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  1. I am 6'6" so when I started to play I did alot of searching to see what my options were. My first real set of clubs I bought directly from Callaway. I went to one of the local golf shops that were certified through Callaway to custom fit clubs. This is a good way to go, but you will also be paying top dollar for your set, which I have stopped doing. What I do now, is search Ebay for deals. You just have to know what clubs you want and keep a close eye on the listings. You can easily find a very good set of clubs within your price range. Just know that what you are purchasing from Ebay will
  2. It does not matter either way to me, I usually leave it up to my playing partner. But when I get in a rut of a few bad shots in a row, I like to slow things down by getting out of the cart and walking to my next few shots.
  3. I can not believe I was the only one to suggest the Precept Laddie. For under $1 a ball, you can not get a better ball to learn with. I hope you like them.
  4. This will be my last post, sorry for the derail. Again, IT IS A GIFT. I do not care who paid for it, if it was not the student athlete or his/her family, it is a gift. What is the difference between a university giving someone excessive equipment, or giving an athlete a brand new car to drive to practice? Nothing, they are both gifts. As you can tell by my post count, I do not post much, because when it comes to golf I have much to learn, and not so much to teach. But I do know about NCAA rules violations.
  5. Wow, how times have changed. I played football, and in my time we got no extras. Granted it has been a while, graduated in 1993, but we couldn't even get our hands on an extra sweatshirt let alone equipment. From my understanding, the NCAA regulates the rules and not the schools. So anything above and beyond what is needed to play, would be considered a gift. So receiving 3 sets of irons is excessive and would fall into the gift category. Practices like that bring sanctions from the NCAA. But that is the way it was circa 1990. Sure, players get to try out different sets of equipment, but a
  6. As others have mentioned, it is important to practice with the same balls you will be playing with. Especially when practicing the short game, when touch becomes an integral part of the game. If you practice with Pro-V1's and learn to chip with such a soft feeling ball, your game will suffer when that same practice swing launches a harder ball to the other side green during a round. I am just returning from a 7 year leave of golf, and after my first few rounds I decided I need to find cheaper balls to golf with, considering I was throwing away $40 a round in lost balls. So here are my sugg
  7. Having played a division 1 sport in college, I can tell you that getting free equipment like that is a major infraction of NCAA rules. So either your friend is pulling your leg or I would not name his university in any further posts to avoid any issues this sort of ongoings could cause to his school. As for the X-forged irons, you need to just go out and demo them. I just came back to golf after a 7 year break, and upgraded to the x-forged from the old 1996 Big Bertha irons. Although my handicap is extremely high, I have no issue hitting them flush and getting as much or even more distance o
  8. The funny thing is that I use a cart bag when I play. My shoulders are in bad shape from my football days, so I use a speed cart. But a few months back I bought a Sun Mountain MPB bag just to have the stand for when I go to the range. Now I am really enjoying the 14 divider system, compared my 6 way divided cart bag. After reading this thread and looking at everyone's suggestions, I just ordered the Sun Mountain C-130. I hope it is as good as everyone says.
  9. I went the US Kids route, on my son's first birthday I bought him a set of the red series. Eventhough the clubs were extremely small, due to their weight, my son was not able to lift them to the top of his back swing until he turned 3. I wound up picking up a toy set from Toys R Us. I believe the brand was Fisher Price and I was pleased with them. It came with a wheeled cart, 3 clubs and balls. The clubs were hollowed out plastic, so he had no issue swinging them. The clubs that were included each had their own characteristics resembling a driver, an iron and a putter. At 2 years old, my son
  10. This question came to me after reading another post where alot of our members said that they did not like playing high handicapped players, because basically the sight of their game distracts them. I am now halfway through my first season back after an 8 year leave of golf. I have been putting in plenty of time practicing, but I still struggle to break the 100 mark with my scores, my average score over the the past 4 months is an ugly 102. But all my scores are true, I call all penalties on myself and never take any mulligans. On average I take about 9 penalty strokes a round, mostly from ba
  11. Well I am in the exact same boat as you. I am extremely socially challenged, always been and always will be, just my nature. I am just getting back in the game after a 7 year break, took time off when my wife and I started to expand the family. My brother-inlaw has been my only constant playing partner, but he lives 6 hours away, so I do get to play with him about 5 times year. When I was younger, the circle of friends that I had after college played all the time. But eventually one by one they stopped playing, soon after they were married. I absolutely hate walking on as a single, it seem
  12. QQQ - I moved down to Fredericksburg from Upper Montgomery Co MD about 2 years ago. So I have not yet had the chance to explore the entire area, but will start looking north of here. The exec course that I am taking my son to is in Alexandria, so I do not have issues with driving a while to get to a course. I guess my limit would be in the 90 minute range. Thanks for the info and I will definitely look up the courses you mentioned. Fourputt - Congrats on your weight loss, that is an impressive amount for just over 4 months. I have been on and off diets for the past 4 years, while seeing grea
  13. Right there with ya. I am 6'6" and weigh about 340. I use to be on the thinner side, but bulked up when playing division 1 football as a lineman, and never lost the weight. My current goal is to get down to about 275, where I will still be large but will not have a gut hanging over my belt. As far as golfing goes, I have never really been all that good. I started right out of college and my game suffered from playing clubs right off the shelves. After 3 years of topping the ball, I got a set that were extended and I saw improvements. I was great off the tee and horrible with the irons, so
  14. Does anyone know if any companies out there makes a ball specifically for junior golfers? If not, does anyone know of any balls that are really low compression? My son will be turning 7 in a couple of weeks, and I will be taking him out to play his first round. He has a nice smooth swing, but I am looking for something that will help him enjoy it more, than the rocks at the local range. If there are any parents of young golfers out there, please let me know what you have tried and what has worked for you. Thanks in advance Snowman
  15. Oh I do plan on reintroducing the long irons into my bag, but probably not until next season. It has just been so long of a break from golf for me, I need to just get out there and practice, to try to find my old swing. Back before I was married, I had a friend who played hogan blades. When we would go to the range together, I would hit his clubs just for giggles. Back then, I was able to easily hit his low irons, but never got a set myself. Guess I was too young and stupid, allowing myself to be scared off from all the "You have to be scratch to play blades" hype. What it comes down to, i
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