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  1. Put a copy of the rule book in your bag. You know, just in case.
  2. What rule did they cite? I would have asked what rule or decision that is.
  3. I think that's in there with phrases like he doesn't give himself many "unforced errors."
  4. There's an internal OB between the 9th hole and the 10th hole fairway, established by the R&A for this Open so they wouldn't drive from the 9th tee to the 10th fairway and leave a wedge shot back to the 9th green. Today on NBC'S broadcast they said that this was because Day's caddie asked if it would be allowed. Was this smart? Wouldn't it be better to just take it through the 10th fairway if it looked good and let them respond? In other words, just use the (previously) existing rule rather than ask permission to use it?
  5. Off topic, but I would notice an extra 15 minutes added to my round--I already do notice when it happens. (Admittedly, I'm not most people--just a sample size of one.) On topic, I think this rule will be added. Not saying it should be, but I think it will be.
  6. Short par 4 hole. Completely miss-hit my driver, and the ball ended up embarrassingly close to the green of a parallel hole (about 110 yards from the tee). Hit my 5 wood ~210 yards onto the green. Made the 10 ft putt for birdie.
  7. @djake, have you looked at a phone app instead of a dedicated gps unit? Some here on TST don't like to use a phone app for different reasons (drains the phone battery, don't want a phone on the course at all, for example). But I use one and like it. Just mentioning it in case you hadn't considered it, since cost is a factor here.
  8. So the tailbone is closer to the target at the end of the backswing than at impact? Or are these measuring something different?
  9. As long as I'm posting in this thread today: I've been listening to Lance Armstrong's podcast commentary on each day of the Tour de France, called Stages. Regardless of what you may think of him, the controversy, etc., I find his insight into the daily events of the TDF to be interesting.
  10. I saw an interview with the author of the Golf Digest article on the Golf Channel this morning. Sounds like the issues might have been with Symetra tour.
  11. I just use the free version. It wouldn't break me to subscribe, but after it went to the ad-based/subscription dichotomy I tried the ad-based version and it doesn't bother me.
  12. I use Overcast, which is one of the players mentioned in the article. I like the Smart Speed setting (except for music like All Songs Considered)--I don't even notice that it's compressing the playback. The pitch of the playback isn't affected, so the voices aren't higher.
  13. Yeah, for me, a 1 is "this is level. No, wait, I think I feel a little (r to l, or l to r). Or is it?" But it is, and I know which way it is. 2 is an immediate "boy, I barely feel just a little (whichever way). Just barely." OT: Kind of reminds me of when the Huey pilots would try to teach me how to fly the thing. In handling the controls, they would say "don't move the collective, just think about moving it. And that's enough."
  14. I'm not trying to excuse the speeder. But ... if the left two lanes had been open, the accident might not have happened. Although at the speed that car was moving, I suspect it was just a matter of time & distance until they ran into something/someone.
  15. Not the point of the video, but my first thought on watching the first 20 seconds or so was "why are all those vehicles camped out in the left lane?"