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  1. Or he had a heart attack. Either way poor guy and family.
  2. Coming 2 America sweat free par. Enjoyed a few laughs and loved Coming To America.
  3. Thanks for the response. Night life not a big deal, with covid and all. I am looking more for the golf and place to stay close to the courses all in Ocean City.
  4. Has anyone booked a 4 some weekend trip to Ocean City Maryland? Did you use any of the trip planners such as Pams to do so? I have never booked or gone on a golf vacation before and would love some tips. Would be looking to go in Mid April possibly early may. 4 golfers who are looking to play at least 3 rounds and stay the weekend. Friday, Saturday and a round before we head home. We would be driving from NY. Nice hotel and or condo good meals and night life.
  5. Sun Mountain 2.5. Solid leg mechanism, 4 way full length dividers, plenty of storage and fits really well in a push cart. I only use 12 sometimes 13 clubs with no issues.
  6. We still do not know the severity of the injuries correct?
  7. It would appear nothing terrible occurred day of. Very poor decision to tell a story many years later. Not sure if Rudy was embellishing to try and sound funny, wasn’t there no idea why the need to tell the story. Odd choice.
  8. The LPGA has an uphill battle. Before they can raise the purses they need to put a product out that sponsors are going to want to add dollars behind. I think it was @iacas mentioned Wie. That is a prime example of the LPGA struggles. She had all the qualities to move the needle and get higher pay per tourny. Unfortunately she did underachieve and was not able to do this. Paula Creamer is another example only in the US however.
  9. I had my lesson last night. Enjoyed the experience. For the 1st 10 minutes the instructor just talked with me discussing how I golf, what my perceived aim points were. I think I hit maybe 3 full swings and than we proceeded to work on how I grip the club and pressure used take away and downswing getting me to turn over. Needless to say I really did not comprehend prior to this lesson what I was doing on why I was doing it. A lot of work and practice to undo the bad habits I convinced myself
  10. @cooke119 a few more days of 40 plus weather and rain and the snow will be gone. I know off topic sorry.
  11. @iacas here on Long Island, NY we were spoiled for 2 years of very mild winters. It sucks because of the snow. Temp wise not so bad. Still snow sucks.
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