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  1. Missouri Swede

    The Best (worst) Spelling and Grammar Errors Thread

    Biride? (Took a couple times to type that—my iPad kept wanting to correct it.)
  2. Missouri Swede

    Golf Myths Running Topic

    @iacas Is this a candidate for a "golf myth" (or a corollary of #55)? Alternatively phrased as "you don't hit the ball with your backswing" (implying it's not [as] important).
  3. Missouri Swede

    Need to Buy New Golf Shoes

    Right up there with handshakes and taking your hat off.
  4. I think I found two of yours here in Missouri. I’ll give them a try when when I get a chance.
  5. Missouri Swede

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    This doesn't surprise me. Under the previous rules, it seemed like the players were fixing a lot of "ball marks" at times. So maybe the new rule just codified the existing practice.
  6. The comments on that tweet show a horrible understanding of the drop. I don't get it that they (the commenters) don't get it. I mean, the RoG even has pictures that answer their questions. As far as how to drop, hey, if that's what he wants to do, as long as it's from the correct height and it doesn't cause it to spin or roll, etc., go for it.
  7. Missouri Swede

    Tour Pros and 2019 Rules (Running Topic)

    DJ played wrong ball from a "hazard" (voice-over: "penalty area"), because he didn't verify that the Taylormade ball he hit was actually his (it wasn't). Seems he was concerned about moving the ball while identifying it and being penalized for that: 2019 Tournament of Champs: Dustin Johnson penalty rd 2 Dustin Johnson shares what happened on the fourth hole during his second round where he was penalized for playing the wrong ball. Meanwhile, Webb Simpson wasn't penalized for moving his ball while searching for it: Webb Simpson incident at Kapalua shows intent behind Rules of Golf modernization | Golf Channel Webb Simpson benefited from the new Rules of Golf Saturday at Kapalua after he stepped on his golf ball.
  8. Quickly. But "quickly" might depend on how often we have to take a drop. Played twice this weekend, and didn't drop at all. After a few times, I don't think I'll even think about it. Yeah, getting the neurons to learn new pathways. [OT, but kind of related: I'm still trying to get used to "Indianapolis" in front of "Colts." All season long I've been calling them the "San Diego" Chargers. And I'm glad the Rams finally moved back to LA so I'm saying it right again. Don't get me started on the Cardinals ...]
  9. Missouri Swede

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Joined up with a couple guys I hadn’t played with before. Pitching onto the 17th green, one of them says, “I had a double hit. Is that a penalty?” “Not any more.”
  10. Missouri Swede

    Walking Golfers?

    I walk most of the time, using a push cart.
  11. Missouri Swede

    The Best (worst) Spelling and Grammar Errors Thread

    There are a bunch that could fit into that category. Toe the line (not tow) is one that comes to mind.
  12. Missouri Swede

    Putting with the Flagstick In? - New 2019 Rules

    “Learn from the mistakes of others—you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
  13. Missouri Swede

    Tour Pros and 2019 Rules (Running Topic)

    First day of Tournament of Champions:

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