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  1. It is that time of year again, going to do the mystery box this Monday with True Linkswear. I now have the 2 models I like so taking a flyer doesn’t seem too bad. On a separate note it seems True has raised their prices a bit. The Original was $149. Now listed at $160.
  2. Awful. Hate to see stuff not hold up.
  3. @mchepp I agree. Rain gear is a pain in the ass to fit length wise for pants and Jackets pure preference zip or pullover. Not sure I agree about the undersize in jackets. Undersize could equal shorter arm length on jacket or pullover.
  4. I am 6’1 and the large would fit someone 6’5. For the price I did not like the fit or frumpy look. What other brands are you looking into? @TN94z check out Linksoul. I ended up buying the rain pants and jacket in large. They have adjustable length with buttons inside to make shorter, draw string and a zip fly you know just in case nature calls without having to pull down. I am a fan.
  5. The Footjoy rain pants are huge. Not a good fit in my opinion.
  6. I am thinking of making the switch from interlocking. Reason being for whatever reason I cannot seem to make a stronger grip with it. Does this make any sense?
  7. Great round, without fans adding nerves to your game I cannot say best round. He played extremely well and deserves the accolades. Well done. Fans still change the dynamic.
  8. @iacas the course I primarily play was built swamp land. Even if there was a drought this course would have wet spots. All good though. I support True and always reading reviews like yours.
  9. Solid review. Unfortunately I have no use for a non-waterproof shoe. I wear the Original and the Major now.
  10. He needs to shave his head and grow a beard. Andre Agassi in the 90’s. Got his game back and than some.
  11. @colin007 they have now. Won’t matter for US Open coverage but a deal has been made between the 2. Now if only they would add it to Firestick.
  12. Those are some scores. Wow tough go in NY
  13. He seems to be building a brand post golf. Father time always wins. Get what you can while you can.
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