st round. The good news it has not gotten worse and the traction is surprisingly good. I am not sure if it is mental, but my golf swing has never felt so stable and controlled. Fantastic golf shoe and every day sneaker.
  7. Played today and wouldn’t you know it, rain from the 16th till car. Enough rain.
  8. Shot a 95 ugh. Putting was the bigger issue. Par become bogey or double. A few pars and a birdie. Short game needs a lot of work.
  9. First round done with the Originals. Very comfortable and has surprisingly good traction. Kind of cool going from house to car to tee box without changing shoes. Time will tell with durability. Already have a bit of a shred on the top of the shoe from using my cart break. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. Overall good fit and balance when swinging.
  10. I play Bergen quite frequently. Right up the road from me. West Sayville is a fun course right up the road from Timber.
  11. Hopefully the weather cooperates. The Blue course at Timber can get nasty if the winds kick up. Gibraltar!
  12. @nevets88 Timber Point is a fun course. What 9’s did you play?
  13. I knew it was an odd question to ask. No rubbing which is good. I guess my last question is, will they feel looser than or should i say should they feel looser than say a Footjoy?
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