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  1. We ended up playing kelly Plantation. Perfect condition, great greens, good club house and facilities. Loved the layout and play
  2. Looking for some good tracks to play while on vacation. We don’t mind to travel a bit outside the area either (30 min or so).
  3. Agreed I heard from someone that is takes about 15 years to finally get accepted in this route. Not sure how true that is or how reliable the source was. Probably just hearsay
  4. I have been trying to work on getting more rotation and a more complete flow through to help with the straight pull shots I hit every once and awhile
  5. It was a hypothetical question to begin with. It may change someone’s mind
  6. The groups I have played with have all been understanding and flexible. I think its natural to leave the flag in when everyone is outside 20-30 feet but once everyone is closer and someone has to walk by the flag they just pull it. Really haven't noticed a different in faster or slower play. Also haven't met anyone that demanded the flag to be placed back in or out after the initial decision has been made.
  7. I would take this all day and I haven't been within 3 feet of a hole in one. Why?. I would never have another opportunity to win 5 million realistically. Additional follow up scenario. After the 5 years does your life magically re-start where you left off; still have your job, home, wife, kids?
  8. Update after getting custom fit for new irons. I have been able to hit more controlled shots; no longer seeing the big draws, straight pulls, and miss to the right. Driver swing has been a work in progress with a two way miss. I feel like I have been struggling to shift my weight to my left side resulting in me falling away from the ball
  9. I don’t remember my score improvement but I do remember my consistency in striking the ball (no more duffs and blades) was much better which will always lower scores. I don’t think breaking 100 is out of the question for you in a year.
  10. Last week played during a tornado watch which proceeded to warning. Ball wouldn’t stay on the tee and the gusts would blow you out of your stance. Other than that just your typical hard down pours, snow on the ground, or frozen grounds
  11. A lot of what goes into my wedge game depends on what height and spin I am looking to get, where the pin is located, and what lie I have. But on average my 52 is 110-115, 56 is 90-100, and 60 degree for shots from 25-75
  12. Played yesterday in the strongest wind I have ever played in. The ball would not remain on the tee, flagsticks and cups were blown over and out of the hole. Shot 44 on 9 and packed it in due to lightning. Hit a 5 150 and PW 170 due to wind. At least 3 club wind. Makes you appreciate the British open a little more wind you see the flagsticks bent in half
  13. Shot 35. 2 birdies, 2 bogeys. First time out this year. Course: 68.9, 110; 3148 yards
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