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  1. If "cutting edge" isn't good enough to define effective, we can fall back on availability in white, matte green, matte red, matte yellow (presumably not at the same time). https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/en-us/press-releases/2021/bridgestone-golf-builds-on-its-heritage-of-groundbreaking-science-with-new-dimple-technology-in-e12-contact
  2. Similar thoughts from McIlroy: from: Column: Lower scores just an example of golf evolving | Hosted HONOLULU (AP) — Chris Kirk shot 65 four days in a row and it wasn't enough to win on the PGA Tour.Joaquin Niemann can appreciate the feeling. The dynamic 22-year-old from Chile played both tournaments in...
  3. "Amazing" isn't the adjective I would use. Not sure what word I'd use, but something to reflect a "you're writing checks your body can't cash" perspective.
  4. Mine was just a mild muscle ache, only if I bumped my shoulder, for a day or two. Didn't notice it in daily activity or swinging a club. (Moderna.) Second dose later this week.
  5. Maybe due to the text at the bottom of the images?: "pelvis sway" "thrust"
  6. You lost my support at "impactful." Too bad--I had such high hopes.
  7. @Effington, might not fill all your squares, but consider looking at northwest Arkansas. (e.g., Fayetteville, Rogers, Bella Vista)
  8. Until the guy you’re paired with decides to take 10 minutes on a shot. (Or in the group ahead, or two groups ahead.) Then their decision becomes your delay.
  9. About 3 seconds. Opening up the site (from another site or as first site when starting the browser) or opening up a thread can sometimes take a while longer. Not every time, and the length of delay varies. There are times it stalled long enough that I checked one of the “down for” sites. (It was “just me”.)
  10. I'm still on Mojave. Mid-2014 MBP (bought it early 2015 IIRC). Still awesome. Made my wife get an identical one a couple months later. Just change the oil regularly, rotate the tires, and it's trouble-free.
  11. I'd never heard of it before, so no (I didn't). Googled how to do it and ran it through network utility on my MBP. Ran it three times. Want me to message you the traces?
  12. For some reason, TST has been loading slowly for me lately. But I noticed it maybe a week or so before the change, so that shouldn’t be the cause. No other sites, just TST.
  13. 14.6a also says it explicitly in the player’s edition.
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