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  1. Weak neutral or strong grip

    I can try and get a buddy to snap a pic of my grip tomorrow. I have attempted a strong grip for the entire golf season and could not get comfortable with it. I do suspect a few shots are a flip. Getting the car club face square at impact is easier for me with a weak grip. How many knuckles showing on left had ( righty) should be showing for a strong grip? Is there such thing as a semi strong grip? Thanks for the quick response. It has been bothering me for a bit so I switched.
  2. Hello all. To all the teaching pros on the trap, can a weak grip be played? I have found I hit a better ball and keep a fade using a weak to neutral grip. More weak than neutral I think. I ask this question because any lessons I have taken immediately the grip is changed to a strong grip. It is just not comfortable to me and it really has affected how I play which also hurts enjoyment. So I guess I am just unaware about the grip and why a weak grip seems to be frowned upon.
  3. What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    Basketball-semi pro Hockey-mystery alaska golf-Tin Cup baseball-major league diving-back to school surfing-point break football-the replacements racing-taledega nights Boxing- rocky balboa bowling-the big lebowski soccer-lady bugs
  4. I too am looking at downgrading from my Ogio cart bag to a Sun Mountain stand bag. Anyone have feedback on either the three.or a front 9
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    Any Suffolk county Long Island courses open tomorrow, Monday 2/20/17? Snow is all but gone and should be fully gone by 10am.
  6. Why do you walk when playing golf?

    I walk to save money. A bit of excercise and it is virtually impossible to leave a club behind. Think about it how many times have you seen a cart zipping from tee box to green across the course with someone asking if you found a wedge and or other club. I use a push cart and my clubs come with me to every shot i hit. I do also believe that walking can be faster. Too many times I witness a group not understanding the concept of the cart. 2 to a cart 1 players hits left another either fairway center or right. What does said group do. Drive to a ball the other player sits in cart and waits for partner to hit than off to the other ball and clun selection. Add this to mutliple shots per hole and over 18 holes. That makes for a very long day behind said group. Also image it is a foursome. Painful.
  7. Treebound's 2017 club sort/swap/shop

    Give the Jetspeed line a try. Very solid and underrated line from TM. Plus they can be had for cheap.
  8. Playing All The Same Brand Clubs

    I would have to side on mixed bag. Driver Callaway woods TM & Cobra hybrid Adams & Titleist irons Titleist wedges Callaway & Bridgstone and putter Cleveland.
  9. Took a flyer on some used clubs

    Thank you for the response. I am excited to test out the Jetspeed 3hl against my R9 5w. The big one is the Cally driver with 11.5 loft.
  10. I blind bought some used clubs to hopefully add to the bag this year. I was hoping to get some feedback from those who have played them. Callaway X Hot driver 11.5 with stock shaft. Adams red hybrid 20 degrees stock shaft. Jetspeed 3hl stock shaft. Curently playing a Jetspeed 10.5 driver Nike Covert hybrid and TM R9 5 wood. Any feedback welcome as these used clubs are being shipped.
  11. Reviving an old thread. I am told I need to lengthen my AP1 714 irons by 1/2. My question is would it make sense to soft step my irons by taking the 6 iron shaft and inserting it into 7 iron. 7 iron into 8 iron etc. throughout irons. Currently have reg. Flex standard length XP 95 shafts with an iron swing speed of 78/81 avg. plus have GP multis on them so i would prefer not to have to re grip. Hope this make sense.
  12. Where to buy? Balls edition

    Just bought 2 dozen e6 5a rated from lostballs.com. Got free shipping and 6 free balls. 1st purchase from there. On a side note I am curous anout the Snell Get Sum ball. Have not pulled the trigger on them.
  13. Testing or buying new golf clubs

    i just feel i never put a good swing on the ball when indoors. It is a mental thing i suppose. Not being able to tell the flight or where the ball is going to end up.

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