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  1. Voted: 3-6 I've usually got a sleeve plus a couple (1 in play and maybe a leftover from the previous sleeve). I use a pushcart so I guess I could carry as many as I want, just a habit from my carrying days I suppose.
  2. I'm curious about this myself, my Motions wore out so fast it was ridiculous. @iacas thanks for the great review! I'm glad to be able to jump back on the TRUE bandwagon, I've been worried about new shoes for this year, absolutely nothing was appealing to my minimalist preferences. Also your insight into the sizing just saved me some headaches! #bringbackthesensei
  3. Nothing for me except on a rare occasion (charity scrambles, etc).
  4. True (haha!) but I personally didn't buy them for that and it didn't bother me at all. When I got them I had the Tours to fall back on for wet days. But I still wear my Sensei almost daily plus I have a pair in my golf bag to wear at the simulator place I'm a member of during the winter. Now I can't get either one, makes me wish I had stocked up, don't know why I was so short-sighted.
  5. This is my concern as well, I had the same problem, I've already thrown out my motions and they got about 60 rounds on them, my Sensei are still going strong, they just look beat up. I wonder if there needs to be some kind of campaign to bring back the original Sensei without any improvements or tweaks or anything? They were perfection as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Driver: TaylorMade SLDR Irons: Mizuno MP-58
  7. I still use mine a lot. Like @iacas I find the hybrids launch too high most of the time and I don't want to have to hit a bit of a knockdown every shot just to get a 'normal' ball flight. I can still launch my 3i over 30yds peak height so I'm not too worried about it either way just yet.
  8. No glove. I use full corded grips and don't find one is necessary. During the stupid humid summers up here I just wipe my hands down on my towel and that's always sufficient. I do have a pair of raingrip gloves for rainy days when even the corded grips aren't good enough.
  9. I have a membership at a golf simulator. It's not golf but it keeps the swing oiled and the social aspect is a lot of fun (leagues and such). The last of the courses in my area are closing shop as we speak. I've got a ton of course closing emails in the last 2 weeks.
  10. I carry an Adams Super DHy 18o which is sort of a cross between a driving iron and a hybrid. It doesn't have much forgiveness compared to a normal hybrid but if you're talking about using a driving iron that's not something you're likely worried about anyway. I quite like it as its low spinning, lower trajectory flight just ignores the wind and then rolls out a ton. It's not awesome off the deck, but off a tee it's a monster.
  11. I play a few courses that constantly do this. I got around it by always playing the closest possible tee box to the one I'm playing on the score card. So if I'm playing blue but the closest tee to the blue marker is the black, I'm going to play black on that hole. Once I started doing that on those courses I found I was shooting much closer to what I should have been based on the rating.
  12. Canada, so yes. Most courses around me are closed or closing as we speak. My simulator membership gets me though the long winter.
  13. According to this video (it's around the 4:30 mark if you want to skip right to it) from 2013 to 2015 he dropped from 47th to 126th in strokes gained putting. I'm sure that hasn't helped any!
  14. Our tee boxes tend to be hard as a rock so I'll often go through a tee for every drive. If I'm not using a driver though I will usually just knock up a bit of turf. I don't use a tee for irons and I rarely use one for my 3W. When I do I just pick up a tee bit off the ground.
  15. Just a 15o 3W for me. I jump right to 3i from there. I found I was never hitting anything in between those 2 ever so I opted for the extra wedge. I will swap the 3W for a 2i (adams proto driving iron) if it's really windy so I guess sometimes the answer is 0. But usually the 2i stays in the truck and it's the 3W.
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