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  1. jmanbooyaa

    Nike Engage Wedges

    Try www.globalgolf.com
  2. jmanbooyaa

    Winter Depression Thread

    I will be playing tomorrow. High winds and 50’s. Walking and dressed according.
  3. jmanbooyaa

    Winter Depression Thread

    It seems like Long Island is heading towards a chilly fall. Played in an outing yesterday. It was chilly with a ton of wind.
  4. jmanbooyaa

    Back foot slipping

    my issue seems to be coming from poor balance at set up through backswing. Any tips to improve balance to make more solid contact
  5. jmanbooyaa

    U.S. captain for 2020 Ryder Cup

    Mickelson will be captain in 2024 at Bethpage
  6. jmanbooyaa

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    5 hour round today. No one in front of us. I was paired with a 2 some in a cart and another walker. The 4 of us went off at 7:12 am. Too much time looking for lost balls. Multiple tee shots and or fairways. This wasn’t due to a lost ball but the fact they did not like their 1st shot. Painful.
  7. jmanbooyaa

    What shafts are in your wedges?

    Wow. The XP shaft in my Nike wedge is awesome. Very confident in each swing with a shaft I am used to swinging.
  8. jmanbooyaa

    Back foot slipping

    That coould explain it. I have noticed i have gotten a bit more wide on the stance in resent weeks. Once I realize this with my irons I begin to hit the ball crisper. Thanks for all the posts.
  9. jmanbooyaa

    Back foot slipping

    I can work on getting a video up of the slidding of my back right foot
  10. jmanbooyaa

    Back foot slipping

    I have been working on a slower more controlled tempo. Could the fact that I place my back right foot(the one that slips) back in my stance be hurting me as well?
  11. jmanbooyaa

    Back foot slipping

    It is a backwards slip that mainly occurs on longer clubs. It does tend to happen with irons not often
  12. jmanbooyaa

    Back foot slipping

    I am not really sure. I am assuming i am not putting equal weight at set up and in my backswing is where is is exposed. Could it be me trying to manufacture more power and streching my backswing past where it should be? When i tried to acknowledge and correct it was like my right leg was stuck in mud and my turn was none existent which caused even worse arm only results.
  13. Is there a drill or something to practice to help keep my back foot from slipping out in back swing? Not sure I am phrasing this correctly. Is this a weight distribution not equal causing some inconsistent strikes?
  14. jmanbooyaa

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    We put ourselves in a bad spot day 1 afternoon. We could not recoup and pressed from that point on. The Euros out played us. I didn’t care for some of the match ups but the players didn’t play not captains fault
  15. jmanbooyaa

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    If the Euros keep making clutch putt after clutch putt this will be over by 9 am. Lets go USA. Take it to them this session and show you want to be here. USA USA

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