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  1. Yes. The adapter where the umbrella goes is in the middle if the cart. Once it is up it seems like it could be a bit annoying.
  2. Here it is. Honest opinions does the bag fit? The height of the cart I think is throwing me off. Umbrella holder is in an odd spot.
  3. Angel Has Fallen- Par. In fact to me all 3 of the Fallen movies are pars. Fun movies. Olympus Has Fallen London Has Fallen Angel Has Fallen.
  4. The Rovic cart arrived today. A nice small cart. Not sure I like how the c130 bag fits on it. i will have to take another look at it. The top part of the cart where the bag goes in seem too small.
  5. Wilson Ultras. 15 pack $9.99 on Amazon. Great distance ball for cheap. After many years and a few more expensive brands, this ball performs for me. Plus no one ever picks up an Ultra on the course “by accident”
  6. I pulled the trigger on the Rovic RVC1 3 wheel cart. Poking around on Amazon and it was at $124 today. Worst case if I do not like it, i will return it. Thoughts on the Rovic? Anyone use it or know someone who uses it? Thanks for all the replies.
  7. If this were to happen to me on the course with my buds
  8. Obviously without ever seeing me hit a golf swing and no way to tell my swing does it make sense if I feel most comfortable with the same shaft as my irons and go off script and put xp 95 regs in a digger head? Again limited info just a curious question.
  9. @iacas in your professional fittings have you ever had someone do this?
  10. That’s got to be in the hole. How high was that ball flight or wet was the green. Damn.
  11. Can you get any shaft you choose on an Edel wedge?
  12. 😀 Was not able to edit. RVC1 to be specific for the Clicgear Rovic.
  13. Any thoughts on the Clicgear Rovic? I have narrowed my search to clicgear or the TGW 3 wheel player push cart. After more research I like that if something brakes on the clicgear it can be replaced. As unlikely as it is a wheel brakes(a cart once ran over an broke one) you can replace. Basically the lure of clicgear is the body will last a very long time and you can purchase other parts. That is huge considering you don’t need to throw it out.
  14. jmanbooyaa

    Swing Speed

    Swing monitors and golf courses are 2 very different things. Anything is possible on a swing monitor.
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