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  1. I have been trying to decide what main course to choose for a golf trip for my graduation present this upcoming year. I have been thinking tpc sawgrass, harbor town, etc... If u could think of any nice courses in the southeast I'd appreciate your input. Thanks
  2. I have been playing for 3 yrs now and started breaking goals very quickly. From breaking 100, to 90, and to 80. Finally, after two years of not breaking any goals I have finally shot under par and broke 70, I had a 67(-3) Sunday... Feels really good!!
  3. my back swing is fine but i drop my shoulder to much on my down swing and get flat. I have been hitting thin shots, blocks, drop kicks, hooks, etc. I have a tournament Tuesday and need this fixed ASAP... any help is very appreciated. Thanks
  4. I use a 60 degree usually around the green and try to land it close to the hole and check it, but if i want it to run i will use a 56 or 52 degree.
  5. Shot a +1 37 on my first day of golf practice... had the best score on team today.
  6. I would love it if they could track the ball flight. What they could do when your watching is your entire tv screen has the view of the ball flight and in the corner of the tv they could put a box there and have it following the ball in the air like the traditional way. For example it could kinda be like when you are watching tv and you watch one channel and then have another channel down in the corner.... forgot what that was called.
  7. I just got the R9 Supertri today so i am new to all the adjustments you can do to it, so this may be an obvious question, but I have been wondering how you can change the weight of the driver, and do weights even come with the driver.
  8. shot a 78 today, i missed alot of birdie putts today
  9. I have about 50 something prov1x's, but i dont want to use them in the winter b/c i feel like i would be wasting them in 30 degree weather. I am going to get some new golf balls and was wondering what were the best golf balls for the cold weather, any suggestions?
  10. shot 79 today, i putted well today, i had 27 putts.
  11. i listened to music a few weeks ago while playing by myself, and I really enjoyed it but i have not done it since. The only time I would play music again is if I am playing by myself.
  12. My home course is the marion lake club, it is an okay course.... there is only 3 golf courses in my county and that is the one my grandfather lives at so my family has a membership there.
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