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  1. I finally am getting around to spackle and paint my bedroom. Not sure it is a positive because spackling sucks. Ha ha.
  2. Linksoul makes really solid clothes
  3. Poor Nike wedges on the bottom. They got a bad rap. Not bad wedges.
  4. Good to know. Was thinking of doing Bergen Point before work Monday. Only 9.
  5. @cooke119 very odd how Monday 3/22 no golf at Sunken or Bethpage. Now tee times limited. Too bad the weekend is a wash. All county courses are also open. Again. Rain out all weekend. Good luck. Maybe I will see you out there. I play sunken quite a bit. I think they just aerated the blue last week or so. Maybe green. I can’t remember
  6. So many movies to watch. Been purchasing a few here and there. Watched The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. Bought Star Wars EP 9(still not a fan of new trilogy) my son wanted to see it so I bought it. Not sure what movies I will watch today.
  7. Just bought a golf net and mat for backyard.
  8. Just got the 1st email that 3 courses will be closed tentatively re opening March 27th. I would imagine state run and county courses to follow shortly.
  9. Any course that was open today on LI had a packed tee sheet.
  10. SFT tech is legit. I cannot believe how well this driver plays. I hit 1 slice in the 2 days I have played with it. That slice was due to me. I purposely made the swing to see if the damn thing would slice, it did. The really good news for me is I am on the fairway. Maybe 2-5 yards shorter than my M1. But fairways are consistent. I highly recommend a Ping sft driver. I may need to check out the fairway woods. Amazing!
  11. I just purchased this driver last night. Anyone currently playing this model? 1st impression, the look of the driver. Very appealing to the eye at address. Hitting in a bay getting 220-230 yards was interesting all shots were in a certain window. All on the fake fairway. I hope this transfers to the course and a bit more distance also with the ball I use and the swing of being outside. The shaft does feel a bit light, only 20 or so swings so an adjustment for sure. I want to say the reg flex is around 59 grams. Maybe wrong.
  12. A fitting to me should provide confidence in each club fit. Distance would be secondary. A driver I can control and bit fairways all day. Irons as someone mentioned gapping and ball flight. i would imagine distance would be gained by a few other aspects outside of a fitting. Exercise, proper instruction and practice.
  13. Is it true him chasing distance has cost him his game?
  14. To be honest not a fan of the reax shaft. The 55 is a reg flex but man is it flimsy. I do not like it at all. I have the tini 60 reg flex in my driver and love it.
  15. It has been some time since I have been on a monitor. No idea what my swing speed is. I tried putting the matching shaft in my M1 driver, I couldn’t keep the damn ball in play. Same as fairway wood. Back and through as if nothing was in my hand. Very poor ball striking with such a light shaft.
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