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  1. Happened two days ago on my home course. 320 yard hole. It wasn’t windy while we were playing, and I don’t recall that it had been windy earlier that day, so probably not the wind. My playing partner’s pitch into the green hit the flag on the surface of the green. It actually hindered him—the ball would have rolled a little closer to the hole.
  2. 230 yards from the green is 460 yards round trip. That’s over 1/4 mile. In 3 minutes, that’s over 5 mph. Not even I walk that fast.
  3. I'll give it a shot. I know from my golfshot app that at my home course I birdie 1% of the holes (all rounds, going back about 9 years) to 2% (last 20 rounds as of end of October). That's an average of one birdie every 3 rounds (at 2%) to 5 rounds (at 1%). First mentally try to tick off a par for each hole and then see how many birdies accumulate along the way. There are a couple of holes that I consider par a very good score, and maybe have only birdied once or twice. Others I have birdied quite a few times. I'll see how it goes.
  4. And as I understand how they think these things through, the higher launch is why they call it a 7-iron (or whichever), even though the loft is that of a previous era's 6-iron or 5-iron. I don't let it bother me. I try to play for the distance that my club gives me, and not worry about whether it's got a 5, 6, 7 or whatever on it. Congrats! I expect you'll love them.
  5. Haven’t looked at the Yahoo homepage recently? “Yeah, but...” it’s being written for the US edition of their paper. It took me 2 or 3 times reading it to figure out what it was trying to say. But then again, I also stumbled over the title of this thread; thought it was about what other things (other than coyotes) these evil golf balls are trying to kill. Back to the topic, it appears that the coyote tested positive for rabies. (Even though later in the article it says it is “being tested”, I’m guessing that’s from an earlier version of the Boston 25 article.) Police: NH man chokes coyote to death after it attacked child near pond A New Hampshire man fought off and eventually killed a coyote that attacked his family Monday near Judes Pond on the Exeter-Kensington line, local police departments confirmed to Boston 25 News.
  6. You can order Oakley with clear prescription lenses as well. I’ve got Oakley Prizm sunglasses with the Turbine frames (prescription, but without bifocal lenses). For clear lenses for golf, I use an inexpensive pair I ordered online from Zenni. (Also non-bifocal. I stepped up to the first tee today without switching from my bifocals. Took me about 10 seconds to figure out why things didn’t look right.)
  7. Somehow it seems appropriate that a discussion of braces is in the grill room. (I did invisalign.)
  8. 1. A stone just below the grass. Never saw it. Made such a loud CRACK, I thought a firecracker or something had gone off. Then I looked at the sole of my 5 iron. 2. Driver, good solid contact, like I wish I could every time. Flying nicely. Good distance. Except I pulled it. Ball hits a tree. Subtract 50 yards or so as it's coming back toward me.
  9. Who videos their garage? Is that a thing? (For security/theft?)
  10. I do the same thing. From time to time I think "what if I'm driving around town and there I was driving past a GOLF EMERGENCY"?! I mean, I'm not a pro or even a low handicapper, but I would hate to be near such an emergency, and be unable to help just because I didn't have my clubs with me. I haven't figured out what a golf emergency might be. But this way, it's one less thing I worry about in life.
  11. I've played the Kampen course he did there. I haven't been back to play the other course since he re-designed it a couple years ago (used to be Ackerman Hills, now Ackerman-Allen).
  12. So head on over to Golf Galaxy and mess around with a few. I know that hitting off a mat isn't the same as real turf, but hey, it's winter. When I stopped by the Roseville GG a couple months ago, I was the only customer in the store; they were happy to help me, did a quick repair of a club, let me hit in one of the bays, etc.
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