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  1. Gulbis - Bad Flag Etiquette

    who cares. she just won. I'd be to scrambled and happy to even notice the flag beyond seeing it's an american flag. I think you're reading too much into flag rules. Her intentions are good
  2. Shanks

    I've fought the shanks and tried everything. Even when a good shot just happened it felt bad. BUT my fix is this... I was standing too close to the ball. I'd feel comfortable and athletic over the ball, and make a 3/4 to full swing and shank it. The momentum of my downswing brought my arms out and the hossel on the ball. Centrifugal Force!! That's why the shanks happen with a full swing and not little chip swings. The down force around your spine throws things out such as your arms stretching out rather than keeping your address length. At every address now I make sure to stretch my arms a little to make sure the hossell doesn't dramatically come into play. This fixed several things; no more shanking, more of an in to out swing, and with longer irons I got more distance because I'm sweeping more. When you do hit a good ball you probably pull it?? That's because you're too close to the ball, so you swing out to in just missing the hossel. Just move away from the ball 2-3 inches or whatever works. Good Luck... Once you fix the shanks though you will see a new level in your accuracy. I always play my best after overcoming the shanks when they happen.
  3. Titleist 660, 735

    Official release is this 15th. Titleist has been taking orders as of the 1st, and will ship out for delivery around the 15th along with a limited quantity of retail store samples. Retail stock should be filled around September 1. If you really want a set order them very soon or you may end up waiting another month and a half. My mild carbon forged chrome set, 3-PW with DG s300 cost 899... About 12 bucks per chromed stick. The Stainless 410 irons run retail about 96 bucks per iron.
  4. New Iron set?

    Basically having whatever you purchase fitted to your body and swing would be the biggest aid I could reccomend. What ever set you choose have them fitted. Shaft length, Club head lie angle, grip size... There are great "clone" or "knock-off" sets for under 200 that usually include a fitting with purchase. just my 2 cents
  5. Titleist 660, 735

    I ordered my set yesterday, so I should see it around the week of the 15th (Titleist started taking orders yesterday) .... 735.CM 3-PW, Chrome 1025 mild carbon forged, DG s300. edit: just got a call this morning confirming my set should arrive around Agust 15th along with retail samples.
  6. Titleist 660, 735

    At another site I saw a picture of Steve Elkington's bag. In it he has a Ping G2 and a Titleist 905R. They look very close to the same size except the Titliest looks longer from face to heel and. The 905r is not composite, no screws, and sweet looking.
  7. Titleist 660, 735

    From what I've read the 735s will be available during the first week of August. The final retail version does not have the anvil stamp and will have two lines wrapping around the top of the hosel with the word forged down the side of the hosel. The stainless version will have a metal weight plug and the chrome version will have a black plug like the 695s and 660s. Also the chrome version will be soft mild carbon... that's what I'm after! P.S. anyone see the pics of the 460cc Titleist 905R that are floating around?
  8. Titleist 660, 735

    anyone know anyway to find out when the 735s are coming out? I've tried contacting Titleist and talking to their reps at demos, but I get a whole range of answers.
  9. Titleist 660, 735

    My guess is that the 735s are the same type of forging as the 704s and 804s. They are both forged stainless steel. A little harder than mild carbon, but they can take a beating better than chromed carbon. I like the satin finish, but the "forged stainless" stamp makes it look really busy design wise. And I'm dying to see how the bore through thing feels.
  10. Titleist 660, 735

    Putt4doh, you were pobably going to ask the Titleist reps this anyway but I'm curious what they say the release date is. It seems every rep says something different, but June seems to be the most popular. BUT if it is June where's the all the advertising and marketing at?
  11. Titleist 660, 735

    I'm also dying to demo these. As far as I know the 735s are a forged combo stainless steel set. From viewing pictures and talking to Titleist demo reps they have what looks like a bore through shaft but it's not "really". The rep said, "it's not like Callaway's bore through stuff, it's to move more weight around." He also stated they compare closest to the 690CBs. Some reps also say there will be a chrome version coming out also. Another site posted a small review today saying, "They are the single best irons Titleist has ever made." Sounds like a strong statement, but we'll have to see for ourselves. The best pics that I've found are from a foreign site, www.birdie2.com . I believe there is a search box on the left. Type in titleist 735 and then click the button. Again it's a foreign site so it maybe hard to follow the language. The release date seems to be the trickiest part. One day a Titleist rep will say June, then the next day say somewhere between July to September, then the following next day say June again. I dont think they know. But Titleist is missing the boat on releasing these sooner than later.
  12. Titleist 660, 735

    I've been researching the 735Cms for some time now. I'm looking for new irons this summer and I think these will be in my bag. I have contacted many people regarding the 735CM's release date. I've emailed Titleist several times and they are keeping very quite about them saying they are only prototypes and cannot give any more info on them. That's their canned email reply and also their marketing strategy. I've spoken with many Titleist reps in person and they all know that the 735s are coming out this season, but they're not exactly sure when. Basically you want the hype but you want to sell what's out there on the shelves now and not have people wait to buy. They will have a big advertising build up at the appropriate time. Lately most insiders have been saying the release is this June, and that there will be a stainless steel and chromed version of the 735CMs available. The current new Titleist releases such as the drivers and wedges are for first quarter sells and the new irons are for second quarter sells. They dont want to release everything at once.