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  1. Should Tiger take a sabbatical until his game improves? Michelle was criticized when she wanted to qualify for the Masters and play from the same T?
  2. I went to one dealer to get regular scheduled maintenance. From the time I drove in the lot till I drove out of the lot after the work was done was 95 minutes. The interesting part was that I was charged for 3 unit hours of labor. I called the manufacturer and they said they had no responsibility and I should take my car to another dealer. I took a car to another dealer for maintenance. I was able to walk around back and look in the service area. To my surprise each mechanic had two bays and was working on two cars at the same time. So the unit hours of labor and clock hours
  3. 1. To apply rules and penalties in scholastic competition is a serious responsibility. 2. To incorrectly apply penalties that benefit yourself or your team is a conflict of interest and simply stated wrong. 3. An independent third party or committee should have that authority and responsibility. 3. I have been responsible for the enforcement of rules in high school completion at the local, section, regional, and state championships. If what I heard is correct, that coach who disqualified the golfer would be in real danger of being banned for his conflict of
  4. All we have to do is look at the records. Jack, Arnold, Billy Casper, Trevino, Larry Nelson, Faldo, all could win more than 50%. Tiger is better than any of them, Phil is just as good as most on my list. So, why can't they do as good as Jack, Arnold, Billy Casper, Trevino, Larry Nelson, Faldo? Arnold played successfully for Hogan. And they were like oil and water. We don't know all the facts.
  5. Why do we have to keep allowing losers to keep qualifying? Why are the top players in the world unable to win over half their games? If my memory serves me correctly, Tiger complained that Ryder cup dinners, and media events interfered with his preparations to play and win, and he was told to zip it - that the media events were just as important as winning.
  6. How are we ever going to win if we keep using players with long term losing records? A good player may have a bad year, but not every year. We need players who put more red than blue on the board. How are we ever going to win if we keep using players with long term losing records for leadership positions? There are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part we should avoid players who put blue on the boards. Europe doesn't need players on the American team.
  7. How many of us are young, married, with children and struggling to make $36,000 a year. Most of the people in that group are taking care of important things first. How many of us could pay our bills if we only brought home $2000 a month and still go golfing? Try to take your wife and child to a Disney movie, MacDonald's, and an ice cream cone. Bet you it costs them a days take home. Creation of jobs that are not "living wage jobs" do not permit anyone to do much of anything.
  8. What about cheating in baseball? What about cheating in football? What about cheating on your wife? What about cheating on your husband? What about cheating on tests in school?
  9. At the level of the best pros, a good pro can be given 20 identical drivers according to manufactured specifications and the pro can consistently find one of the 20 to be worst of the whole 20 sample. And can consistent spot one that is better than the rest. Technically there are small differences that most golfers cannot discern, but the better golfers can pick out.
  10. I wonder if she was pressured to leave golf channel? At the PGA show in Orlando, she stood by herself or sat by herself when she wasn't on camera. I wonder if the rest of the Morning Drive gang threw her a "We'll Miss You" going away party?
  11. First problem is not having homeowners and personal liability insurance that protects you and your family. Second problem is not being able to discuss this with your parents. Third problem is that these cases can and do end up in court. Even though the window could cost a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, your lawyer fees will probably be ten times that. Hearing fees, billables, and filing fees add up fast with a decent to good lawyer. The average person needs to understand that Courts are "courts of law and not "courts of what is right
  12. If you are forced to defend your life like my cousin. Do you realize he had to go to court and prove that he had no other choice, but to take a life. The court found that his actions were justified. His legal bills nearly bankrupt the whole family. You can't afford the legal bills after protecting yourself or your family. Sometimes your family might be better off if you are killed.
  13. The rules of golf are a game within a game. just like the IRS rules. If I call the IRS about a deduction, they tell me up front that they won't guarantee their answer is right. How would you like to have the traffic laws to be written like the rules of golf? Wasn't it the USGA that got a rule wrong at the Solheim I think? If the experts at the USGA can't get the rules correct how can normal people be expected to get them right? If we need hundreds of pages of rules and decisions, we have swamped the boat of common sense.
  14. Wasn't it Casey Martin who used the disability and right to work laws to compete on the PGA. What if the court says that Players with bad backs (Physical disabilities) and the yips (Mental disabilities) must be allowed to compete on the PGA tour? At work I have seen people who hired special disability lawyers, went to court and are now working in jobs that astonish me. And these cases are all hidden behind confidentiality agreements and health privacy laws so no one knows what is happening. Are there any disability lawyers on here who can answer this question?
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