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  1. Biggest comeback wins in golf major history | Stacker Some of the most memorable PGA events have had eventual winners trailing after the 3rd round. Stacker examines some of the biggest comeback wins in golf major history over the past 50...
  2. Cameron Tringale signs incorrect scorecard, DQ'd at PGA Championship Cameron Tringale has been disqualified from the PGA Championship after signing an incorrect scorecard following his second round on Friday. 😣
  3. I forgot all about this one until someone mentioned it in another thread. It dawned on me to check on a round from last weekend—my best ever to date. My only 6 was a bogey on the 18th hole. Also missed breaking 80 because of the same bogey. So close...
  4. We may hear about it out of nowhere. But he does not have a normal back anymore, with previous injuries and surgeries. I enjoy watching him play, but am concerned that he will significantly damage it further.
  5. Then no cleaning of the ball on the green, no fixing of ball marks, no removal of loose impediments, no stymie rule.
  6. Along with use of distance measuring devices, motorized carts, not wearing a tie, and maybe a bunch of other things.
  7. That’s what I was thinking. I don’t put a line on my ball or line it up, but we “should put an identifying mark” on the ball (rule 6.3a). So if I wanted a way around a rule prohibiting a “line”, I would probably use a series of dots. That would then bring up the question about what kinds of identifying mark is allowed or not, as others have mentioned. Principles Behind The Rules of Golf: Paperback (effective through 2018 to 2019) USGA Members, please sign in to receive your Member discount: Sign In SALE - 50% Off This 72-page booklet is an update to the original version of The Principles Behind The Rules of Golf, according to the current rules...
  8. 80 on my home course—my best round ever. A little bummed I didn’t shoot 79, but I messed up on a couple of par 3 holes. I needed a par on the 18th hole; my tee shot told me that was going to be unlikely, and made me happy for a bogey.
  9. Why postpone until winter? It could be that a few swing changes make a big difference. There’s a lot of golf left to play before winter, and driver is fun to hit.
  10. Seeing the title of this thread, my mind keeps wanting to read it as "Thumb Injuries." Occupational hazard.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/washington-will-reportedly-be-called-the-washington-football-team-until-they-pick-a-new-name-170317313.html Washington Football Team. WFT. So close...
  12. This is all really just an intervention, a subtle hint from our family and friends for us to buy some scope or listerine.
  13. I don’t recall reading it, but I usually turned off WiFi when playing. I figured it saved on battery. I also put my iPhone on low power mode. (I used to use game golf live. Stopped about 9 months ago.)
  14. Yeah, I saw that, but that's a separate issue. "We want to change our name to Lady A." "Ok, what's the A stand for?" "Umm, nothing?" "But you used to be Lady Antebellum. So isn't that what it stands for?" "Well kind of, but not really. So yeah, no." It sings, mostly because they're changing their name because it's offensive. And now they're changing it as a defensive maneuver.
  15. Like Lady Antebellum changing to Lady A?
  16. FWIW, I think the commentators on nbcsportsgold got it wrong, too. (Different from the golf channel broadcast at the same time.) If I heard them correctly, one of them said that just like a penalty area, any part of the ball over the line makes it in the penalty area or OB. But for OB, any part of the ball being in bounds makes the ball in bounds. 18.2a(2). I think BCD was trying to get a ruling that each small metal piece of the fence formed the line, rather than the posts. The ruling was the posts, if I understood it right. So even though part of his ball was course-side of the fence at the place his ball was, it was outside of the line formed by the posts.
  17. So when they bring them back again, they'll already have the name "classic"! (Like Coca-Cola). How about "vintage"?
  18. Email says order now for September delivery. I’m going to wait. There are still enough glitches with the iPhone app system itself that I would like to see how it performs with the guys who will get it first. Plus I don’t want to drop more cash into it right now.
  19. I think Lee Westwood is due to finally get his major. If not IRL, then this way.
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