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  1. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    Is that what they mean by "net double bogey"? So then a 36 handicapper would record up to 4 strokes over par on each hole -- record up to 144 on a par 72 course? And our newly-minted 54 handicapper would record up to 162? Ahh, if I'm playing with a friend just taking up the game and they're on their way to shooting anything close to a 162, we're not keeping score.
  2. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    I'm also curious (not at all opposed to it--just curious) about how it will work. Does this mean that the first groups out for the day (on a day with significant weather) post their rounds, but their differentials change as later groups come in and they see how the "usual suspects" at the course played that day and the adjustments are made? In other words, the differential for your round isn't "set" until the weather adjustment is figured by mid-day, maybe? Do they adjust it only for periods of time as needed? For example, beautiful morning, then mid afternoon winds kick in (15-25 mph, common around here), then the rain starts. Would they adjust only the afternoon rounds but leave the morning rounds with standard slope/rating? Would have to be some mighty low slope and ratings. My local muni forward-most tee has 64.1/100. Max double bogey on each hole (par 71) gives net 107. That gives a differential of 48.5, if I've crunched numbers correctly.
  3. Golf Sunglasses

    Based on the discussion here I started looking at the Oakley models. For those of us with military/government/responder jobs (including those of us who are veterans), they offer a discount for some of their models (including Flak 2 and Half Jacket 2) with lens options that include Prizm Golf. Here’s the link: http://www.oakleysi.com/ It requires a one-time verification to register in the program. I signed up this morning and the verification as a vet took under 5 minutes. (Name, email address, branch of service, year of discharge is all I think I had to provide. Didn’t even need to look up my DD214 for info.) Discount for prescription Flak 2 with Prizm Golf lenses drops a couple hundred dollars from msrp—that got my attention—have to see if my local optical shop can come close (often have sales going on). For the non-prescription Prizm Golf glasses, about a 25% discount from msrp.
  4. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    Maybe include it as a benefit of USGA membership dues?
  5. Judging distance

    What kind of results do you get pacing it off from the nearest marker?
  6. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    No. If the leaf in motion deflects a moving ball, the strike is canceled and must be replayed.
  7. I understand the point about an external device. I’m wondering about better visibility alone, like the Volvik. I thought I had seen Srixon with a brighter white advertised previously, but looking at their website I see it only says “pure white.” Is it just a matter of degree, on a case by case basis when light reflection is different than most others?
  8. Let me get this right: Increased visibility of the golf ball is an unfair advantage, without any other change in performance due to the skin, according to the USGA?
  9. From https://www.pgatour.com/company/mobile-device-policy.html
  10. A possible way to mute audio commentary on golf broadcasts?

    That was my initial thought to a similar thread a couple weeks ago. But I do like hearing the sounds of the shots, ambient sounds, applause, ohs and ahs, etc. Sometimes I think the European tour "sounds" better.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion Thread

    My vocabulary expansion for the day: "Needed more curl on that one."
  12. Michelle Wie's Swing Looks Different

  13. Wanna feel depressed? Start tracking your Strokes Gained

    If I’m looking at it the right way, there’s only a 1.9 stroke difference in putting between the best and worst (0.84 + 1.066).
  14. 3 Wood Usage

    Add me to the list of high handicappers with a 5w instead of a 3w. When I was filling out my current set 7-8 years ago, I asked my (then) teaching pro about a fairway wood. He had me try a few clubs, and the 5w was easily better for me than a 3w. For fun, I borrowed my son's 3w when I went to the range last year. I still hit my 5w better. (Not the same as a fitting, but just wanted to see.)

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