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  1. Great round, without fans adding nerves to your game I cannot say best round. He played extremely well and deserves the accolades. Well done. Fans still change the dynamic.
  2. @iacas the course I primarily play was built swamp land. Even if there was a drought this course would have wet spots. All good though. I support True and always reading reviews like yours.
  3. Solid review. Unfortunately I have no use for a non-waterproof shoe. I wear the Original and the Major now.
  4. He needs to shave his head and grow a beard. Andre Agassi in the 90’s. Got his game back and than some.
  5. @colin007 they have now. Won’t matter for US Open coverage but a deal has been made between the 2. Now if only they would add it to Firestick.
  6. Those are some scores. Wow tough go in NY
  7. He seems to be building a brand post golf. Father time always wins. Get what you can while you can.
  8. Streaming is the future of tv. No surprise NBC did this. Tomorrow Peacock has the am coverage. Espn did the same with the PGA. That wasn’t free. You should be happy NBC is offering it free. I wish they would sign up with Firestick. Makes it easier for me. Oh well.
  9. Played my first round in The Majors. Very stable shoe, a bit like a driver. I had the dial them in. Switched the insoles to my Originals, and the shoe is loose around the mid part. Once I switched insoles and laced them tighter good to go. Very comfortable. Glad I finally bought a pair.
  10. I am bummed Keopka isn’t playing. I like a dude that knows his game and doesn’t care about much else. Good for golf in my opinion.
  11. @iacas sadly I agree with your last statement, Speith is lost. Too bad to see someone fall that far off.
  12. She may be. Trending upwards last 2 seasons. I don’t really recognize a lot of the lpga players anymore.
  13. 11.5. The toe is where it feels tight to me. I can slip them off with ease and get them on with ease. They sit a bit higher and i can definitely tell the insoles are thicker.
  14. @iacas need your input if you wouldn’t mind. Just bought The Majors in the same size as The Original. First impression is they feel snug. However my longest toe does not touch. It feels like it does. My question will these stretch a tad? I don’t think I need the larger size and think this is just my foot being so used to the other shoe. Am i correct?
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