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  1. I think it depends on your goals. A good instructor can see things most of us just don't and get to the root causes of our swing challenges. Often times I find the things I notice about my own swing tend to be symptoms, not the cause. If I just want to be able to knock it around the course and be able to play with mid handicappers, I wouldn;t need lessons. I personally wouldn't have fun either.
  2. I was in Enterprise software for years, moved over to cybersecurity 8 years ago. I finally reached my financial goals and retired July 4th. Now I practice golf daily and play 2-3 times weekly.
  3. Thanks. I noticed several posters say something similar and it makes sense, sort of like playing in a scramble ruins my swing for a day or two. I think my curiosity is I get the feeling that a lot of the people who put the Super Speed training down, might have done it due to injury. I wonder how often that happens?
  4. You could add some lead tape to the heel which will create a draw bias without changing the loft.
  5. I bought a set of Titleist Tour Model forged irons 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic shafts in 1984 for $325. I bought a Palmer Peerless driver for $99.I added Titleist 3 and 5 woods for $40 each. I got a Bulls Eye putter for $18. I could have bought Wilson Staff irons for about $340 for the set. Really premium clubs then were Haig Ultras or Ping Eye 2s. A similar 3-PW set was under $400. Custom fitting didn't happen, but your pro had a loft and lie bending machine and would adjust your loft and lie for you.
  6. How does it mess up your swing? If you wanted to stay with it, is there some way to manage it so it doesn't?
  7. Don't be so hard on yourself. Reading the thread, you did it for a while, took a break and picked it up again. It looks to me like there have been a number of really enthusiastic posters who at least stopped posting progress and I'm guessing gave it up. I just wonder why.
  8. This is a great thread. After reading through the thread, does it seem like most of the posters who used these eventually quit using them? Are there any posters who used these for over a year without a break? What are your gains? Have you gained distance on your irons? Has anyone gone through all of their protocols? What kind of gains have you achieved? I recently bought these and after a few weeks, I am seeing about 10 mph gain with the sticks. I'm going on Flightscope today to see what it means with my driver and irons.
  9. I've been on a steady downward slide for 12 years. Every year I'm worse than the year before. My short game is better than it's been in years, but my ballstriking is worse, and I'm shorter by about two-three clubs. I won my flight in my club championship 12 years ago and quit playing any events at all. I barely played for about nine years or so. I played about 3 times per month in June, July and August, not much else at all. Nothing in winter.I started again two years ago working with a local pro who is helping me build a new swing. It took a long time to begin to get my backswing where
  10. It's a shallow angle of approach from a too flat downswing plane, possibly caused by hanging back. Work to get your weight left at the start of the downswing and it will create a more descending blow.
  11. It can't hurt if you go to a good instructor. Remeber a good instructor will want to understand what you want to accomplish and why. Why do you want more lag?
  12. I hit a draw or a fade by changing my swing. I hit a fade by making sure my hands are farther ahead of the clubhead through impact and swinging a bit more to the left. I hit a draw by imagining the toe leading the club through impact and swinging a bit more to the right. I think this is somewhat common.
  13. You may have misunderstood my suggestion. I did not mean to move the ball at all just the bottom of his swing arc. He is describing impact that at best doesn't compress the ball and possibly is moderately thin. The way to fix that is to make the bottom of the swing 3 to 5 inches past impact the ball will compress with greater backspin, fly higher and farther.
  14. Move the bottom of your swing, and the deepest part of your divot forward.
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