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  1. Bizarre Jon Rahm Camera Crew Row

    I don’t know about the last two days, but I’m watching round 3 right now and they’re showing Rahm teeing off on the 15th hole from what appears to be a mobile camera. He’s paired with Rose, who’s tied for the lead, so I imagine it would be unusual not to have a mobile camera with a leader. Maybe Rahm and the powers that be worked things out.
  2. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Nah, just exceeding speed of light is all.
  3. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    For this time of year: We commonly have freezing temperatures overnight, then warming up into the 40s (or warmer!) during the day. Does this affect the recommendation to fix ball marks? I would have thought the obvious answer would be "of course, fix them," but a couple of days ago the turf felt quite a bit tougher when I was fixing a mark. The soil beneath shouldn't have frozen with just a couple hours below freezing overnight, but it got me wondering if there is a time when the changing temperatures might mean I would do more harm than good. You know, primum non nocere and all that.
  4. Club innovation and sticking with the same set

    But ... but ... SPEEDFOAM! See? It's Technology! (And it's even capitalized!)
  5. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    Yep, that's what "the ball must be replaced and replayed" means.
  6. TST Explores GAME Golf

    When I first used mine, I went to a local executive course I know well (I can play 9 holes in about 45 minutes there). Played a couple of 9-hole rounds, getting used to tagging, seeing how it works after the round, etc. For me, it allowed me to get used to the thing, play with the editing post-round, without it being a "real" round.
  7. Give me a few days. I can do it, but it means moving and converting the whole 5-hour recording. (I haven't figured out how to transfer and convert only a part of a TiVo recoding.) Then just editing to the appropriate few minutes I know how to do. Something to do while the goblins and ghosts are out trying to get some candy from us.
  8. Missouri Swede

  9. More of this today in the final round of the WGC-HSBC in Shanghai. On the 15th hole hole, Stenson had pitched from greenside to within a couple feet of the pin. Koepka and DJ both had shots from greenside bunkers to make, and Stenson didn't mark his ball. Announcers even commented on it. Neither of them hit Stenson's ball, but it could have affected the outcome, particularly since these guys (and Justin Rose) were all at the top of the leaderboard. Similar situation at the 17th hole. Stenson pitched onto the green to within a few feet, doesn't mark his ball, and then DJ with a shot from a greenside bunker.
  10. Let's see. His average drive is about 120 yards longer than mine. My home course has 14 par 4 and par 5 holes. That would effectively shorten the length of the course by almost 1700 yards for me. Hmmm. Maybe I'll spend more time at the range working with my driver.
  11. Careful. Yellowstone can fight back.
  12. correct or preferred way to "drop"

    Decision from RoG:

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