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  1. Somehow it seems appropriate that a discussion of braces is in the grill room. (I did invisalign.)
  2. 1. A stone just below the grass. Never saw it. Made such a loud CRACK, I thought a firecracker or something had gone off. Then I looked at the sole of my 5 iron. 2. Driver, good solid contact, like I wish I could every time. Flying nicely. Good distance. Except I pulled it. Ball hits a tree. Subtract 50 yards or so as it's coming back toward me.
  3. Who videos their garage? Is that a thing? (For security/theft?)
  4. I do the same thing. From time to time I think "what if I'm driving around town and there I was driving past a GOLF EMERGENCY"?! I mean, I'm not a pro or even a low handicapper, but I would hate to be near such an emergency, and be unable to help just because I didn't have my clubs with me. I haven't figured out what a golf emergency might be. But this way, it's one less thing I worry about in life.
  5. I've played the Kampen course he did there. I haven't been back to play the other course since he re-designed it a couple years ago (used to be Ackerman Hills, now Ackerman-Allen).
  6. So head on over to Golf Galaxy and mess around with a few. I know that hitting off a mat isn't the same as real turf, but hey, it's winter. When I stopped by the Roseville GG a couple months ago, I was the only customer in the store; they were happy to help me, did a quick repair of a club, let me hit in one of the bays, etc.
  7. CBS expands golf team with Frank Nobilo, Trevor Immelman, Michelle Wie Continuing an extensive announce team overhaul, CBS Sports announced the hiring of Frank Nobilo and Trevor Immelman to full-time roles on Tuesday, while Michelle Wie joins as a Masters digital team…
  8. Finished work early today. Would’ve had time to get in 9 holes, except for my car weather showing me: Winter storm warning, severe thunderstorm warning and tornado warnings nearby. Just wasn’t meant to be.
  9. I figured it was something like that. "Should attempt" can allow for "tee right up between the tee markers." For DJ in the pro-am, I'm guessing they put it that far back in order to preserve the rest of the usable area for Thursday through Sunday.
  10. I know the RoG indicate that the teeing area is two club-lengths deep. Is there a requirement that the tee-markers be set in a position to allow for that full two club-lengths? This came to mind from the following (from Wednesday's pro-am): I'm assuming the answer is no, because it looks like: --judging from the length of DJ's driver, it looks like there might not even be two club lengths between the front of the tee markers and the rocks/sign. (Yeah, the angle of the camera makes comparison of lengths/distances not quite right, but still it doesn't look like two club lengths.) --even if it's possible to tee the ball two club-lengths back, there's no way to make a swing, as DJ found with his practice swing. Twice during casual play, I've come across teeing areas where I had to tee the ball pretty much on the line of the tee markers. One time was on a teeing area where the markers were pretty close to a stone wall (like the position of the Sentry sign above); teeing any farther back would risk hitting the stone wall. Another time, the teeing area was raised a little bit, and the ground sloped down about a clublength back from the markers:
  11. Aaaand ... now the lawsuit Hank Haney is suing PGA Tour, claims it got him fired from radio show Hank Haney is taking on the PGA Tour. The former golf coach and current on-air personality filed a lawsuit against PGA Tour, Inc. Wednesday morning in U.S. District Court for the Southern District …
  12. I asked out of curiosity a couple of seasons ago, and we went out to the practice green. Measured 7.5.
  13. I just watched the end on my dvr. I didn’t hear anything at all like that. A couple of times he mentioned how “I love these guys,” and I didn’t hear anything the selection process. He did say that they didn’t get the results they wanted, but he was talking about winning the Cup, not about who was playing. Unless there was another interview, and we’re watching different interviews.
  14. But that’s about the only useful distance I have for my 4i: punching low under branches to just get me safely into the fairway!
  15. It matters for establishing net double bogey for a player for that hole. If I understand correctly, if it’s a par 4 and I get one stroke on that hole, then my max reportable score (for handicap) for that hole is 7; if it’s a par 5, then it’s 8. Thanks. So the pars overlap in the new recommendations. They don’t in the current (outgoing) listing: https://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14401
  16. Ya know, if this doctoring thing loses your interest, maybe you need to video these things and start a YouTube channel. Big money in it, I hear. 😆
  17. Saw this in the October 2019 issue of GOLF: My observation is that The Rules Guy missed the pointing out the 2-stroke rule violation that occurred here: rule 15.3 is breached if a player "refuses to lift his or her ball ... when required to do so and a stroke is then made by the other player whose play might have been helped or interfered with." He pointed out the obligation, but failed to indicate that the sequence of events as described should have been penalized.
  18. Every time I see the title “Fallacy of Gold Tees” in the listing of threads, for a fleeting moment I think it should be in this thread. 🤣
  19. I played it today. I think could find it a little easier. I’ve seen faded yellow balls of a variety of brands—found balls with one side faded, one side not, so I don’t think it’s unique to volvik. But yeah, the brighter the color, I expect more fading. I just thought it was funny to include a warning about avoiding sun exposure for a ball for an outdoor sport. Maybe Scotland? Seattle?
  20. This time of year, I go for visibility. Just picked up a sleeve of a ball I haven't played before to see how it goes. Indoors: Outdoors: Noticed this on the box :
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