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  1. That’s a great point to consider. I would like a little more height from my current hybrids. Will definitely have to compare. Thanks.
  2. 2nd swing golf in DE. I liked the feel vs the DG sl’s in my JPX825’s. Distance was slightly longer but dispersion was much tighter.
  3. I know this topic was discussed about eight years ago but I think a lot has changed since then so I’d like to revisit it. I recently was fitted for and ordered a new set of Mizuno JPX921 hot metal pro’s 6 thru gw with Nippon ns pro 950Gh neo shafts that won’t be in until sometime in January. Mizuno offers hybrids with matching shafts. I currently have callaway rogue 4 & 5 hybrids with graphite shafts that I usually hit well. I would think going with the Mizuno’s would help with consistency and gapping. It also helps in the wallet at $125 each. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks and
  4. Started the year at 15.8. Down to 12.1 now. Having back surgery in November. Doc says 3 months recovery at best. 6 months tops. I'm praying for 3. Hate to say it but I have to say higher.
  5. Check your handicap systems web site. They may have a calculator that allows you to just enter any slope rating and it will give you your adjusted handicap. It doesn't matter what course or set of tees. Just enter the slope rating.
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