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  1. Thank you. You just saved me some money and letdown.
  2. @Adam C thank you for the response. My normal ball flight with the fujikura is mid launch fade. I was seeing if the ProLaunch would increase the height and straighten out the fade a bit. I had the stock kuro cage in my m1 but didn’t particularly care for the ball trajectory or feel. I have been a bit erratic with my driver and was just curious if a new shaft would do anything.
  3. I was thinking of putting a Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 65 into my 17 M1 driver. I currently have a made for Fujikura Pro XLR8 56 shaft. Would the Prolaunch give me a better ball flight? Are these shafts similar? @Adam C
  4. 38 on front and a 42 on the back. I could not get any putts to drop on the back. Best round yet for me. 80.
  5. 5 hours is way too slow.
  6. @txgolfer45 that is awesome. Please let me know how it is. I am considering going to a club champion for some wedges.
  7. The R11’s are a very nice set of irons. The last post is correct. The one that feels good and performs.
  8. @Vinsk what makes pures so good? I can’t say I have seen them in any shops on Long Island.
  9. You should still change grips after so many rounds correct?
  10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Double bogey. Awful, really boring. For the cast involved this should not have been so bad
  11. Is this true? Grip size is purely preference with no actual evidence a properly fit grip does anything.
  12. Why are they moving tee times up? Isn’t part of the lore of The Open the terrible weather?
  13. I use Tour Velvets. I prefer Golf Pride MCC but find the Tour Velvets last longer. The cost doesn’t hurt either.
  14. 50 degree wedge. I can’t remember the last time I used it.
  15. I have never had a wedge fitting. Sounds very in depth. I look forward to hearing more about it. I always read good things about Edel putter fittings never really thought too much about their wedges
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