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  1. I have been hitting a Cobra L5V. It is a 11.5 with a regular shaft. I have been looking for a new driver and every store is trying to sell me a 10.5. I tried a G20 10.5 and loved it. One of the best feeling drivers i have hit. Problem is I sliced too much. I went back to my L5V and my little playable fade came right back as always. When I go into a store and mention a 11.5 They look at me like an idiot and tell me I am cheating myself of distance. My thought is I will give up 5 yards to be in the fairway. Any thoughts on this.
  2. I am now 36 years old. Soon to be 37. I have always been pretty athletic, but feel myself dwendling with age. With my schedule I don't really have a chance to go to a gym. I am looking for ideas of exercises I can do at home to gain streanth to help my golf gain and just get in better shape. I already do the norm push ups and situps. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  3. 58 unless I have alot of green to work with and nothing to fly over then 8I with putting stroke
  4. for me it seems that my longer irons are more vertical. i try to make a more sweeping or flatter swing with my long irons 3-6. 7-w are angled more.I take a pretty deep divot though with these.
  5. I have been struggling with hybrids horribly. I hit my 4 iron pretty good though. I have been wanting to hit my hybrids though to get a little more distance. Every thing I have read says hit it like a 7 iron. This was no good to me. Then yesterday I was on the range hitting my 4 iron and decided to try my hybrids again. I went to the car and got my 3 and 4 hybrid. Dropped a ball and put it way up in my stance. not as far as a 3 wood or driver but all most. It was even with my front knee. Dropped my back shoulder a little more than normal. (this is the same with my long irons) and let it rip. F
  6. it is a cobra L5V. it is a pull draw . a flaw in my swing is to come over the top and come across the ball. most days I can control it. but if I go after it I will come across it. I am very aware of my pitiful swing , but I dont like the look of the closed face at address. I also have a 10.5 nike and it is almost neutral and pleases my eye much more. when I am hitting it good, I play a slight fade which is ok with me. I hit the cobra farther and with better trajectory but much less consistant than the nike. when the cobra is bad it is hooking or a short draw.
  7. Why is it that high lofted drivers seem to be on a closed setting 1-1.5 degrees. I like my 11.5 but I wish it was in a neutral setting. I tend to draw or hook the ball.
  8. I am about the same height 5'4.5". I play with G10's. I was fitted to them and hit so much better now. They are 2.5 flat and 1/2 shorter. The clubs I had before were Cobra's. I did the same as you and cut 1" off of them. It really did help me out. Did not loose any distance with them at all. On the G10's I actually gained about 5 yds.
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