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  1. But @xrayvizhen what set are you gaming? ha ha. Makes sense what you posted.
  2. Prices near me vary greatly. I play a lot of county and state run courses. Moderate price and $4 per reservation fee. $36 to walk.
  3. I was asking if any new info came out that’s all. Some test also produced false positives. Was just curious. I should have asked is any info on his daily activities leading up to the event have come out. That is correct @iacas the before tournament exposure would have led to a positive test result in Friday.
  4. Has anyone heard how within a 48 hour period Watney tested positive? Is the test accurate, did he venture out? Just curious.
  5. @ChetlovesMer that is unbelievable. Reprehensible to be honest.
  6. Playing a half set it so enjoyable. Sling them on your back and go. I choose 6 clubs D , 3H, 6i, 9i, sw & putter.
  7. Good for Clicgear. Good for golfers. Enjoy the walk. The carts are solid. I enjoy my Rovic. Good size smooth roll. Cup holder not great, I will get the xl one day.
  8. 2 thoughts on this. Full bag push cart all the way. Half bag sling it on your back and away you go.
  9. I will say as much as I am in favor of a polo on the course, recently as I have been playing 9 before I start my at home work day I have been wearing a tee shirt under a sweatshirt.
  10. Would never call you a cheater, I will say you cannot guarantee that if raked there would not be a footprint your ball landed in. I have seen a player rack a bunker and than walk out not fixing their foot prints on the way out.
  11. They should just require all patrons to wear hazmat suits
  12. @klineka all fair points. This morning from what I read I do not recall one writer adding your feedback. Seems easy, instead of pure criticism adding improvements as you did probably would have resulted in me not being disappointed.
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