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  1. But that’s about the only useful distance I have for my 4i: punching low under branches to just get me safely into the fairway!
  2. It matters for establishing net double bogey for a player for that hole. If I understand correctly, if it’s a par 4 and I get one stroke on that hole, then my max reportable score (for handicap) for that hole is 7; if it’s a par 5, then it’s 8. Thanks. So the pars overlap in the new recommendations. They don’t in the current (outgoing) listing: https://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14401
  3. Ya know, if this doctoring thing loses your interest, maybe you need to video these things and start a YouTube channel. Big money in it, I hear. 😆
  4. Saw this in the October 2019 issue of GOLF: My observation is that The Rules Guy missed the pointing out the 2-stroke rule violation that occurred here: rule 15.3 is breached if a player "refuses to lift his or her ball ... when required to do so and a stroke is then made by the other player whose play might have been helped or interfered with." He pointed out the obligation, but failed to indicate that the sequence of events as described should have been penalized.
  5. Every time I see the title “Fallacy of Gold Tees” in the listing of threads, for a fleeting moment I think it should be in this thread. 🤣
  6. I played it today. I think could find it a little easier. I’ve seen faded yellow balls of a variety of brands—found balls with one side faded, one side not, so I don’t think it’s unique to volvik. But yeah, the brighter the color, I expect more fading. I just thought it was funny to include a warning about avoiding sun exposure for a ball for an outdoor sport. Maybe Scotland? Seattle?
  7. This time of year, I go for visibility. Just picked up a sleeve of a ball I haven't played before to see how it goes. Indoors: Outdoors: Noticed this on the box :
  8. Isn't that written by the founder of the National Lampoon?
  9. If I follow your line of thinking, then there should also be a rule that discussions between player and caddie are out of hearing range of all other players and caddies.
  10. If we had played in 4:15, it still would have been under 40 seconds (36.1). And if a fourth had joined us for that 4:15, it would have been 27 seconds. The point wasn’t this particular course or winter play. It was to try to demonstrate that for an average round of amateurs, 40 seconds per shot is a LONG time, even if that 40 seconds includes time spent waiting on the group ahead.
  11. I played in a group of three today. Arccos says we played 18 holes in 3:12 (192 minutes). In that time, I walked 5.25 miles. Estimate walking speed 3 mph equals 1:45 (105 minutes) “transport time” for us during our round—getting from shot to shot. So we’re left with 87 minutes for three of us to take our shots. Estimate 83 shots for each of us, which is probably reasonable after excluding tap-ins, is 249 shots. 249 shots in 87 minutes (5220 seconds) is just under 21 seconds per shot. And a lot of that time was spent waiting on the group ahead of us, every hole. Want to average it for all shots to include tap-ins, then it’s even lower than that by a couple seconds.
  12. And so that takes care of Thursday. On Friday, the tee order is reversed, then you’ve got the opposite problem. Or do you want to change that as well, to accommodate those who refuse to play In compliance with Rule 5.6?
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