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  1. Arthritis in fingers has forced me to really look at many different grips and sizes. Most charts put me in either standard with extra wraps or midsize.Settled on two that are helpful. Golf Pride cp2 pro standard (thicker than most) and Superstroke comfort grips midsize. Consider comfort and relief more than sizing for each individual being most the important factor.
  2. Breezin' by Doc Powell. Sunday morning smooth jazz on Pandora.
  3. Golf Pride CP2 Pro. Less taper under bottom hand. They feel a little thicker and have a soft feeling but not mushy.Very good if you have arthritic fingers as I do.
  4. Get a hybrid to fit the yardage you need. Much of the difficulty in them, lies in trying to be iron replacements. Sometimes, some of them the 3 hybrid is much longer than the iron it replaces and you are better off getting a 4 hybrid. In my case, after my 3 wood. They also have shafts that make them much lighter than the iron and produce inconsistent yardages with that variable. In my case, after my 3 wood, I needed a club that easily gets 200-210 and takes out a 3 iron when backing off on it. I urge you to look at a Callaway XR16 OS.
  5. Second these. A great grip that is very durable.
  6. Doing the Instructor B thing. I have had one lesson, we addressed issues, she gave me drills to work on. I will see her again next month. As a physical therapist I often prescribe a home exercise program with not too many exercises to do. People will adhere to do more of it when it has less content, otherwise, its too overwhelming and you more often than not drop the whole thing. I feel that way with my own golf instruction. Focus on less, will help me more.
  7. I have about the same the last few seasons, 12-14 handicap. Decided to initiate steps to perhaps improve that in the 2017 season as I am turning 60. Some of the advice that has been suggested to me here that I admittedly did not fully adhere to will now be used. I also am getting hands on instruction ( it has been a long time)and embarking on a stretching routine.
  8. One motion for me was my vote. Seems to work better for me that way too.
  9. I totally agree. When I free up my hips as recommended it allows for a better backswing turn for me and thus improved ball striking and distance.
  10. I have one question. When you flare out your front foot even more does it limit your ability even more to turn in the backswing? You want my hips to turn more .
  11. I see. Feel is not what you think is real in my case. I felt and thought I was turning more. Got more work to do. Thanks, been keeping up with what you proposed and will continue.
  12. I am for any candidate that wants to build up are armed forces and cut corporate taxes. Trump is one that has advocated those things and more. Sure, I wish he had a little more tact and could stand to tone down the schoolyard banter but he is not dumb. I credit him for bringing up some issues that needed attention. On the other hand, I think his polarizing comments will play into the Democrats hands. So,Hilary will win. There is a whole flock of sheep in special interest groups that will vote Democrat even if it was a scarecrow running. Not because they are more educated but because the perception still exists that they will be taken care of. I work with many 20-30 year old people.They are all college educated professionals that work in health care. They don't pay attention to the news and know absolutely nothing about history and politics. Sadly, Facebook and other social media are the most important things going on for them. Who they vote for or if they do is a mystery but certainly not a decision made with much care of what is going on. I just want a leader who wants to protect this country and treat us all as Americans not as separate groups with separate agendas. We have an enemy out there that wants to destroy us and many others. That should be bringing us together as one.
  13. I am in. Thanks. Merry Christmas to all.
  14. Amazed at how long and flat you can get your thumb. I got space under mine all the time. Is it very important to try and extend it as far as you can? I do it on flops around the greens when I choke up, seems to eliminate the chance of a fat shot.
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