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  1. Love it! True and golf stuff in general makes this statement spot on for most of us I would imagine. Enjoy the OGX.
  2. If they make the brown/white version of the t1 i am in. Not a fan of the black n white. Not my style but I am i interested in the new leather they chose. I reached out to True and they said they were aware of the easy scratching that occurs on the current Originals.
  3. I googled them. The golf wire had a pic. White with black to match the style of the original trues
  4. I don’t know much about him besides the common skipped college. He does look very thin compared to the other pros. Perhaps a year in college could have benefited him.
  5. I was going to ask you @iacas if you knew. Can’t wait to see. Sensei was a great pair but for playability I love The originals. Water proof stylish and extremely comfortable. They surpassed my expectations for comfort. More so I think than the Se sensei. I did like the protos also but Orginals take it.
  6. An 88 today. Horrible putting. Missed 6 straight par putts from inside 7 feet. I can’t even say well I made a long one that maybe I shouldn’t have. Just plain bad putting. To top it off triple on 18. Ugh.
  7. I got up for the 3am start on Friday. Had the dvr record todays start. Probably should have done this in reverse order. Still very enjoyable. Love the format and the US vs Europe. I still have some hope for Decembers Pres. Cup. Maybe that team can be somewhat competitive. Solheim and Ryder Cup still a must watch for me.
  8. When True gets the colors right, they knock it out of the park. Best golf shoe by far. I can’t wait for the next original they make. Hopefully they don’t go off plane again.
  9. Not sure on these yet. I am a fan of the Originals and outside the grey Majors I am on the fence. Now the true original ogs in grey. Those are sweet looking.
  10. I see nothing wrong with wearing a collared shirt to the course. I never understood why people complain about it. A polo shirt is by no means constricting or dressy.
  11. I am not a fan of the lob wedge. I have had a few, but I found they were just not needed. I use a 54 sand wedge and pw. Too many shots thrown away when I would grab the lob.
  12. Thank you. You just saved me some money and letdown.
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