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  1. Yep, especially if they’re just walking around, looking at the hole from 360*, then plumb-bobbing, and we get to listen to the commentators trying to fill the time with something insightful. No one else is hitting a shot somewhere else, or even a “this, just a moment ago” to show? This is one reason I almost always watch on DVR.
  2. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/course-handicap-calculator.html
  3. I’ve read that a 25% tariff on single malt Scotch and Irish whiskies goes into effect in a few days (October 18). Anyone going to buy a few bottles ahead? If so, which? Or switch over to blends or American alternatives?
  4. Ping is doing a promotion with Arccos, to send out the grip sensors free if you've bought any of a number of Ping clubs: You have to sign up for the Arccos Caddie subscription to get them, but they allow a 90-day free trial before they bill you ($99/year, IIRC). I'm not a fan of the subscription, particularly since the price seems steep, so we'll see how it goes. I bought Ping irons as well as a wedge on the list, so I'm eligible. GameGolf has had a less than stellar track record the last year or two, so I signed up to give it a try. Here's the page with the details and signup information: https://ping.com/en-us/arccos-sensor-promo
  5. They probably just didn’t keep up with the most recent revision to the Rules and were thinking of the older rule. (jk)
  6. I’ve had something like that in the past. IIRC, they had me do a data upload from the iPhone app. I forget how it turned out. I know they’ve lost a round or two of mine in the past, but I forget if it was when I was trying to upload from my computer or from the iPhone.
  7. Do you mean iOS on the iPhone? Or Catalina on your Mac? ‘Cause the computer app hasn’t worked with macOS for a couple of versions (Sierra?)—only Windows.
  8. So I don’t drive 75 minutes to the airport and then realize I forgot to grab my passport as I was packing or walking out the door. So I have one less thing to keep track of going through TSA. So I feel a little more like I’m in the USA than in 1970s Europe.
  9. I see that a lot. Seems like the upload through my iPhone leaves cobwebs or something in the belt unit. Next time I play and hook it up to my iPhone or computer, there are sometimes more than one round listed to upload. I upload it and then delete it if it’s a duplicate. (Sometimes there’s nothing to delete—runs quickly through the upload and disappears.) Re-reading your post, maybe we’re seeing different things. Do mean you get this when the round has never uploaded?
  10. I usually play the same course, which I know well. Into a penalty area or ob, probably one ball every 2 or 3 rounds, but I can usually find about half of those (so not lost). More often, I take one out of play due to scuffs from the cartpath.
  11. I was watching morning drive this morning, and if I recall correctly his main complaint seemed to be that “bad shots aren’t penalized enough.” So I’m guessing he wants longer rough and that sort of thing so that you really have to be in the fairway to have a chance to hit the green.
  12. And some results are in. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-golf-drivers/multiple-players-drivers-deemed-non-conforming-on-pga-tour-idUSKBN1WE0T1
  13. I feel similarly. I'm still using my GG Live. Someone asked me about it during a round a couple weeks ago, and for the first time I said that I'm not sure I would recommend it anymore.
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