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  1. Missouri Swede

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Sure you can. Call it an unplayable lie, and only costs you one stroke.
  2. Missouri Swede

    Poulter Plays In Under 2.5 hrs

    My life feels like that a lot too.
  3. Missouri Swede

    Poulter Plays In Under 2.5 hrs

  4. Missouri Swede

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Thanks. It seemed a bit unusual to me, but he knew other changes spot-on, so figured it was worth checking.
  5. Missouri Swede

    Foursome Scorecard

    The only time I've been added to a group and they asked about keeping my score was when I was walking on solo and the starter added me to a men's league (12 guys? 16?) for one of their regular guys who was a last-minute no-show. Each group of four was competing as a team against the other groups, so of course keeping everyone's score was necessary. I think I lost something like 50 cents at the end of the round.
  6. Missouri Swede

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    While out on the course yesterday, someone told me that the new rules include some sort of specification about how far a tee has to be from the prior green. (He was saying that a current teeing ground wouldn't be allowed under new RoG since it was too close to the previous green.) As we chatted about the new rules, it was clear he knew several of the other changes correctly, so it's got me wondering if he's right. Any new rules about tee location?
  7. Missouri Swede

    Foursome Scorecard

    You’re in New York, aren’t you? So you’re out of season for handicap anyway.
  8. Missouri Swede

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    That I would watch.
  9. Missouri Swede

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    I think I would count it, at least at my local courses, mainly because of the lengths of the holes. My executive course has two par-4 holes, one of which is only 250 yards, so I’d count that if I holed it. The par-3 holes are 155, 147, 175, 154, 134 and 100. All of those —except the 100– are within the range of the par-3 hole lengths (126 to 178) at my muni (white tees). Or am I missing something here? I’ve come within a foot or two at least 3 times on the 126 yarder at the muni, but never at the executive course.
  10. Missouri Swede

    Different Handicap for Walkers?

    But there are plenty of guys on tour who are overweight. Kind of gives the opposite impression: you can walk 7000+ yard courses four times a week (or two if MC) plus practice/pro-am rounds and still look like a couch potato.
  11. Missouri Swede

    Driver vs Driver, Golf Channel and Wilson

    Okay, I DVR'd the final episode. 10 minutes in, the show went to a commercial. For a new Wilson driver. And so I'm not going to watch the next 50 minutes. They did something similar last time:
  12. Missouri Swede

    Flat Swing Cure?? Help Needed!

    Probably worthwhile to put this in a “my swing” thread with videos of your swing.
  13. Missouri Swede

    Wrong Ball

    I thought that might be the ruling for this, but I wasn't sure if 15-3b would apply instead (making a stroke at a wrong ball, 2 stroke penalty). I figured that since the hole was over (but not known at the time), that the player couldn't be making a stroke at anything until he got to the next tee.
  14. Missouri Swede

    TST Explores GAME Golf

    I'm still not sure how to upload "via the phone ... even if you don't use the phone." Almost all of the time, the iPhone app works just fine and I click "finish round" (or whatever it says). But once in a while (1 out of 20 times, maybe a little less) the app just sits there and stares at me and won't finish the round. Those are the times I take the belt unit and hook it up to my computer and upload like with the older Classic. As a personal workaround, I uninstalled the uploader from my MBP. I've got a version of windows 7 as a virtual machine on my MBP, and I installed the windows uploader on that side. So next time it happens, I'll just use that. But not everyone has or wants a copy of Windows stinking up their Mac, so that won't work for everyone. On another note, I don't think they've ever fixed their strokes gained discrepancies. Yes, I know they say that the new version has the correct info, but I'm still used to the older version and the way it looks. I'm [more than] a little disappointed that a year and a half or so later it's not fixed.
  15. Missouri Swede

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Wouldn’t it be more equitable to have you play 2 balls—be your own partner, so to speak?

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