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  1. Re-opening an old thread. I had purchased Linksoul waterproof pants and jacket. I found the fit great. Since I was a huge fan of Ashworth clothing this seems to make sense. I found myself heading over to the Linksoul webpage. Very cool style clothing. I ordered some golf polos coming. They had a cyber deal going and a 3 pack for $99. The only issue is I have no idea what polos they will be sending. This is by design as that is how the 3 pack is listed. I am finding lately that I am more intrigued by the Small boutique golf designs lately. I wear True Linkswear shoes and now am migrating over to Linksoul. Anyone else finding these types of brands more stylish and overall comfort superior to the big brands? I am hoping the Linksoul polos that come are a good fit. Ashworth always had a good fit for my frame.
  2. @iacas does your wife golf or just to wear? I was thinking of getting my wife a pair of the knits. She always hears me stating how comfortable my originals are.
  3. I love the walk. I only take a cart if the course requires it.
  4. His back has been a real issue. Does anyone see an early retirement for him?
  5. The lob wedge is useless to weekend warriors like myself. You end up throwing away more shots due to poor contact.
  6. Went with the Linksoul rain jacket and pants. The jacket(lt grey) is really awesome. I have been wearing it as my everyday jacket when wearing jeans. The pants are great. Not the typical baggy fit that most rain pants are. They have snaps to alter the length, no more dragging on the ground and shredding the bottoms. Wore both yesterday to play. It blocks the wind perfectly. The pants also has a zipper fly which no other rain pants Usually have. I cannot speak for the water proofing. It is a tad too cold here in Long Island to entertain playing in the rain.
  7. Here is the 2019 Black Friday thread. Post all up coming black friday deals here. True Linkswear will be having one starting Wednesday the 27th at 4pm pst.
  8. 2019 Black Friday thread? @iacas probably not the place for this, But what do you know about the True Linkswear mystery boxes?
  9. To add to this because I am not sure if I ever posted. when the OG10yr came out I emailed True. I asked if the bulletproof leather was the real deal because the leather on the originals got banged up real quick. They responded and said they acknowledged that issue and the new shoes coming out would implement more of the bulletproof leather. very excited for Whats next.
  10. Today was the first time this year I opted not to golf. Way too cold. With windchill 25. Pass.
  11. The 2eps of The Mandalorian were solid. Looking forward to the next episode.
  12. Wilson Ultra yellow. 9.99 for 15. Best all purpose ball for a mid to high handicap. Like all other brands, it does not float.
  13. The 30’s can be an enjoyable day of golf. Wind is the misery. Sun and 30’s dress accordingly and is actually very nice. Especially with not many or any on the course.
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