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  1. Just to warn you. I played #2 over fathers day weekend. Most of the rough is dug up because they are planting new vegetation for the U.S. Open in 2014. AND it's cart path only.. So I strongly recommend a fore caddy so you don't have to take half your golf bag to your ball. If you have a chance play #8.
  2. It's the heat... We have set records for amount of days in the 90's plus records for amount of hours the greens have been subjected to those temperatures. Couple that with a drought. And then when it does rain and the sun comes out it just bakes the greens even worse.. Most courses have bent grass or bermuda greens which do not handle the extreme heat well.. Many courses here around Atlanta have switched to Champions Bermuda to try and survive the summers better.
  3. I only feel good right now with my 7 iron through lob wedge.. everything else is shaky!!!
  4. I use my lob webge for every shot 90 yards in.. including all pitches,bump and runs, etc...
  5. I'm 35. I walk 9 holes darn near every day during the week. Carrying my bag. I am holding out to get the Sun Mountain Micro Cart for Christmas. I've had 2 knee operations and now the other knee is having issues. So I'll take all the help lugging around clubs I can get. Since I play an executive course every day I take everything above my 7 iron out except the driver.. That definately helped save some weight.
  6. This is the ball you want. 39.99 from Dicks... 10 bucks cheaper than a ProV1.. and for hackers like us I believe comparable performance edit: they also sell 6 ball packs for 19.99... that way you don't have to commit to the whole dozen edit 2: according to Dicks website you get a 6 pack for free when you buy a dozen...
  7. I LOVE the Maxfli Tour ball.. For me spins as much as any other tour quality ball but at a much better price.
  8. I've played 3.... Pinehurst 2 Pinehurts 8 Grand National yet I've only played 2 of the Top 15 in my state (GA) Callaway Gardens The Frog
  9. Well the root cause was basically my arms had become detached from my body during the swing causing an over the top move.... Easily solved by doing the towel drill where you hold across your chest using your under arms to hold the towel as you swing to make sure everything moves together.
  10. Personally I think it's his way of saying thanks to Nike for not ditching him the way his other sponsers did... How many Tiger fans do you think are out right now searching for a Method putter... Hell I'm even on Ebay looking for one..
  11. Anyone ever get these ONLY with your chips and pitch's? I'm so confused as to what is causing this and it has frustrated me like no other swing problem I've ever had.. HELP!!!!
  12. I had some Snake Eyes forged wedges built for me at Golfsmith and they shred the crap out of my balls when hit properly no matter what ball I'm using.
  13. TarDawg

    Tiger's Back

    Tiger clearly isn't "back" he is still missing that undefinable quality about him that wills him to put away a tournament.. It's silly for us to think that just 8 months after his personal strife's started that he would be totally back mentally as well as physically... Give him a year (meaning this year). I truly believe next year the old Tiger will be back and the record will fall eventually to Tiger Woods. However I realized this weekend that this is the first tournament that I was actually rooting against other players because Tiger was in the field and competing...
  14. TarDawg

    Pinehurst Trip

    Ok so I went to Pinehurst this past weekend for a mini golfing trip with my mother. We stayed at the Carolina Hotel and I could almost imagine seeing all of golf's greats walking through the halls it felt that nostalgic. The staff was amazing and I couldn't be more complementary of the service we received. So we started out with #8. By far and away I enjoyed playing this course more than any of the others I played. I played very well for myself and came away with an 89. Pretty proud of myself. I've only broken 100 a handful of times. I have broken 90 once but on a much easier course. I believe number 8 had a rating of 133 from the blues. So I was extremely proud of myself. I decided to get lessons to get my swing in order before the trip and I truly believe that he shaved 20 strokes off each of my scores in just 3 lessons. The next day was of course #2... And after starting with a par the front nine brought me back down to earth. But on the back 9 I par'd 6 of the 9 holes... unfortunately the other 3 were doubles but I still had a very respectable 96 on a course that many tour players say is extremely tough. And ended with 9 pars total on the day. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Unfortunately the course was not in very good conditions just off the fairway as they are preparing it for the 2014 US Opens so there were a lot of bare dirt areas that were not ground under repair. We did get a forecaddy for #2.. not sure if it was totally worth it other than it's cart path only on #2 so it did save some time by him giving me yardages before I got out of the cart. The final day was #4... This was the course demoralized me and broke my spirit. Maybe it was playing in 95 degree heat for 3 days or something but I had NO swing what so ever. I do believe that this was a much harder course than #2 for me as Mr. Fazio decided to place 188 pot bunkers through out the course... I made sure I played out of the majority of them. However as bad as my round was it netted me the only birdie of the weekend. I will say that of the 3 #4 was the most picturesque of the 3 we played... I would love to play it again as I'm sure I could do better than the 104 I shot for the day. All in all I can't wait to go back.. especially as I get my swing more refined.
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