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  1. jmanbooyaa

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I tend to agree with you iacas. Sunday seemed like a complete 180 from how the course was supposed to play.
  2. jmanbooyaa

    A new driver

    @vinsk. I am not sure i follow you. Are you saying the current shaft in my driver is underrated or picking the right driver shaft is? Thanks for the reply eithe way. @GOATee. I am not sure I understand fully. If I chop a driver shaft down to a more manageable length I need to add weight to the head? If i am making better contact I would still be loosing distance? Why would the pga superstore give me an option to make the club perform at its best by adding weight? Is this something I should have asked them to do? Thanks for the reply. With that being said is it worth me looking into a new driver?
  3. jmanbooyaa

    A new driver

    Hello all. Without knowing much about my golf game can I please get some reviews on the following drivers i am looking at. Ping g 30 ls, Taylormade m1 16 or 17, m2 16 or Cobra f7. I currently use a Callaway X hot 11.5 degree stock regular shaft cut to 44.25. Are the drivers I mentioned an upgrade? I am not a long hitter and play a fade that with too an agressive swing turn to a slice. Thanks for any suggestions. I am not a long hitter avg. 215.
  4. jmanbooyaa

    Cleveland CBX Cavity back sand wedge

    I just purchased a 56 today. The idea of a more forgiving and lighter shaft was very appealing. I took a few swings today. I liked it more than the vomey sm7 and sm6. Have not used it yet on the course.
  5. jmanbooyaa

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    I am watching Rules of Engagement now. It is ok. 3 seasons in.
  6. jmanbooyaa

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    Just finished Parks and Recreation. Never watched it when it was on. Funny show.
  7. jmanbooyaa

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    The office was great. Rewatching all seasons on Netflix.
  8. jmanbooyaa

    New Snell MTB on the way in 2018?

    if i play an e6 which would be worth trying?
  9. I am seriously considering giving them a go. Recent shoe was the ecco speed hybrid. A bit underwhelming to say the least. Glad to know originals have the brought the comfort back. I walk 95% of my rounds. Waterproof and comfort a must. Now the fun part the colOr.
  10. How do these compare to the protos or Senseis? I think those 2 models were the 2 most comfortable golf shoes i ever tried. Senseis would be #1 had they been waterproof. Anyway the originals look great. Was thinking of getting them but the prior gens after the senseis were not very good. Size 11.5 in senseis and protos. Would imagine the same for the originals
  11. Used clubs and year prior models are fine for me.
  12. jmanbooyaa

    Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    I suppose for the occasion it is ok. Looks odd at first sight but that’s ok. Good for him. Likeable dude.
  13. jmanbooyaa

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I would imagine Snokes background will be a one off in ep 9 probably a quick throwaway line. Luke most likely will be back remember his last line of dialogue “see you around kid”. Leia’s death most likely explained in the space crawl opening. I really hope Finn and Rose plot from 8 means something in 9 otherwise it is a complete waste.
  14. jmanbooyaa

    The Films and Movies Thread

    The Rock is a birdie in my book. Always a fun watch

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