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  1. I had a set of those about 10-12 years ago. Pretty strongly lofted for the time, (just about normal now) and I believe a it had a 44* pitching wedge. I paired it with 51* and 57* Solus wedges and it seemed to work ok for gapping.
  2. I’ve been to and played most of the places mentioned already (Live in SoCal) and IMHO, Las Vegas @ resident rates has the best selection of first rate courses you can play year round at reasonable (<$50) rates in the country. Mind you, LV has its drawbacks (crime, very hot summers, easy access to so many vices) but I believe the courses are comparable to the other desert golf Meccas like Palm Springs or Scottsdale for much less coin. Hard to beat it.
  3. I completely sympathize. My greatest challenge isn't anything technique wise, but just getting off to a good start. More 48-40 rounds than I care to have. Getting to the course early enought to warm up helps, but doesn't guarantee anything for me. I've Lowered my hcp by 5 strokes over the last 3 years and found half of the progress is just from practicing good course management and just finding out the hard way what works for me in optimizing performance out there.
  4. I voted 8 butt if Fowler, Day and Spieth etc don't take the next step, actually winning and not just contending , he could run the table on them like Tiger did to Phil and Ernie and get 10-12 by 2020.
  5. I drank the Eye 2 kool aid too and bought a set of BeCu irons with the zz lite shafts. Still have them. They must have been revolutionary in their day compared to the butter knives available from the competition then. Compared to almost any good OEM set this century though? Not so much. They're at least a club shorter, less accurate and forgiving than my current sticks (JPX 825 pros). I will say the build quality of the old Eye 2s was so much better than the G10s I was playing before tai started drinking the Mizuno Kool Aid.
  6. I got the 12* and have a couple of rounds under my belt. Bought the club due to erratic driver play which didn't match up with my relatively consistent swing using fairway woods, irons and hybrids off the ground. Like many, I resort to just giving up potential distance using my 3 wood at times. My average driver carry distance is 240 yards, 3 wood about 200-210. I bought the mini hoping it would give me something in the middle that I could tee up lower and would be more forgiving of my sometimes steep swing and I could groove the same setup as the other clubs. I think for the right player TM is on to something here. Hit 23 of 28 fairways last 2 rounds and off hand I'd say it's only about 10 yards shorter on average than my driver which is a 50-50 proposition at best. Hit off the deck a couple of times on wide open par 5s and was rewarded with long, low bullets. The sole seems to interact off a nice flat lie fine but I'd hesitate about hitting it out of anything else. Nice bonus is it helps lighten the bag. I took out just 9 clubs, the Mini,a 20* hybrid, 6-pw and SW and didn't need anything else. Also demoed the Callaway Deep extensively on the launch monitor and while I thought it might be potentially longer, the larger head of the mini suggests it may be more forgiving and confidence inspiring on course. Good luck!
  7. Tried most every brand out there but on a trip to the Far East picked up a pair of Mizuno "Wave" shoes. Supremely comfy and lightweight.
  8. Thanks Erik. Yeah, I'd agree the launch angle isn't ideal. While my average drive hitting it lower on the face was probably better due to consistency, I gave up the several long bombs a round I get from hitting the ball on or above the sweetspot. I think you've answered my question though with your observation that "thin shots go straighter." Maybe just do this on tighter holes when you just have to hit the fairway as a "go to " shot?
  9. Playing around at the range last week, I experimented with trying to make contact on the lower portion of the clubface just under the "sweetspot." The result was hitting consistent, penetrating fades with a relatively low ball flight. I picked up about 10-20 yards as well. I put this technique into play this weekend at a very tough course and drove the ball beautifully all day breaking 80. FYI, play off 12, strengths are my very accurate irons and short game. I'm so far held back by inconsistent driving and an occasionally balky putter. The driver is a Cobra Amp cell 10.5 set to neutral with stock stiff shaft but the technique works the same with a couple of other drivers I hit. Does anyone know why this is working so well? This goes against the often quoted instruction to hit the ball just above center to maximize launch angle and spin. As an added bonus I'm now able to use the "stacked" swing I've been using successfully with my irons and fwy woods off the deck. Previously I used a stack and tilt type swing off the turf, but had to use a more conventional setup and weight transfer with the driver with mixed results. I seem to recall an article or program recently where the analyst (Chamblee?) talked about using this technique successfully before the advent of modern large headed drivers.
  10. Best melt down ever: I was paired up with a wealthy investment banker in Palm Springs who promptly bragged of being a 5 handicap. He proceeded to hook almost every shot violently to the left, cursing and moaning every excuse under the sun. On the tenth hole he picked up his entire golf bag and hurled it into a green side lake. I told him, "hey even that had a hook on it!"
  11. Ca,AZ, NV,WA,TX,NM,OK,LA,UT,HI. Going to add SC and NC next year!
  12. Voman I know this reply is quite late but I just saw your post and had to comment. I also found my Cleek (19 degree) at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. Bought it on a whim and it has kicked my Callaway Diablo 5 wood and Nickent 21 degree hybrid out of the bag. I don't know what it is about this club but it has become my "go to" club from long range. Incredibly consistent with a boring trajectory. Works terrific out of sand and much better out big the rough than any of the several. modern hybrids that live in my garage now. I only use my 16 degree 3 wood off the tee or perfect fairway lies as the Cleek hits almost as long. Great club!
  13. Hi Erik, don't get irate with me, not bashing S&T; just sharing my experience and hoping for help. Love to make stack n tilt work out as I feel that my iron play is 100% better and if I can get the driver technique down and move towards the swing with all my clubs I have a feeling I'd drop 5-7 strokes at least. Intellectually the swing's principles make absolute sense to me compared with the tenets of conventional instruction. Maybe when the weather gets better, I will make another run at it. I'd rather not reply with this person's name on the internet because he's a good guy, that really tried hard to help me, even threw in some freebies. Note I was not critical of his efforts, maybe it's something I'm not picking up. I think you as a teaching professional can understand that.
  14. Lot's of good instructors at the College Golf Center, a busy public driving range adjacent to the College of the Desert. A number of pros set up their shingles there. I recommend you buy a small bucket and observe them instruct to see who's method and personality you like.
  15. Yeah, same here. I gave it a fair shot, took lessons from an SnT instructor and played that way for a few months. Hit terrific irons compared to conventional swing but never got to a point where I could trust the driver or fairway woods. Kept hitting the top of the ball. Instructor and I kept working at it but eventually went back to the conventional method as playing with 2 techniques on the course never realy worked out. Also, started feeling a twinge and slight pain in my front knee using the technique that went away when I abandoned the method.
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