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  1. Missouri Swede

    Denver area golf advice

    @DeadMan, @Pretzel, @Fourputt:Great suggestions. I figure the locals know. Thanks!
  2. Missouri Swede

    Denver area golf advice

    Thanks— yep, I’m just looking for good suggestions like that!
  3. Missouri Swede

    Denver area golf advice

    Hey, @Fourputt and @Club Rat I’ve got a couple of days to play next week in the Golden CO area. I’ve made a reservation for one day at Fossil Trace. For a second day, what would you recommend: Applewood, another day at Fossil Trace, or another course out on the west side? Thanks.
  4. Missouri Swede

    What is this monstrosity?

    And since you've got another person with you, you get to post your round for handicap!
  5. Missouri Swede

    changing balls during play

    I think you should tell people that it IS lined up. "What? Don't you think that's my starting line? You need to get your eyes checked."
  6. Missouri Swede

    changing balls during play

    Ian Poulter did the same thing:
  7. In the current practice we see on the PGA tour, that appears to be the case. Not sayin’ that’s correct, though. Kinda the point of the thread.
  8. Stating so would remove any ambiguity. I don't see intent mentioned. Some decisions that deal with these issues:
  9. I think this is what you want (note that it's for stroke play): If it's a stroke-play competition, it gives your fellow-competitor an advantage over you (and the rest of the field).
  10. Missouri Swede

    2018 Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow Discussion Thread

    In other news, congrats to Jason Day, who lost and then regained a 2-strike lead in the closing holes for the win. And honorable mention to Aaron Wise, who was co-leader with Day for a couple of holes, ending up with a tie 2nd place with Nick Watney.
  11. Missouri Swede

    E5 discontinued...NOOOO!!!!

    I see they've changed the names, dropping the 330. So now they've got B X, B XS, B RX, and B RXS. And their website doesn't list a swing speeds recommendation like they used to. Are they basically the same thing with just a name change, or have they significantly changed the balls? I know you're not there anymore, but thought you might know. I'm just curious. Thanks.
  12. Swing thought for today. Check. 💪
  13. Missouri Swede

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Watching the Zurich Classic from yesterday (Friday’s round), it sounds like the announcers are still a bit unclear about the status of the new rules. As Horschel was taking a drop on the 14th hole, Nobilo said it was "a good example ... if they do change that rule, you’ll be able to just sort of place the ball …” The other commentator (Byrum, I think) said, “knee high, I’ve heard now …. they discussed being able to drop it from any level, basically, but I’m hearing they’re going to go with knee high eventually.” (Emphases mine.) Sounds like they don’t know for sure that the rules have been published and are set to be implemented next January—as if they’re still up for commentary/feedback. (Unless Byrum was just trying to be uber-polite on the air about Nobilo not knowing the new rule.)
  14. Missouri Swede

    How to Register PING Golf Clubs?

    Bump. Got a set of Ping G400 irons this week. Lovin' the clubs, but registration isn't available online yet. From customer support:

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