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  1. Poorly handled by NHL. Wilson should have been fined heavily and suspended. They left the Rangers no choice tonight. I am a NYR fan. But man this team is soft. That is why Davidson and Gorton were fired. Quinn is next. Must get tougher in offseason.
  2. 6 total fights to start.
  3. G410 plus. Awesome driver, very forgiving and Ping introduced weights on the head to promote fade or draw. I highly recommend. Personally I think it is longer than the G400.
  4. I am a big fan of the 4 way full divider. Driver, fairway and 3 hybrid in the back slot. Pw-8 in the left slot. 7-5 in the right. Sand wedge and putter in the front.
  5. Over 4 hours for a 2 some. Brutal!
  6. Last group has been warned about playing out of position.
  7. They have earned the right. 2 days of golf ain’t gonna hurt any viewers.
  8. @ZANDER1994 try TGW. They used to carry caddytek now they make their own. $169.
  9. True, however some can argue that unlike Fowler Spieth was never really great at marketing numerous products. Back to topic those irons have to be considered collectors items. If a pro has problems playing them a regular golfer would be insane to attempt to.
  10. That is classic old school DJ. I don’t give a f. NA was correct, you can’t just take a putt. This isn’t a weekend warrior sipping some beers.
  11. ZS Justice League. If you have 4 hours, HBO Max and like comic book movies this will be a 20 foot birdie. I enjoyed what was presented. Far superior than the one released a few years ago.
  12. As much as I love Trues, especially the Originals I do not particularly like the colors in these. Just not my style. Hopefully newer colors later in the year.
  13. Oh sure. Too be honest I am not sure I get it. Some losers who don’t like something combine together for their own self importance. Lame! I am off topic. Letting it go.
  14. In today’s society I honestly don’t know what the F constitutes an t.
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