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  1. The Wilson Ultra yellow. Longer off the tee than any ball I have ever used and reduces side spin for me so more balls in the fairway.
  2. I can’t say this has happened to me. I play as a single often. I always get paired with a 2 some or 3. In fact the course I play the most always tells me not to make a tee time. As a single they are more than happy to send me out.
  3. My mind has not adapted yet to the flag stick in. When left in I find I hit the putt a bit too firm. When out better distance control. Will work on getting this straightened out as the flag stick in speeds up play in my opinion.
  4. 34 degrees at tee off tomorrow morning. I will be home by the days high of 55.
  5. I give Captain Marvel a par and only for the last half of the movie and mid credit scene. It was not bad at all. Not sure I can put my finger on why I only gave it a par. Saw it twice hoping to like it more. As a fan of all the Marvel movies it was a must see but fell a bit flat for me overall.
  6. Did anyone else get a Brady Bunch vibe when you scroll through the players pictures.
  7. As a guy who does play a fair share of rounds solo leaving the flag in will keep me moving. I will say the small sample size this year it has been a bit annoying when you are in a 4 some and some players want to keep it in some want it out. I would imagine this will ne figured out sooner rather than later.
  8. My 19 goals are to strengthen my core, quit smoking and to keep my scores under 90 consistently. I have broken 90 a few times towards the end of the season.
  9. I find it obnoxious what Thomas is doing. You can disagree with the new rules but it is time to move on without the constant bemoaning.
  10. Watched the 2018 version of a Star is Born. Bogey for me.
  11. I have been using a cleveland classic 3 09 model putter for 2 seasons now. It is a great looking putter and rolls really well. I have a counter balance superstroke 1.0 pistol grip on it. Love it.
  12. Not when they stopped making clubs but when they signed Rory and a few other players.
  13. I am talking about the pros who are switching to different equipment manufacturers. A few years back I could have sworn there was a forum for all the Nike moves that were made and others too.
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