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  1. jmanbooyaa

    Cleveland Classic Collection 4

    I have been using a cleveland classic 3 09 model putter for 2 seasons now. It is a great looking putter and rolls really well. I have a counter balance superstroke 1.0 pistol grip on it. Love it.
  2. jmanbooyaa

    Golf equipment "free agents" - WSJ

    Not when they stopped making clubs but when they signed Rory and a few other players.
  3. jmanbooyaa

    Golf equipment "free agents" - WSJ

    I am talking about the pros who are switching to different equipment manufacturers. A few years back I could have sworn there was a forum for all the Nike moves that were made and others too.
  4. jmanbooyaa

    Golf equipment "free agents" - WSJ

    Is there a forum for this?
  5. jmanbooyaa

    Advil, Aleve, or Aspirin?

    Aleve all the way
  6. Thank you for the response. I will try them both out. I am hoping to gain some distance with the xlr8
  7. I have an M1 driver and was curious if anyone can share the differences in the 2 made for shafts the title says. I have been using the Kuro kage in regular flex and was going to give the pro xlr8 shaft a try.
  8. jmanbooyaa

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I think I will be ordering.
  9. jmanbooyaa

    The Films and Movies Thread

    @iacas i could not stand Erin Brockocich. I will say I have not revisted in a very long time. I tried to watch American Made on multiple occasions it just never stuck for me. To stay on topic I did wach The Equalizer 2. Missed birdie attempt. The first was an easy tap in birdie. Denzel makes 2 a par at best.
  10. jmanbooyaa

    Winter Depression Thread

    Very depressing rainy chilly da here on Long Island.
  11. jmanbooyaa

    Back Foot Slipping

    No video since Pgatss owns it but can you see anything from this?
  12. jmanbooyaa

    Back Foot Slipping

    next round i will try and get a vid
  13. jmanbooyaa

    Golf equipment "free agents" - WSJ

    Who is changing equipment or clothing sponsor in 2019?
  14. jmanbooyaa

    Nike Engage Wedges

    Try www.globalgolf.com
  15. jmanbooyaa

    Winter Depression Thread

    I will be playing tomorrow. High winds and 50’s. Walking and dressed according.

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