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  1. It's nice that the fan that caught Jeter's 3000th hit, gave it back to him for basicly nothing. I thought that was big of him. I definitely would have given it back but I may have asked the Yankees for something more. Maybe season seats and a ball signed by Jeter. I commend Lopez for doing what he did but I think the Yankees need to step it up and give him something big. That ball could be worth $100K or more. Maybe they will... Maybe Jeter will... We'll see. What would you do?
  2. I picked up an Ogio (I can't remember the model) 2 seasons ago for $130 at Dicks and it has held up great. The only downside is the legs don't open like they did when it was new. I don't know if anyone is making those retractable legs any better than another. Other than that, it has all the storage I need, it's light and works great.
  3. The awkwardness will go away. I'm curious how it works out for you and if you see an improvement. Keep us updated.
  4. wow, and all I was hoping for in my back yard was a 10 x 20 artificial putting green. I need to aim higher...
  5. I think most of these teachers know how to golf well and know what they are talking about but they just don't know how to teach it. Regardless of how good you are, if you can't communicate it and teach it properly, the student won't learn it. That's the problem. I took some lessons a couple years ago and the instructor had me doing different drills and told me to do certain things during my swing. He never really told me why I was doing these things and what it was fixing or why it was better. I had to extract all this from him. I found myself coming to conclusions in my head durin
  6. Welcome to the site Tim!
  7. Wow, sounds like you're got a great setup right out your back door. Wish I had that, even if I had to mow it myself. Welcome to the game. Yes it is addicting but well worth it.
  8. Can't stand the Ducks... I'm Kings all the way!!! Haven't kept up as much in the past 2 years as much as I used to but still a fan when I can see them. I play Costa Mesa a lot. Good course, good price. Not spectacular. San Clemente has a muni course that is awesome for the price. Yes, the greens roll to the ocean. Don't forget it, no matter what. If you have the cash, Tustin, Oak Creek (never played here) and Monarch. Strawberry farms has deals on-line if you can do a days notice and the back nine is really nice.
  9. Welcome back! Sharks, Kings or Ducks?
  10. Thanks for sharing.. great article.
  11. It's more like a multiple face palm... I did the Tin Cup and put 4 balls in the same lake. My buddies in the group ahead that saw it, left their used balls in the next hole for me...
  12. I got my quote from the local TV news this morning so obviously they embellished a bit... no surprise. Publicity stunt for sure.
  13. Tiger offered up 1 Million dollars yesterday via Twitter if no one asked him about his leg during a press conference. The first question... "How's your leg?" Yeah, i'm sure he was going to donate the money regardless (and he did) but I thought it was nice to see him "play" with the media a bit.
  14. Very true. I guess my advice is easier said then done...
  15. Yeah, i'm curious about that too... I was going to add that to the poll but I didn't want to complicate it. I follow my putter with my eyes as it swings back. That's probably a bad idea and i should probably have my "eye on the ball" but it seems to work. I average 1.9 putts per hole.
  16. When setting up to putt... I position the ball with the alignment mark in the direction I want the ball to go. I then focus on keeping my stroke in line with with the mark. I'm curious how everyone else lines up their putts.
  17. Welcome Babyfade! I'm in Irvine, CA You picked a great site to join. The members here have always been nice with a number of great senses of humor.
  18. I just think Tiger needs to lighten up a bit on every level and things will come together for him. The more you fight the press, the more they come at you. The more frustration after a bad shot, the more chance it will happen again. I can't tell you what his swing is doing and I'm not saying he needs to laugh everything off but I do feel he can avoid a lot of drama and improve his game by lightening up. 2 cents please...
  19. I played in the rain yesterday and now I'm sick... hmmmm
  20. If you're certain your health will improve and you'll be back at your normal playing level then leave them out. If you think you'll be down and out for a long time then put them in.
  21. Regardless of knowing ahead of time what side of the fairway to be on for your next shot, you still have to make that shot. If you can't make that shot consistently then being on your home course doesn't make as much of a difference. I do think being familiar with a course has advantages but I think it still comes down to your ability. So, I guess I would say a handicap is fairly accurate regardless of the course when you're a high handicap such as myself and home courses come into play when you're scores are lower.
  22. Worth it to me... Mine gets banged up pretty good on the edges and face if I don't cover it. I guess it all depends on the players bag setup in the end.
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