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  1. Played today and wouldn’t you know it, rain from the 16th till car. Enough rain.
  2. Shot a 95 ugh. Putting was the bigger issue. Par become bogey or double. A few pars and a birdie. Short game needs a lot of work.
  3. First round done with the Originals. Very comfortable and has surprisingly good traction. Kind of cool going from house to car to tee box without changing shoes. Time will tell with durability. Already have a bit of a shred on the top of the shoe from using my cart break. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. Overall good fit and balance when swinging.
  4. I play Bergen quite frequently. Right up the road from me. West Sayville is a fun course right up the road from Timber.
  5. Hopefully the weather cooperates. The Blue course at Timber can get nasty if the winds kick up. Gibraltar!
  6. @nevets88 Timber Point is a fun course. What 9’s did you play?
  7. I knew it was an odd question to ask. No rubbing which is good. I guess my last question is, will they feel looser than or should i say should they feel looser than say a Footjoy?
  8. I played here on Long Island Sunday morning. My god was it wet. I think the pull into the long fescue effectively killed what was left of my waterproof Footjoys. The wind kicked up at one point and well the umbrella didn’t make it to the back nine. I am a bit tired of the rainy weekends.
  9. Maybe a half an inch. Hard to tell the top of the shoe is hard
  10. My Originals were delivered. My question is and odd one. How do I know they fit right? I do not have wide feet at all. I has to pull the laces rather tight. Because of the large toe area I am questioning if I ordered the right size. I wear 10.5 in foot joy 11.5 in Puma and 12 in Nike. Sneakers are 12. Due to the minimal support style of this shoe has me wondering. Any thoughts on this?
  11. It is miserable that it rains every weekend here on Long Island. Here is hoping the course is playable Sunday.
  12. I use a push cart to walk my rounds. I find it to be more enjoyable. Clubs come with me to every hole. Some courses require a cart, especially on weekends. That is fine but if presented the choice I walk.
  13. I actually ended up buying the Originals. Thank you @iacas for the help deciding on the shoe and size. I went with an 11.5 as per my conversation with customer service. Nice guy who answered. Hopefully they will arrive by Friday for weekend golf.
  14. To add to this the biggest time sucks are practice swings. Ever watch your playing partner take 5 or more practice swings. My god time stands still. The other which was alluded to is ready golf. Furthest away doesn’t always need to go first. If i walk and you ride. By all accounts you should be to your ball faster. Go ahead and hit if I am further away no big deal. Just pay attention. And for the love of god you do not need to wait for a group to be on the green when you tee off from 320 plus out. If you think you can reach let the shorter hitter hit. Same goes for the mindless wait in the fairway. You hit your drive and still have over 225 to go. You ain’t reaching the green(of course does not apply to all, but does apply)
  15. Makes a lot of sense. Takes me 2.25 walking to play 18. As a foursome on a busy sunday morning 2 to 2.25 to play 9. Ugh. I suppose my 2.25 walk time to play 18 could have been less if I took into account the little things mentioned in the article.
  16. In Originals correct? Thanks @iacasI I I will be ordering tomorrow morning. It has been a few years since I wore Trues.
  17. I have been reading reviews of both shoes. Sadly the Major does not seem to be in stock in many sizes( the grey one)I am leaning more towards the Originals anyway. I found my green pair of Senseis and tried them on. The 11.5 without a sock on seems about right. @iacas you seem to be a real aficionado on the Trues. Any feedback? Waterproof is a must as it has rained on Long Island 19 out of 23 days. Coming off 2 plus years of spiked shoes are the Trues a good fit for me? Sorry for the repost but Monday is the day to order new shoes for the weekend. I am laboring a bit in my choice or size and if I should buy them. I have finally come to grips with the $150-$199 price point. I guess i am asking you all to help put me over the top in my choice. Thanks. Again sorry for the repost.
  18. Taylormade driver and 3 wood. Ping hybrid, Callaway irons, Cleveland and Titleist wedges and Cleveland putter
  19. It has been a while since I wore True’s. Can you help me out. My Footjoy freestyle 2.0 are about done. The waterproofing is starting to let in water on the course. I wear a 10.5 in the Footjoys. I want to say I wore 11.5 in the True Sensei(still most comfortable shoe ever) I am looking at the Originals or the Major. Loved the wide toe box in the past. That being said which one and what size? I walk 90% of my rounds. Totally odd question but these are meant to wear socks with correct?
  20. I give Endgame a tap in birdie on a long par 5. Every shot executed perfectly to lead to the tap in on the green. Awesome movie and great ending to 11 years and 22 movies.
  21. The Wilson Ultra yellow. Longer off the tee than any ball I have ever used and reduces side spin for me so more balls in the fairway.
  22. I can’t say this has happened to me. I play as a single often. I always get paired with a 2 some or 3. In fact the course I play the most always tells me not to make a tee time. As a single they are more than happy to send me out.
  23. My mind has not adapted yet to the flag stick in. When left in I find I hit the putt a bit too firm. When out better distance control. Will work on getting this straightened out as the flag stick in speeds up play in my opinion.
  24. 34 degrees at tee off tomorrow morning. I will be home by the days high of 55.
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