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  1. “Hey guys, guess what DJ did ...”
  2. I’m not sure how accurate I would be with that. One thing to aim a line at a point. Trying to be 90* from it would be more difficult, I think.
  3. My iPhone. Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode toggle. Can also add it to control center. I’ve never had a problem with the belt unit running low. In cold weather my iPhone will drop power very quickly. I keep an external battery pack in my golf bag in the winter.
  4. Currently in the penalty box (or time out corner): Simpson, Thomas, Fowler
  5. Battery: I’ve started using Low Power Mode. Stopped working midround: I’ve had that maybe twice (last year sometime, I think). I restarted and it worked fine. (I just had to add in the shots I took while it was restarting.) Scrambled shots: yep, and it was real annoying. I figured it was some weird mapping issue, since it was a course out of town I hadn’t played before. Hasn’t happened since returning home (January.) None of the strokes showing up: I had it lose half a round last August or so, even though tagging was working during the round. I reported it, the had me upload the log files. They didn’t get to it, and when I asked about it some weeks later, they said they wouldn’t get to it until after Pro was completed. I told them not to bother.
  6. I’ll reply over in the other thread, since this thread is for the pro version, and you and I are having issues with Live.
  7. Yes, you can. He (hv3) could have also had the components brought to him:
  8. Maybe “Phil being Phil” can be replaced by “Rahm being Rahm.”
  9. It wasn’t just Simpson who appears to get it backwards. Hoggard implies the same thing; the way he wrote this leads one to think that the addition of a penalty was the change. (In other words, “that” is ambiguous the way he wrote it.)
  10. Central time zone. NBC scheduled the tournament here from 1 to 5. I haven’t watched it all yet, so I don’t know if they stopped as scheduled. (I usually program the dvr for an extra hour or more for sports in case things go long.) I guess my point was I would rather have NBC broadcast golf than rugby on a Saturday. Or maybe even on the golf channel.
  11. Well, I just turned it on and I see him make a good putt for birdie on 16, then he birdies 17 with no problem. Looks fine to me. (Channeling an auto mechanic: “I don’t hear any noise, and we can’t reproduce what you say is happening in your car. Looks like it’s fine to us.”)
  12. I see your point. Should HV3 have had a penalty for that too (but it was overlooked while sorting through the club building issue)?
  13. Or a little less. First we’re going to catch up on basketball, hockey, whatever. This is one reason I don’t watch live.
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