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  1. Maybe he can look at it from a “all publicity is good publicity” perspective. Then the head of HR can talk with the employee who exhibited this behavior. CEO can issue a strongly worded apology, explaining that this is not part of their DNA. Compulsory training for everyone in the brand, follow-up workshops, creation of an outreach program. On a lighter note, I think I’m actually enjoying watching him pound that ball with 320+ yards of carry.
  2. Here are the rules: https://www.usga.org/equipment-standards/equipment-rules-2019/equipment-rules/equipment-rules.html#!ruletype=er&section=rule&partnum=6&rulenum=8
  3. Hmm. My utilities are all autopay from the utilities, without additional fee. Not sure I lucked out. Completely off topic, I've noted that a lot of my utilities have changed names in the last couple of years. Spire, Sparklight, Liberty. The name doesn't really say what they are anymore. (Sparklight would be an obvious choice for electric company. Except it's not the electric company.)
  4. Every credit card payment that I make to a government agency (that I can think of off the top of my head) passes the surcharge along to me. (City taxes, county taxes, state medical licenses.) Paying 3.5% on a bill for thousands of dollars is a lot of money. (I can often find a legit way to avoid it. Handwritten check still accepted at county office. Online state medical license will accept electronic check for a processing fee of $0.75.)
  5. When I turn on the golf tournament on CBS at 2 pm, we don't have to watch the last 15 minutes of the basketball game, then 10 minutes summarizing all of the other sports events going on today.
  6. I use Arccos, and have Golfshot (use as a backup if I don’t want to use Arccos). But take a look at 18 birdies or hole19.
  7. If total is 24 inches, backswing is 6”, followthrough is 18”. 6/18 = 1/3.
  8. How about a dog-training collar? Give the controller to the group behind. Bzzz! Bzzz! But when sunset is approaching, it can mean the difference between skipping one or missing several. I’ve done this, and then swing back to pick up the missing hole. That might not work at some courses.
  9. Nick Watney has tested positive. PGA TOUR Statement on Nick Watney WD PGA TOUR member Nick Watney has withdrawn from the RBC Heritage prior to the second round after testing positive for COVID-19. On Friday, prior to arriving at the tournament, he...
  10. Hole 16. (13 done of 18)
  11. Arccos does this (and also does strokes gained): GameGolf does strokes gained by category.
  12. Hey, that's the same plan I'm on. Except for the working out part.
  13. Fitting doesn’t have to cost $500. I got my current irons at a national big box store in 2018. I ended up buying from them, so the cost of fitting was dropped. I forget what it would have been if I didn’t buy—$75 or something? My static fitting from my at home measurements (Ping chart) would have put me into a blue dot, +1/2 inch. Dynamic fitting and trying a few shaft options put me into Ping black dot, standard length. And it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. I’m not sure how stores are handling fitting these days with the current social distancing restrictions, but checking online or calling should answer that. The other option would be to buy a set of used (but recent) standard length irons, game improvement or super game improvement, and go from there. Get experience, learn to love the game, see what guys play, see what they say here on the forum. Then if you want, trade in (or keep as backup) and get another set (with or without fitting).
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