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  1. Nice. I’ve got the second generation sensors as well, so I’d like to use them as long as I can. I’ve got a few putter sensors that have gone dead (I assume from the battery) that I can try this out on.
  2. I’m nearsighted, about -3.25 diopters. For daily work, I use progressive lenses. For golf, I have single vision (no reading/progressive) sunglasses, as you do. a) Yes, I lift my sunglasses as needed to record scores, adjust pin/putting location, etc. I’ve never really thought of it as a problem, but I can see how it might be for some. b) For low light, I have a very inexpensive set of single vision regular glasses that I ordered online ($50 or so because I splurged and upgraded the lenses). I keep them in my golf bag all the time. At dusk, I switch from my nice sunglasses to my ch
  3. Ah, I see. I fixed that problem. Volume's almost all the way down. 🤫
  4. Why are you even looking at the Golf Channel? If I've got time to watch something, I've got the Masters app streaming it live (AirPlaying it to my TV). In the evening, watching the DVR of ESPN's broadcast. No time to even see what's on GC.
  5. Faldo distinctly said it's a "lofted metal."
  6. I'm still learning. Boy, of all the things I was looking for during the broadcast, this was nowhere on the radar. But to each his own!
  7. Okay, fashion and color coordination are not anywhere in my skillset. But what's wrong with them? Or is it one of those "if you have to ask, you just won't get it" things?
  8. I’ve watched the DVR 5 times and I’m still not coming up with 10. Shot 1: Tee Shot 2: fairway, 269 yards from hole. Lands in penalty area. Shot 3: relief, drop in fairway. Shot 4: stroke from fairway, lands short and rolls back into penalty area. Shot 5: stroke in penalty area, wedge glides under ball. Shot 6: stroke in penalty area, ball hops onto rough, rolls back onto boulder, then down onto rocks in creek bed. Shot 7: relief from penalty area, drop in fairway. Shot 8: stroke from fairway, lands on green. Shot 9: 1-putt into hole. Where did
  9. Huh. That's weird. Only took me about an hour to watch the whole thing.
  10. Every time I've tried to access the site since Thursday evening through my post 2 hours ago. I bookmarked this thread so I can get directly to it. And now no errors.
  11. I've been getting the same error, too, since yesterday evening. On iPad, iPhone (safari), and on Google Chrome on Windows (whatever version at work).
  12. Being unable to keep the ball on the course is worse than putting it into a penalty area. I'm not voting because I'm confusing myself with the double negative. (Should OB not be...? Shouldn't OB be...? No? Yes?) Keep it on the course. If they've got internal OB marked, then it must be for an important reason. Worse penalty than for relief from penalty area.
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