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  1. Hooking/pulling

    I've felt your pain...try this on the range: 1) Light grip 2) Good posture 3) Slower backswing than normal 4) SLIGHTLY lift your left heel in your backswing 5) Begin the downswing by putting your left heel back onto the groud (you'll see this in Phil Mickelson's swing) 6) Your hips will clear and you'll THEN pull a more square clubhead through the ball I don't profess to be a pro IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, but this is my thought process when hitting nice, long straigt drives. Good luck! RA
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    93. Blech. Duck-hooked the teeshot on 18; couldn't find it - had to go back and re-tee (always a good look when there's other golfers waiting to tee off). Fortunately, I piped one down the middle. Having kids is not good for the ol' golf game! Goodbye 13 handicap this year...
  3. What is "The Slot"?

    Gentlemen: WHAT IS THIS MYSTERIOUS "SLOT" PEOPLE REFER TO??? ANY TIPS ON HOW TO FEEL IF YOU'RE IN IT??? I've been playing golf for a long time and always enjoy trying to improve my swing and ball striking. Lots of "Playing Lessons from the Pros" on the Golf Channel and the occasional lesson have helped me get a nice swing that strikes a decent ball. HOWEVER, for years I've heard people refer to "the slot", as if its some obvious groove in the swing that you should feel. Well, I don't feel a slot per se, but I certainly do feel when I'm swinging smoothly and releasing properly. Would love to hear your thoughts on the importance of "the slot"!
  4. Only the driver is slicing - HELP!

    THANKS for your thoughts - really big help. Went to the range yesterday and still was hitting the fade. I did something that I may regret to fix it...changed my swing for ONLY my driver. WIDER stance...ball more centered at address...full turn with left shoulder under my chin on the backswing...and now I'm hitting it far and straight again. HOWEVER...this is a MUCH more aggressive swing that I like to take and my back will probably be in traction by Sunday night...
  5. Where is David Duval?

    Love this thread...I've been following David Duval for a while, and was hoping that he would have a great "Roy Hobbs" comeback and find the swing that got him a 59 in tournament play not that long ago. I really like him...wild to see a former World #1 struggle to even make a cut. Daly is the other one that many of us would like to see find a steady groove of making cuts, having fun and giving it a run again. If you look at Duval's score cards from recent tourneys, he still makes the birds, its just the bogeys and doubles that are the new addition to his game. Consistancy comes with play...hope his family is OK and that he comes back to the tour.
  6. Only the driver is slicing - HELP!

    The ball is starting off straight and then veering heavily to the right. I think I'm casting and releasing early, and then pulling a dead driver through the ball with an open face. THANK YOU for the swing thoughts...going to sneak out at lunch today and hit the range to sort this out. Tournament on Sunday...don't want to be banging the hybrid off the tees all day...
  7. Only the driver is slicing - HELP!

    Newtown? NICE - live in Yardley...5 miles away. I miss Goodnoe's...
  8. Gentlemen: Please help! Played on Saturday and my driver is slicing on occasion, and firing straight as an arrow other times. Usually I'm a straight driver...what the heck is happening? Losing distance, and ripping it with a terrible left-to-right flight. Going to the range tomorrow...any swing thoughts for me??? RA
  9. best golf courses played

    I've been blessed to play some GREAT courses (mind you...I also used to work at Golf Magazine, which doesn't hurt you...). Here's my list...don't get angry with me: Pine Valley, Merion, Winged Foot (West & East), Baltusrol (Lower & Upper), Pinehurst #2, #7 & #8, Ballybunion (Ireland), Lahinch (Ireland), Waterville (Ireland)
  10. Debunked Theories

    In my opinion, changes in swing concepts lend themselves to helping people build REPEATABLE swings. That's why we don't use "Happy Gilmore" swings on the first tee...of course you'll tag one out of ten 325 yards, but are the other nine that you blast in the woods worth it? I agree with Ben Hogan...it's all about building a REPEATABLE swing that performs under pressure. I think the modern swing thoughts try to eliminate unnecessary moves to encourage more consistent ball striking.
  11. I agree with you 100%....this is an amazing book. I just bought another copy (at Golf Galaxy) and have read it cover to cover for the 2nd time. This book literally provides DECADES of experience, observation & knowledge about golf & the golf swing. This is clearly a MUST READ for anyone that hasn't gotten a copy...and a fun read at the same time (lot's of tid bits about his relationships with golfers, PGA and otherwise).
  12. Greetings from Philadelphia!

    I love this site...so excited that I found it. The equipment reviews and golf talk are great - didn't know anything like this existed. Me...I'm happily married, have two great boys and work at CBS Radio in Philadelphia. I play golf out of Bedens Brook (in the Princeton area) and my old man is a Merion guy. I grew up caddying and playing and have never looked back. Heck, I even got engaged down in Pinehurst on a golf trip with my (now) wife. Fair to say I'm a golf junkie. Last year I got to go on a trip to Ireland with Dad/Brother, and had the time of our lives (played Ballybunion, Waterville, Doonbeg, Lahinch & Tralee). On the side I have a small business (more of a hobby) where I make cufflinks out of ball markers for people. Now with 2 kids...I'm looking at basically NO golf, but I did turn my yard into a chipping range...can't wait until my older son is ready to go out on the links. Great site guys! Best, RRA
  13. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work at CBS Radio in Philadelphia...used to work in NYC in advertising sales (for Forbes and Golf Magazine). On the side, I make cufflinks out of ball markers for friends and family...starting to make a little business out of it (DEFINITELY a niche market!!). Most importantly, I am a father of two great boys and happily married to someone who loves golf as much as I do!
  14. www.MASTERS.org = AMAZING

    I am (in no uncertain terms) a Masters junkie. I love it...from the Bobby Jones mystique to last flowering Dogwood...I think that the Home of the Green Jacket is by-far the best golf you can ever watch on TV. This year I enjoyed it more than ever, and for two reasons... 1) I got an HDTV with HD service (wear sunglasses when Camilo Vargas's pants are on the screen) 2) www.MASTERS.org I don't know how it came together, but MASTERS.org's LIVE coverage from Amen corner, the player interviews, the live feed from the driving range, the course overview & fly-overs & the player scorecards and bios were all too much for me to handle. Easy to use, and made enjoying the Masters all the better! Just because the TV coverage begins at 3:30pm EST doesn't mean that I don't want to be tuned into the live action, and MASTERS.org went live around 12:30pm each day. Hey - I'm not trying to sound like a commercial for this site, but I hope the other Majors learn from it...great stuff. Did anyone else enjoy it online??? Next year...hope to get some practice tickets and see it in person!!!
  15. Golf Magazine vs. Golf Digest

    I subscribe to them BOTH, and look forward to reading each for different reasons. I think both are equal with their Majors coverage, but here's where I think their strengths are... GOLF DIGEST Great equipment reviews The standard course rankings Tiger/Annika on staff GOLF MAGAZINE Great instruction for the average player Strong new Sports Illustrated partnership Better website ( www.golf.com ) David Feherty on staff (Golf's Rick Riley)